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  County Seat: City of Nacogdoches -- "The Oldest Town in Texas"
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        CR = County Road

        ETRC = East Texas Research Center at SFASU

        FHC = Family History Center of Church of Jesus Christ

            of Latter Day Saints

        FM = Farm to Market Road

        GNIS = Global Names Information Service

        HBoTX = Handbook of Texas Online

        ML = Memorial Library

        NacGS = Nacogdoches Genealogical Society

        NPL = Nacogdoches Public Library

        PL = Public Library

        SFA / SFASU = Stephen F. Austin State University

        SLC = Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

        TBA = To Be Added Soon

        TOC = Table of Contents

        TXDOT = Texas Dept. of Transportation

        USGS = U.S. Geographical Survey

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    Bibliography for Nacogdoches County

        Family History and People




            Cemetery, Funeral Homes and Obituaries

            Census, Citizens and Lists of People

            Churches and Ministers

            Courthouse and Govt. 

            Directories and Misc.

            Land and Deeds




            Probate and Wills

            Schools and Educ.

            Tax Lists and Voter records


        General History

        Fiction / Plays

    Libraries and Archives Links


        ETRC Manuscript Collection

        ETRC Personal Manuscript Listing

        ETRC Oral history Collection 

        ETRC Nacogdoches County courthouse records

        ETRC Forest History

        ETRC Thomas Jefferson Rusk Collection 

        Nacogdoches PL


        FHC (Lufkin adrs)

        Kurth ML (Lufkin)

        Timpson Gene. and Hist. Library


        Dallas PL

        Houston PL / Clayton

        Shreve ML

        Mesquite PL

        TX State Library and Archives Commission(TSLAC)

        Nacogdoches Archives (at TSLAC)

        Texas Historical Commission link


        OCLC - Online Computer Library Center

        Library of Congress

        Library of Congress American Memory Project

        Library of Congress American Life Stories - Manuscripts 

              from WPA Project, 1936 - 1940

        Library of Congress WPA Life Histories from Texas - Manuscripts 

              from WPA Project, 1936 - 1940

        NARA (National Archives and records Admin)


        NARA - Southwest Office (Ft Worth, Texas)

        Internet PL

        America's Library

        Allen County PL

        Bureau Land Management (BLM)

    County Courthouse

        Bibliography Link

        Hours and Address

        List of records made by the county clerks

        Link to list of records held by ETRC (Most county

            records are on microfilm at the ETRC)

    Vital records (BDMD)

        Bibliography Links

        Links to TXGenWeb Project Archives

            Births 1926-1949 partial

            Marriages 1966-1197 partial

            G. B. Boyett and Lydia Lawrence Marriage License

            Deaths 1964-1998 partial

            SSDI at RootsWeb

            Divorces 1968-1997 partial

    Bible Records Submitted

        Bibliography link

        John Hall Bible Birth Records

    Biographies, People and Businesses 

        Bibliography Link


            Local families with links to letters and photos includes

               Lazarine, Muckleroy, Norris, Oxsheer, Prado, Richards, 


        Vital Records link

        Businesses (TBA)

        Postmasters of Nac. County link

        County Officials

            1927 County Officials List

        Native American Tribes

            Local tribes with HBoTX links

        Historic Figures

            Names with HBoTX and SFASU Library Collection links

    Letters and Postcards


    Census Records

        Bibliography Link

        U.S. Federal Census Summary Table (1850-2000)

        1835 census lists from Residents of Texas

        1850 U.S. Federal Census Index and Transcriptions

        LDS 1880 Census index online link

        Lookup volunteer link

        Links to other census sites

        Link to Census History site

    Tax and Voter Lists

        Bibliography Link

        Links to TXGenWeb Project Archives

            1867 Voters List

            1837 Tax List   

    Wills and Probate

        Bibliography Link

        Records of Partition 1843 - 1871 Vol. A 

           (images and transcripts - partial)

        Links to TXGenWeb Project Archives

            Will Index (Book A: 1845-1867, Book B: 1865-1903)

        Link to Chronicles of Scotch Irish in Virginia


    Cemeteries and Obituaries

        Bibliography Link

        Obituaries Links

             ETRC Obituary list

             Daily Sentinel Obituary link

             James Taylor Gaines obit

             Ann Ruth Edgar Reynolds obit link

        Complete cemetery listing with travel directions (TBA)

            links to transcriptions (and some photos) for these cem's:

                Alazan - searchable transcript

                Arriola-Cooke - searchable transcript

                Barnes - searchable transcript, heasdstone photos

                Baugh - link only

                Bethel - link only

                Black Jack - link only

                Bonaldo - searchable transcript

                Brewer - link only

                Center Point - link only

                Chireno Lower - link only

                Chireno Upper - link only


                Clifton - gate photos

                Cove Springs - searchable transcript

                Cushing (gate photos and headstones)

                Eden (gate photos only)

                Elm Grove - partial transcript

                Fenton - link only

                Finley - link only

                Fuller - link only

                Fuller-Nichols - link only

                Gravel Ridge - searchable transcript

                Greenwood (with corrections to transcripts) - link only

                Harmony - searchable transcript

                Helpenstell - searchable transcript

                Holly Springs - link only

                Immaculate Conception / Moral - searchable transcript

                Lazarine - searchable transcript    

                Linn Flat - link only, gate photos

                Little's Chapel - gate photos

                Mahl - map photos 

                Mast - gate photos

                Maroney/Moroney - link only

                McKnight (gate photos and transcript)

                Melrose Baptist - gate photos

                Melrose Methodist - gate photos

                Mobley - link only

                Moral / Immaculate Conception - searchable transcript

                Mountain - link only

                Mount Moriah - link only

                Nall-King - link only

                Oak Grove - link only

                Old Chapel - link only

                Old North Church - historical marker photo and text

                Old Spanish - historical marker photo and text

                Old Union - searchable transcript

                Our Lady of Lourdes - link only

                Pilgrims Rest - link only, gate photos

                Pine Grove - link only

                Pine Knot - link only

                Pirtle - link only, gate photos

                Pleasant Hill - link only

                Procella - searchable transcript

                Sacul - link only

                Saint's Rest - link only

                Simpson's Campground - searchable transcript

                Skillern - gate photos

                Stone - searchable transcript

                Swift - partial transcript, photos

                Thompson - searchable transcript

                Union Springs - searchable transcript

                Walnut Grove - link only

                Zion Hill- historical marker photo and text

        Links to Tombstone Transcription Project, Texas Cemeteries



    Towns and Communities

        Complete listing with HBoTX, official web site, unofficial

            web site and railroad links when available

    Schools and Universities

        Bibliography Link

        Old Nacogdoches University HBoTX links (TBA rosters)

             Rosters of students and teachers for 1858, 1860, 1861

             Deed and subscription info for land and buildings

        SFASU HBoTX and official web site links

        Mount Horeb Church and School

            1905 photo and description

        Chireno ISD Official web site link


        Bibliography Link (Churches and Ministers)

        Bethel Baptist HBoTX link

        Mount Horeb Church (link to 1905 photo)

        Old North Church HBoTX and photo links with text

            of historical markers

        Sacul Baptist link

        Texas Baptist Historical Collection List of Church Minutes

            and Records on Microfilm link

    Historic Places and Museums - HBoTX links on many

        Bibliography Link 

        Flournoy-Granberry House (Old Stagecoach Inn / Halfway House Inn)

        Millard's Crossing

        Nacogdoches Fire Museum

        Old Stone Fort - HBoTX and ETRC links

        Sterne-Hoya House and Museum

        Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe De Los Nacogdoches Mission

        Nuestra Senora Do Los Dolores De Los Tejas Presidio

        San Jose De Ayamonte Pueblo

        San Jose De Los Nazonis Mission

    Land records

        Bibliography Link

        Texas Land Grants Office link

        Links to Land Survey Abstract Indices of 

            Original Land Owners of TX (TXGenWeb Project Archives)


        County Map ordering info

        1927 Map of Nacogdoches County

        Mapquest map

        TX 1820-1836 map link

        Fredonia and TX Revolution map link

        1895 Nacogdoches map link

        1895 TX map link

        TXDOT map links

        Historical map archive link

        SE Genealogy Texas Maps link

        1823 Gazeteer link

    Military and Battles

        Bibliography Link

        James Parrott Civil War letters

        Civil War - Andersonville Lookup volunteer

        Civil War Pension Apps (TXGenWeb Project Arcives)

        Civil War Soldiers and Sailors link

        Battles near Nacogdoches Co. from HBoTX

    Railroads, Roads, and Traces with HBoTX links

        Bibliography Link

        Caro Northern

        Eastern Texas

        Nacogdoches and Southeastern

        Texas Trunk

        Railroad Depot Photos

            Cushing - 2001 photos and link to 197x photos

            Nacogdoches - link to older photos

            Sacul - link to older photos

        Coushatta-Nacogdoches Trace

        El Camino Del Caballo

        Liberty-Nacogdoches Road

        Nacogdoches-Neches Saline Road

    Rivers, Creeks and Bayous

        USGS-GNIS list with HBoTX links

    Lakes and Reservoirs

        USGS-GNIS list with HBoTX links



        Bibliography Link

        Chronological list of papers

        Link to list at ETRC-SFASU


        Volunteers to do lookups

    Web Pages of Local Researchers

    Researchers for Hire (TBA)

    Brief Nacogdoches History - Dr. Jere L. Jackson


    HBoTX Nacogdoches County entry

    TX Colonial Period research info




    Texas TXGenWeb Project Archives link

    Nacogdoches County TXGenWeb Project Archives link

    TXGenWeb Project link

    USGenWeb Project link

    WorldGenWeb Project link

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    *********** Other Resources Links

    Bibliography (duplicate link to the one in Nac. Co. Resources page)

    Libraries (duplicate link to the one in Nac. Co. Resources page)


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    Genealogy Tools links

        Soundex Converter

        Convert date to a day of the week at RootsWeb

        County Finder (MIT)

        Translation Tools (Babel Fish and FreeTranslation)

        Online Dictionary

        Old Occupational descriptions

        Occupational descriptions

        Old Disease Names

        Glossary of Ancient Diseases

        Old Diseases and their Modern Definitions

        Common Nicknames

    Other Genealogy Sites

        TXGenWeb, USGenWeb WorldGenwWeb Projects

        Kissin Kuzzins current issue (Carolyn Ericson's

            genealogy column published in several East Texas papers)


        Cyndi's List

        Barbara Renick's ZROOTS

        FAMILYSEARCH Internet (FHC SLC) free charts and forms to print (census and more)

        U.S. Census Bureau

        Ellis Island records

        AccessGenealogy TX


        Helm's Genealogy Toolbox


        John Fuller's Genealogy Resources on the Internet

        Stephen A. Woods Genealogy Home Page

        Steve Lacy's

        City Directory Web Site

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        USGenWeb Project Help for Researchers

        ROOTS-L Library

        RootsWeb Guide to Tracing Your Family Tree

        Shaking Your Family Tree - Myra Vanderpool Gormley

        RootsWeb Search for Nacogdoches, Texas Texas Research Outline



    Upcoming Genealogical Events (NacGS)

    Upcoming General Interest events (NacGS)

    Mike Basham Memorial Page Link


        USGS-GNIS list for Nacogdoches County

        Travel Tips

        Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce

        Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau

        Nacogdoches Weather

        City of Nacogdoches

        Texas County Flags link

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