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Etter, Cactus, Sunray, Dumas, Four  Way, Exell, Quarton
Masterson  also Middlewell, Bautista, Machovec, Bryden and Sheerin
plus the shore line of Lake Meredith


Moore County Reference Books and Lookup Volunteers

If you own any Moore County books and will do look-ups, please contact Katy.
Feel free to request a look-up from the following books:

1. "The Windswept Land, A History of Moore County, Texas".
"The Windswept Land, A History of Moore County, Texas" was published in 1967 by Myrna Tryon Thomas of Dumas, TX , she was president of the Moore County Historical and Genealogical Association at that time. The book was given to Glenn Rutz by his grandmother. There are 8 chapters and 145 pages.
Chapter 1. Deals with early history approximately 5,000 BC to 1875.
...The following chapters speak of what life was like in Moore County during these periods:
Chapter 2. 1875 - 1890
Chapter 3. 1890 - 1900
Chapter 4. 1900 - 1910
Chapter 5. 1910 - 1930
Chapter 6. 1930 - 1960
Chapter 7. Includes a List of County officials from 1892 to 1966.
Chapter 8. Contains biographical sketches of many early settlers of Moore County.

2. "No City Limits - The Story of Masterson, Texas" by Louise George was published in 1994 by Gateway Press, at 1001 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202. Louise George is a resident of Dumas, Texas. Herman Weiland has volunteered to do lookups in this book!
3."Snowstorms, Dust Storms and Horses Tails" by W J Morton, Jr.
A book about the Morton, Kennedy, Walker and other early Moore County families.

4. "100 MOORE Years A History of Moore Co, Texas 1882-1992" This may be the book where your ancestors are documented! Ask Gaylon Fry, his E-mail is below.
5. "She Did What She Could - History of a Pioneer Woman" by Wilma Morton Daughtery. This book is similar to W J Morton's book and is written by his sister Wilma. It is about their Mother LAURA ELIZABETH KENNEDY MORTON reflecting on the early days of Moore County. Other families mentioned are Walker, Daughtery and their neighbors!

Moore County Cemeteries

Reference Volunteer E-Mail
Dumas Cemetery Sharon Bean
Northlawn Memorial Cemetery Corinne Getman
Lane Memorial Cemetery partial Online LINK

Search Deed Books, Minute Books, Tax Lists, etc.

Blue Star  Moore County Offices
715 S. Dumas Ave., Room 105
P.O. Box 396
Dumas, TX 79029-0396

Blue Star  Moore County Museum
800 Dumas Ave- Hwy 287
Dumas, TX 79029

Reference Book Title Volunteer E-mail
"The Windswept Land"
"A History of Moore County"
Glenn Rutz
"Our Town Dumas" Jeanette Coaly
"Our One and Only Cactus" Jeanette Coaly
"No City Limits"
"The Story of Masterson,Texas"
Herman Weiland
"Snowstorms, Dust Storms and Horses Tails" Gaylon Fry
"She Did What She Could"
"History of a Pioneer Woman"
Gaylon Fry
Book Title Volunteer Needed email

Moore County Census Records

Reference Book Volunteer E-mail
1880 Moore County Census new CD Corinne Getman
1900 Moore County Census Now Online TXGenWeb Trans Project
1910 Moore Census microfilm Jeanette Coaly
1920 Moore Census microfilm Jeanette Coaly
1930 Moore County Census will be released April l, 2002

Moore County Directories

City Directories Year Volunteer Owned By Email
City Directory 1952...... Sharon Bean Library in Dumas

Moore County Church Records

Name Contact Person Email
Churches Listed Addresses Telephone Numbers
Church Contact Volunteers & Email addresses needed



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