Moore County Early Marriage and Sheriff Records
Moore County Texas Moore County Texas

Etter, Cactus, Sunray, Dumas, Four  Way, Exell, Quarton
Masterson  also Middlewell, Bautista, Machovec, Bryden and Sheerin
plus the shore line of Lake Meredith


Moore County Early Marriage Records


Mr. W.T. Sauders

27 Sept 1894

Miss Ella E. McNabb

Mr. Dick Finchaer

20 0ct 1895

Miss Alice Lucretia Spurlock

Mr. Beverley H. Polly

13 Aug 1900

Miss Ethel Rockwell

Mr. James E. Park

0 June 1901

Miss M. Leona Burnett

Mr. R.D. Stratton

8 Jan 1902

Miss Cecelia Stephens

Mr. J.M. Stanley

10 Jan 1903

Miss A.M. Bunger

Mr. V.C. Sauders

20 June 1903

Miss Effie Morehead

Mr. F.R. Powel

l3 0ct  1903

Laula B. Parke

Mr. N.R. White

30 Nov 1904

Mrs. Bessie Craig

Mr. Alex Barclay

2 Aug 1885

Miss Margaret Maude Young

Mr. Robert M. Hener

23 Nov 1897

Miss Edna E. Bull

Mr. J.B. Wheatley

4 Nov 1900

Miss Mattie McNabb

Mr. A.P. McBride

19 July 1909

Miss V.N. Cushan

Mr. Thos. E. Swaggart

17 Oct 1902

Miss Verna S. Bennett

Mr J.C. Geary

17 Jan 1903

Miss Cora McAdams

Mr. R.J. Bradley

25 Sept 1903

Miss Annie Merrett

Mr. Chas. Record

2 Nov 1903

Miss Bessie McWhorten

Mr. E.I. Williams

28 Dec 1904

Miss N.A. Barnes

Mr. W.W. Windham 

 (Wed in Hutchinson County)

17 Mar 1905

Miss Lena Parks

Mr. Doyle J. Throp

28 May 1905

Miss N.A. Barnes

Mr. B.G. Miller

13 Sept 1905

Miss Annie Stevens

Mr. Melvin Anthony

19 Feb 1906

Miss Ursula Beauchamp

Mr. Sam Hardwick

2 May 1906

Miss Fannie Lou Clark

Rev. James Winford Hunt

22 Jan. 1906

Miss Mory Anthony

Mr. Jessie A. Wells

24 April 1906

Miss Alma Walker


Thank you to SHARON GIBBINS BEAN of the
"Top of Texas Historical & Genealogical Society"
for contributing this information!

Moore County Sheriff

1892-1897 W H LEWIS
1897-1898 S A BULL
1898-1901 J R KENNEDY
1901-1902 J B WHEATLEY
1904-1908 J C WYNN
1908-1912 J D BURNETT
1912-1919 J V MILLS
1919-1924 J C GEARY
1924-1928 R L CRUMP
1948-1950 J A MCMURRY
1950-1970 JOHN EASLEY
1970-1970 PEGGY EASLEY
1970-1976 R A "ICK" REED
1976-1988 M R "BUCK" WEAVER
1988-1990 H T "TED" MONTGOMERY



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