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This journal contains a lot of information on area residents, cemeteries, town histories, etc.




     The Cold Springs Cemetery is located north of the road leading east from Pleasant Hill community (get a guide).

     These names were originally transcribed in the 1970s; this electronic list was made in July 2003 by Leandra Denmark who entered the names of buried persons from Nacogdoches County Cemetery Records, Volume V (collected by Joel Barham Burk) compiled and edited by Carolyn Reeves Ericson. Permission was received to provide the names on this list. The dates and additional information in the book are not posted on this page. See the bibliography for information on locating or ordering a copy of the book.

     Every effort has been made to make an accurate transcription. If you have additional information or photos of any of these persons or if you believe there is an error in the transcript please email TXGenWeb Nacogdoches County Coordinator with the information but please DO NOT send images or attachments without an exchange of email first. Unexpected email with attachments will not be opened due to the threat of viruses and worms.

This web page is an alphabetized list of the persons buried at Brister Cemetery.

     A text version of this list is available in the Nacogdoches County, Texas section of the USGenWeb Project Archives at . Use your browser find or search feature to locate the names in the text file after clicking on the link and loading the file into your browser.


Adkison, Edward L.





Adkison, M. J.




Aikin, Lillian




Akin, Henry A.




Akin, Robert F.




Akin, Thena A. Weatherly




Anderson, Arie A.




Anderson, Elizabeth Briley




Anderson, Grace Green




Anderson, John W. (2)




Anderson, Shadrack




Arrington, Ada Leona




Arrington, Bobby




Arrington, Christian Blackburn




Arrington, F. Robert




Arrington, George Robert




Arrington, Martha




Arrington, Minnie




Arrington, Robert G.




Attaway, Rebecca Fleming Fears




Attaway, Dr. Thomas Jones Muter




Barrington, Horace K.




Barrington, Mary Ann




Barrington, Thad




Barton, Wiley




Beall, Celeste




Beall, Kate




Beard, Annie Luell




Beard, Arvin




Beard, Banks F.




Beard, “Bo” Raymond




Beard, Clara W.




Beard, Franklin A.




Beard, Georgia Bell




Beard, Gary L.




Beard, Grady D.




Beard, Haskel




Beard, Marvin




Beard, Mary M.




Beard Teresa Gail




Beard, W. T. (Coon)




Bertram, Emma Clara




Bertram, Herman




Birch, James Utah “Buddie”




Blackburn, Ed W.




Boatman, Homer




Boatman, Thena




Bridwell, James




Brown, Alice Hardee




Brewer, Grady Lee




Brown, Jack Garland




Brown, Mark Samuel




Brown, Paul & Pauline




Burkhalter, John P.




Burkhalter, Joshua T.




Bussey, Malcom B.




Bussey, Nettie N.




Byars, R. D.




Byars, Willie D.




Byars, Carl Earl




Carleton, Allie McGuire




Carleton, Amanda B.




Carleton, Grover E.




Carleton, William Eddie




Carleton, W. Thomas




Carlton, Earline




Carlton, William Ben.




Carroll, Annie Lee "Biddie"




Carroll, Delphia E.




Carter, Euphemia Jewell




Carter, Sgt. Frederick




Carter, James Robert




Cavin, Alice E.




Cavin, Alice Ethel




Cavin, Arrington Hubbard




Cavin, George W.




Cavin, Luther Eugene




Cavin, Sarah Hunt Fraley




Cavin, Victoria Carter




Chandler, Alice




Chandler, G. D.




Chandler, Ellis G.




Chandler, Fannie




Chandler, George




Chandler, George Curtis




Chandler, Henry Wilson




Chandler, Richard




Chandler, Thena




Chandler, W. C.




Chandler, W. G.




Chaney, Juanita




Chapman, Lee




Chessher, Arlee




Chessher, Dora Barrington




Chessher, James Wallace




Chessher, Murvall Dale




Chessher, Ruby G.




Chessher, Tommye Agnes




Chessher, Travis J.




Christopher, Cletious




Christopher, Julia Ann Chandler




Christopher, William Franklin




Coffee, Lillie Mae




Cook, Charlie Crawford




Cook, Dempsey Lee




Cooper, Fleta A.




Cooper, J. G.




Copeland, Bessie




Copeland, Claude C.




Courtney, Emma




Cranford, Donald Alex




Cranford, Emma Jean




Cranford, Emma McBee




Cranford, George Stevens




Cranford, John (Snap)




Cranford, John D.




Cranford, John David




Cranford, Jonathan




Cranford, Lois Laverne




Cranford, Vernis Littleton




Cranford, William Virgil




Crawford, Gladys A.




Crawford, Robert V.




Crittenden, Elzira Fraley




Crittenden, Robert




Crump, Lizzie




Crump, Oma




Crump, S. E.




Crump, Thurs P.




Crump, W. J.




Culpepper, Harlan L.




Cunningham, L. V.




Curry, A. T.




Curry, Boby Glenn




Curry, Edwin




Curry, Louvenia F.




Curry, Thomas Humble




Curry, Willie




Deason, Stella Mae




Deyon___, John




Dillon, Vada




Dodson, Lucille Frederick




Dunlap, William J.




Easom, Ara E.




Easom, Eva Mae




Easom, Glen




Easom, Purman G.




Easom, William N.




Elders, Harriet T.




Elders, J. L.




Elders, James M.




Fancher, Bertie Irine




Fancher, Bertie




Fancher, Billy Virgil




Fancher, Edgar




Fancher, LaFaye




Fancher, Lovis E.




Fancher, Velma Lillie




Fears, Alcene




Fears, James Lewis




Fears, Joe




Fears, John B.




Fears, Lula Beall




Fears, Oliver Porter




Fears, Oliver Watson




Fears, Opal E.




Fears, Porter




Fears, Sarah Ann Battle Long




Fenley, J. N. “Bud”




Fenley, Lottie Long




Fort, Amanda




Fort, Ben T.




Fort, Henry E.




Fort, John




Fort, John R.




Fort, infant son




Fort, Lizzie V.




Fort, Robert Elias




Fountain, A. B.




Fountain, Caroline Augusta




Fountain, Nannie




Fountain, John E.




Fountain, Sarah L.




Fountain, Talitha Bridwell




Fountain, Thomas Cicero




Fountain, Wm. A.




Fowler, John I.




Fowler, Vinnie Sturdivant




Fraley, Carrie




Fraley, Della




Fraley, John G.




Fraley, Martin S.




Fraley, Sarah




Fraley, Sarah R.




Fraley, Thomas J.




Francis, James Logan




Francis, W. H.




Francis, Willis




Franks, James Troy




Frederick, Persis Levenia Watkins




Garrett, Dorene Stokes




Garrett, Eugene E.




Gates, Belle




Gillam, Fay R.




Gillis, Alec




Goodman, Lizzie




Goodwin, J. C.




Goodwin, Lizzie




Grace, infant son




Grace, John




Grace, Lela




Granberg, Tommie A.




Graves, Horace B.




Griffin, Alice




Griffin, Allie




Griffin, Andrew Jackson




Griffin, infant




Griffin, infant son




Griffin, Lillian




Grifiin, Martin S.




Griffin, Myrtle




Griffin, Robert Crittenden




Griffin, Sweetie




Griffin, Tom J.




Hancock, Clifton




Hancock, Elvie




Hancock, infant son




Hancock, Lily Belle




Hancock, N. Porter




Hancock, Rille G. Scarbrough




Hancock, Vetch




Hardwick, J. R.




Hardwick, Sidney




Harper, Deborah Kay




Harris, Hulen LaJuan




Hartt, Alma




Hartt, Fannie L.




Hartt, infant son




Hartt, John Gilford




Hartt, L. L.




Hartt, Nora B. Humphreys




Hartt, W. C. (Bill)




Hazen, Ann (Sis)




Hazen, E. F.




Hazen, M. E.




Hazen, W. H.




Hazen, Z. H.




Henderson, Pearl




Hodnett, Gilbert Arley




Holmes, James G.




Holt, Archie J.




Hooper, William Curtis




Humphreys, Arrah O. Pullen




Humphreys, Bert




Humphreys, Bryant




Humphreys, Ettia R.




Humphreys, infant




Humphreys, Leon




Humphreys, Mary Stancil




Humphreys, Mary Faith




Humphreys, Parthene Ann Hardwick




Humphreys, Sarah Orlena Chenoweth



Humphreys, T. J.




Humphreys, Tom M.




Humphreys, William B.




Hunt, Albert M.




Hunt, John




Hunt, John G.




Hunt, Sarah Chandler Griffin




Hunt, Thena




Jackson, Guy G.




Jacobs, Libby K.




Jones, Ruby




Kelley, Charles Fred




Kelly, Lucia Beall




Kerr, J. T.




Kerr, Laura Scogin




Kimbrough, Emma Frances




Kimbrough, Georgia




Kimbrough, John Anderson




Kimbrough, Murvel T.




Kimbrough, T. A.




Kimbrough, Willie Estelle




Kirk, Annis Jackson




Kirk, Ben G.




Kirk, Benton (Mrs.)




Kirk, Samuel W.




Kirk, Sarah Rena




Kirk, William R.




Laird, Ammonitos




Laird, John D.




Lallier, Leonard




Leach, Arby Lee




Leach, Ida A. Hall




Leach, James M.




Leach, Luie Vester




Ledlow, J. M.




Lee, Charles Reese




Lee, Gladys




Lee, Gladys Taylor




Lee, Joseph M.




Lee, Lula Elizabeth Smith




Legg, Leonard T.




Lewis, Curtis P.




Lewis, James M.




Lewis, Martin C.




Limmer, Jennie Mae




Little, Huglen




Lofton, Abe Ezell




Lofton, Amanda J. Arrington




Lofton, Dickie Earl




Lofton, "Auntie" Frances




Lofton, Hiram




Lofton, Tommie Neal




Long, Bettie




Long, Charlie




Long, Claude & T. R. & M. E.




Long, Floyd L.




Long, John I.




Long, Mollie




Long, Tom B.




Lowrance, Charlie




Lowrance, Rhoe




Lunsford, Bessie




Lunsford, David Laniel




Lunsford Dee Scarbrough




Lunsford, Delmar V.




Lunsford, Dick Richard




Lunsford, Jessie Watson




Lunsford, Little Jimmie




Lunsford, Watson W.




Lutes, Perry




McCray, Lue M.




McCray, Leamon (Bill)




McCray, Malisia Sanford




McCray, Rufus




McDonald, Bonnie Ruth




McDonald, Doy L.




McDuffie, Bill




McDuffie, D. M.




McDuffie, Duncan Wayne




McDuffie, Ella




McDuffie, Jessie Alexander




McDuffie, Leon "Hop"




McDuffie, Luther




McDuffie, Otis Leon




McGuire, Evelyn Marie




McGuire, Grady, Jr.




McGuire, J. D. (Dan)




McGuire, Juanita




McLemore, Ada Hardee




McLemore, Charles T.




McLemore, Charles Travis




McLemore, Hattie Burns




McMillan, Ovie W.




McVicker, Elvie Lee




McVicker, Era Elizabeth Rape




McVicker, Robert Duncan




Malone, Patricia Helen




Manning, James William




Manning, Josie




Martin, infant son




Meador, A. A.




Meador, Asa




Meador, Danny Lester




Meador, Joe




Meador, John Lester




Meador, Junious




Meador, Nora




Miller, Louise Shipp




Mitchell, A. B.




Mitchell, Sarah A.




Mitchell, Sarah A.




Mitchell, Seldon R.




Moore, Billy




Moore, Flemmy




Moore, J. R. (Jim)




Moore, Lillie Long




Nix, Howard H.




Norris, M. M.




Norris, Mary E.




Parker, Rape




Parrett, Eugene P.




Peacock, Bob




Peacock, Fannie




Peacock, George Robert




Peacock, Lollie Mae




Peacock, Pollie




Peacock, W. O. "Willie"




Perkins, Kenneth Edwin




Peterson, Cary Franklin




Peterson, James Woodrow




Peterson, John




Peterson, John H.




Peterson, Labe




Peterson, Lillie Mae Reeves




Peterson, Naomi




Peterson, Pauline E.




Pollard, Delores Onita




Pollard, G. L.




Porter, A. J.




Pounds, Alma




Pounds, David Thomas




Pounds, Infant




Pounds, Kate E.




Prince, Bertha McDuffie




Rambin, Ann Burkhalter




Rape, Dock Arthur




Rape, Henry P.




Rape, J. B.




Rape, Mettie L.




Rector, Frances




Rector, George W.




Rector, John Charles




Rector, Loyd Gene




Rector, Samuel Thomas




Reneau, Robert Gordon




Rider, Henry William




Rider, Mary Melvina Bell




Riley, Howard




Rusk, J. F.




Rusk, John W.




Sanders, James Elvin




Sanders, Paul Lewis




Sander, Velma F.




Satterfield, infant son




Satterfield, Temperance Augusta Tindall



Scarbrough, Anner




Scarbrough, Charley




Scarbrough, Eller




Scarbrough, Espy




Scarbrough, Jim




Scarbrough, Mary Skinner




Scarbrough, T. D.




Screws, Louchaus C.




Scurlock, Dollie Orlina




Seversn, Gracie




Shepherd, Ada M.




Shepherd, Isaac M.




Shepherd, Lela A.




Shepherd, Unity Elizabeth Hunt




Shipp, Bertha




Shipp, Callie




Shipp, Dora Ann




Shipp, Dora M.




Shipp, Exa Bell




Shipp, Jack Carroll




Shipp, James Carroll




Shipp, John Edgar




Shipp, John Henry




Shipp, John Wiley




Shipp, Joseph W.




Shipp, Julius T.




Shipp, Lucille




Shipp, "Mama"




Shipp, Mariah Anderson




Shipp, Oma B.




Shipp, Opal




Shipp, Pearl




Shipp, S. M.




Shipp, Susan




Shipp, Wiley




Shipp, Winifred S.




Skelton, Alice May




Skelton, Jackson Morgan




Skelton, L. E., Jr.




Skelton, Lois Avrille




Skelton, Martha Louise




Skelton, Vida Vileah




Smith, Horace E.




Snelson, Casey




Snider, C. D.




Sparks, Luvenia




Sparks, Rosa Bell




Sparks, William R.




Stewart, Donald Lee




Stewart, James




Stokes, Adela




Stokes, Clyde A.




Stokes, J. B.




Stokes, James Edward




Stokes, Margaret S.




Stokes, Sallie Elizabeth Humphreys




Stokes, Tom




Stone, Rosa Lee




Stovall, Bessie Ione




Stovall, Gilfrod Tally




Strong, Era Pullin




Strong, George W.




Strong, Olive Green




Strong, W. T.




Stubblefield, James Allen




Tarrance, Pvt. J. M.




Teer, Mary Florence




Teer, Frank L.




Terrell, Olan




Tindall, infant son




Tindall, James Z.




Tindall, Margaret J. Eastham




Tindall, Merl L.




Tindall, William Henry




Tindall, Willie Melvin




Tysinger, Mary




Unbankes, Walter




Vaught, Jesse




Vaught, Nancy J.




Voelkel, infant




Warren, Ed




Warren, Effie May




Warren, Harriett




Warren, Sam




Watkins, Christopher Michael




Watkins, Henry




Watkins, Inez Dinkins




Watkins, Jesse Moses




Weatherly, Albert Crit




Weatherly, Benjamin Dale




Weatherly, Benjamin G.




Weatherly, Bradley




Weatherly, Clarence A.




Weatherly, Cora Grace




Weatherly, Dale




Weatherly, Dora F. Smith




Weatherly, Eva




Weatherly, Fannie Estella Treadway




Weatherly, Florene




Weatherly, Hollis E.




Weatherly, Horace Mattison




Weatherly, infant daughter




Weatherly, J. M. (Matt)




Weatherly, James




Weatherly, James Smith




Weathelry, James S., Jr.




Weatherly, Job P.




Weatherly, John H.




Weatherly, John Walter




Weatherly, Linda Dianne




Weatherly, Mamie Adell




Weatherly, Martha Genette




Weatherly, Martha Jane Griffin




Weatherly, Mary D. Humphreys




Weatherly, Nettie A.




Weatherly, Nora Adelle Smith




Weatherly, Roy S.




Weatherly, S. G.




Weatherly, Samuel Jiles




Weatherly, Short S.




Weatherly, Sophia L.




Weatherly, Terry Wayne




Weatherly, Tommie




Weatherly, Vernon G.




Weatherly, Virginia Cariel




Wells, James Luther




Wheeler, Artie M.




Wheeler, Loss W.




Wheeler, Warner A.




Williams, Alma E.




Williams, Ben S.




Williams, Bonnie B. Cooper




Williams, "Buck" (W. W.)




Williams, Charles R.




Williams, infant son




Williams, infant son




Williams, J. Lee




Williams, James R.




Williams, Melvin Adeline Humphries




Williams, Parthena




Williams, Patricia Ann




Williams, Richard B.




Williams, Thomas L.




Williams, Virgie Kirk




Williams, William B.




Williams, William M.




Wilson, Broddus L.




Wilson, "Grandma"




Wilson, M. Lynn




Wood, William T.




Wright, Dr. Francis T.




Wright, William Otis




Yancy, Fanny




Yancy, infant daughter




Yarbrough, Floyd W. (Pod)






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