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Cemetery Records

If you have a cemetery transcription or photo that you would like to contribute, please email me.

Some files are located on the Milam County, TXGenWeb site and other records are in the Milam County Archive or on
personal websites; if the location is not on this site it will be noted.  Records from the Milam County Archive have been
reformatted and a linked to the original record on the new page of this site.

A cameron image or  indicates that photos are available for that cemetery.

I (Clarissa)  have numersous photos and transcriptions to be added soon and hopefully they will all be up in the next few months.
This summer (Summer 2012) I will be visiting as many cemeteries as I can to upload more transcriptions & photos.

Ben Arnold Cemetery  (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Bozeman Cemetery- - -Ted Pylant
Bryant Station Cemetery- - -Jesse Little
Burlington Cemetery  [aka Elm Grove Cemetery]Clarissa Loyd
Bushdale Cemetery  (Offsite link - Personal Webpage)
Vanessa Burzynski
Bushdale Cemetery [Partial Listing]- - -Gail Kennedy
Cameron Pioneer Cemetery [2002]- - -L.R. Henderson
Cameron Pioneer Cemetery- - -Judy Reamy
Cameron Pioneer Cemetery [2011]Clarissa Loyd
Cameron Rest Cemetery [Partial Listing]  (Milam County Archive)- - -Milam Co. Gen. Soc.
Clarkson Cemetery
Clarissa Loyd
Corinth Cemetery [Partial Listing]  (Milam County Archive)- - -Debbie Wall & Cheryl McDonald
Corinth Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Detmold Cemetery [aka St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery]Clarissa Loyd
Elm Grove Cemetery  [aka Ben Arnold Cemetery]Clarissa Loyd
Fort Griffin Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Milam Co. Gen. Soc.
Foster Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Milam Co. Gen. Soc.
Friendship Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Gause City Cemetery [Alpha Listing]  (Milam County Archive)- - -Wilyne Laughlin
Gause City Cemetery [Row by Row Listing]  (Milam County Archive)- - -Wilyne Laughlin
Harrell Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Milam Co. Gen. Soc.
Hope Lutheran Memorial Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Jewish Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Lynna Kay Shuffield
Jewish CemeteryClarissa Loyd
Laughlin Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Brenda Neyra
Liliac Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Little River Baptist Church Cemetery  (Offsite link - Personal Webpage)- - -Charles C. Chaney
Little River Baptist Cemetery - Part 1  (Milam County Archive)- - -Mrs. John T. Martin
Little River Baptist Cemetery - Part 2  (Milam County Archive)- - -Mrs. John T. Martin
Locklin Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Long Family Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Michelle Rogers
Marlow Baptist Church Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Spencer F. Cole
McFarland Cemetery  (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Murray Cemetery [Partial Listing]  (Milam County Archive)- - -Peggy
Nance Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Milam Co. Gen. Soc.
Nashville Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Milam Co. Gen. Soc.
North Elm Cemetery  (Offsite link with burial database)- - -North Elm Cem. Association
Oak Hill Cemetery  [2011 - complete transcription w/updates]  (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Oak Lawn Cemetery [Partial Listing]  (Milam County Archive)- - -Peggy
Port Sullivan Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Milam Co. Gen. Soc.
Riddle Cemetery- - -Kennith Winn
St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery  [aka Detmold Cemetery]Clarissa Loyd
St. Michaels Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Salty Cemetery [Partial Listing]  (Milam County Archive)- - -Belinda Beldin
Sharp Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Sneed Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Stringer Prairie Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Taylor-Mumford Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Margaret A. Butler
Urban Cemetery
Clarissa Loyd
Val Verde Baptist Church Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)- - -Ralph W. Henderson
Vogelsang Cemetery  (Milam County Archive)Clarissa Loyd
Walkers Creek Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd
Watt Cemetery (coming soon)Clarissa Loyd

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