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The Libbey Cemetery is located off highway 95 about 7 miles south of Garrison.

These names were originally transcribed in the 1970s; this electronic list was made in July 2003 by Leandra Denmark who entered the names of buried persons from Nacogdoches County Cemetery Records, Volume V (collected by Joel Barham Burk) compiled and edited by Carolyn Reeves Ericson. Permission was received to provide the names on this list. The dates and additional information in the book are not posted on this page. See the bibliography for information on locating or ordering a copy of the book.

Every effort has been made to make an accurate transcription. If you have additional information or photos of any of these persons or if you believe there is an error in the transcript please email TXGenWeb Nacogdoches County Coordinator with the information but please DO NOT send images or attachments without an exchange of email first. Unexpected email with attachments will not be opened due to the threat of viruses and worms.

This web page is an alphabetized list of the persons buried at Brister Cemetery.

A text version of this list is available in the Nacogdoches County, Texas section of the USGenWeb Project Archives . Use your browser find or search feature to locate the names in the text file after clicking on the link and loading the file into your browser.

Aiken, Bessie May

Birch, Jim B.

Birch, Nancy Alice Williams

Box, Beatrice Henderson

Box, Donie Wheeler

Box, Ray L.

Box Wiley Roy

Burkhalter, John Delton

Burt, Arch

Burt, Bettie

Burt, Gracie

Burt, Hardy

Burt, infant daughter

Burt, Joe W.

Burt, Jettie

Burt, Julia

Burt, Marion Arch

Burt, Martha Alice

Burt, Mollie

Burt, Ocie W.

Burt, Oliver

Burt, Pink Cooper

Burt, Robert E.

Burt, T. E.

Burt, Tammer

Burt, Ted & Sarah

Carleton, Ben Frank

Carleton, Mollie E. Wright

Collins, Charlie

Collins, Jessie

Collins, Sallie

Cooper, Inese

Covington, Dewana & Yewana

Covington, Mylinda Louise

Edwards, Alma

Edwards, Bertie E.

Edwards, C. H.

Edwards, Rosa

Everett, Mary

Farrell, Eli M.

Farrell, Elizabeth M.

Farrell, James E.

Farrell, James Earl

Farrell, Joseph T.

Farrell, Phillip S.

Farrell, Thomas O.

Fountain, Annie Lee

Fountain, Ida

Fountain, Joseph G.

Hancock, Ophelia

Henderson, Lillie Whitley

Henderson, W. P.

Higgins, Baby

Higgins, Ray Nell

Linthicum, Marion

Lowery, Verline P.

Manning, George W.

Manning, Marion T.

Manning, Mary E.

Manning, Mary Jane Simpson

Manning, Mattie

Manning, Oliver B.

Meador, John Atticus

Meador, Leslie Banks

Meador, Shirley Jean

Meador, Linvell

Miller, James Hiram

Mills, C. H.

Mills Fronie

Mills, Infant daughter

Mills, Mathie G.

Mills, Naomie E.

Mills, Sam A.

Mills, Ura

Muckleroy, Ova

Muckleroy, Tom

Nance, Allie

Patterson, Ann E.

Patterson, Ida

Patterson, infant

Power, Martha Elizabeth

Power, Ran Z.

Powers, Clonie

Powers, Hurshell Wayne

Powers, John Edward

Powers, Nettie Dennis

Powers, Rollie Edward

Powers, Will

Randolph, W. A.

Stripling, Aaron D.

Stripling, Mathey Elve

Stripling, Maude Fountain

Strong, Annie Laura

Tammer, Oliver

Taylor, Betsy

Thrash, Homer

Tindal, Merline

Toom, Baby

Weatherly, Joey

Wright, Mollie

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