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      We have valuable resources at St. Louis Catholic Church in Castroville. We answer queries often for genealogy researchers of Alsatian ancestors who founded this community in 1844, the oldest city and former county seat of Medina County. Our records date from 1847 intact and include baptisms, marriages, and burials. We would be glad to answer queries. Send them to Frances Neumann.
     Behrens, Robert H. We Will Go to a New Land, The Great East Frisian Migration to America 1845-1895. Mahomet, Illinois: Behrens Publishing Company, 1998. If you have Ostfriesen ancestors, as many from Medina County do, you'll want to read this book. Currently out of print, but if you can find a copy on ABE Books, or elsewhere, buy it! It contains chapters on history, culture, immigration, and settlements. For limited lookups, contact Paul Adams.
     Castro Colonies Heritage Association, Inc., History of Medina County - Volume I,  600 pages, indexed, with marvelous old pictures of Medina County citizens and landmarks like the Lions' Club welcome sign at the Hondo City Limits ("This is God's Country, Please Don't Drive Through It Like Hell"). Includes a short history of the county and the Castro Colony and many, many family genealogies. Indexed by family name. ISBN: 0-88107-010-6. Dallas, Texas: Curtis Media, 1994. For lookups contact: Dave Crane, Margaret Simpson or Paul Adams.
     Castro Lorenzo, Immigration from Alsace and Lorraine.  A Brief Sketch of the History of Castro's Colony in Western Texas.  New York: Geo. W Wheaton & Co, 1871.  Reprinted by UMI Books on Demand. Ann Arbor, Michigan.  For Lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
     Civil War Period.  Index to the First and Second Regiment Texas Cavalry Volunteers (Union) as Printed in the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Texas for the Year 1873.  Compiled by Jim and Doris Menke.  Contact: Jim Menke
     Civil War/Reconstruction Period.  List of Registered Voters, Medina County, Texas 1867-1872 With Returns of a Revision of Registration (Including List of Rejection.)  Compiled by Jim and Doris Menke.  Contact: Jim Menke
     Crook, Cornelia English. Henry Castro, A Study of Early Colonization in Texas.  San Antonio, Texas:  St. Mary's University Press, 1988.  For  limited Lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
     Henley, Carol, Medina County, Texas Cemeteries Vol II.  For lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
     Hunter, J. Marvin, The Trail Drivers of Texas.  Austin, Texas:  University of Texas Press, 1985.
(excerpts from the index:  Batot, 1040, 1041; Castroville, 159, 161, 686, 719, 843; Cordier, 161; Cuppes, Dr., 351; De Montel, 843-844; Fest, 419-421, 423; Galbreath, 986; Gerdes, 162, 459-464; Haby, 132, 160, 986; Haby Settlement, 132; Hardeman, 794; Hondo, 162; Medina County, 132, 161, 162, 322, 459, 462, 464, 527, 666, 686, 719, 812, 822, 844, 1041; Medina Lake, 1036; Monier, 653; Moore, 666; Oge, 655; Quihi, 459; Redus, 811-813; Saathoff, 162, 461; Schorp, 133, 134, 159-162, 461, 686-686; Schweers, 464; Spettel, 132-134, 160; Thompson, 686; Tilley, 844; Wanz, 719-721; Wurzbach, 134, 168). For lookups contact:  Margaret Simpson.  
     Indices to Vol. I - XX of Branches and Acorns, the quarterly publication of the Southwest Texas Genealogical Society.  The journal serves an eight-county area surrounding Uvalde County, including Medina County.  The index lists articles by title, author, and by subject.  This does not include name index unless the name was in the subject.  Compiled by Jim and Doris Menke.  Contact: Jim Menke
     McLin, G., Medina County, Texas Cemeteries. For lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
     McLin, G., Medina County, Texas Marriage Records 1848-1886. For lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
     Names of Families and Children, Quihi and Hondo Districts, White and Colored, June 1, 1880.  Original document but missing "A" section.  Copied by Jim and Doris Menke.  Contact: Jim Menke
     Russell, Yancey L. The Cradle of Freemasonry in Medina County.  Indexed by Jim and Doris Menke.  Contact: Jim Menke
     San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society.  Marriages of Bexar County, Texas Book A-D2, 1837-Oct 22, 1866. San Antonio, Texas: San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society.  For lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
     Santleben, August. A Texas Pioneer.  New York and Washington: The Neale Publishing Company, 1910.  For limited lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
     Sowell, A.J., Early Settlers and Indian Fighters of Southwest Texas, 1900.
Chapter Titles are: Atascosa County, Early Settlers of; Adams, James M.; Boales, J.A.; Berry, Mrs. Hannah; Burrell, Joseph; Brucks, Judge Bernhard; Binnion, Mrs. M.A.; Briggs, Rev. E.A.; Bowles, Doke; Brucks, Henry; Bramlett, W.M.; Battles with Indians; Bowie's Old Fort; Buckalew, Frank, Captured by Indians; Buckalew, Berry C.; Battle Between Rangers and Indians; Beardy Hall Killed by Indians; Burney, R.H.; Castro, Henry; Conrads, Joseph; Castro's Diary, Part I; Castro's Diary, Part II; Castro's Diary, Part III; Carr, James C. (Buckskin); Castroville Founded; Charobiny, Rudolph; Canon de Uvalde; Click, M.C.; Clark, Amasa; Calahan's Expedition; Cox Family as Indian Fighters; Captured an Indian; Carr, Col. J.C.; Colonel Carr's Courtship in Arkansaw; Camp Verde; Colwell, Capt. Neal; Davenport, A.J.; Dove Creek Fight; Davenport, Aunt Mary; Davenport, L.C.; Desperate Run for Life; Disastrous Battle With Indians in Kerr County; Death of Capt. Phillip Dimmitt; Early History of Guadalupe County; English, Ed; Etter Family; Frontier Tragedy; Fight Between Rangers and Indians; Fiftieth Anniversary of the D'Hanis Setttlement; First Settlement of D'Hanis; Forty Immigrants from Darmstadt; Fenley, J.D.; Four of the Dowdy Family Killed; Fight Between Settlers and Indians; Frontier Incidents; Family History; Haby, Nichalus; Huffman, Jack; Highsmith, Ben F.; Haller, Louis; Hays, Capt. Jack; Huehner, Herrman; Haby, Jacob; Hicks, F.L.; Hunter, Judge James M.; Harman, Henry; Incidents of Frontier Life; Incident of Ranger Life; Indian Fight in Sabinal Canyon; Incident of Victoria's Raid; Jones, Mrs. Mahala; Joe Wilton Killed by Indians; Jarvis, Charles G.; Jack, Hardy, Captured by Indians; James, Rev. A.L.; Kinchaloe, Mrs. Sarah J. Kennedy, Mrs. R.D.; Kelly, Mrs. Nancy; Killed an Indian; Kennedy, Ross; Lawhon, Jesse, Killed by Indians; Last Raid in Frio Canyon; Lowe, Judge M.F.; Leakey, John; Miller, Jack; Mann, John L; Massacre of Peddlers and Battle of El Blanco; Moore, Lon; Maney, Judge Henry; Metzgar, Capt. Fred; Nowlin, Dr. James C. Old Settlers; Old Settlers of D'Hanis; Outlaw, Y.P.; Patterson, John W.; Putnam Children Captured by Indians; Peters, Charles; Rothe, August; Reinhart, John; Richarz, Capt. H.J.; Rees, Capt. Alonzo; Rogers, Capt. John H.; Saathoff, M.; Shane, Henry; Smth, Seco; Siege and Fall of the Alamo (Poetry); Sevier, Col. T.F.; Scull, Mrs. Amanda; Tinsley, F.G.; Thompson, Gideon; Tom, Capt. John; Trailing Indians; Taylor, Ed.; Taylor, Creed; Trailing Indians; Theodore the Shepherd Killed by Indians; The Lost Valley Fight; Van Pelt, Capt, Malcolm; Van Pelt, Joe; Voght, Paul; Ware, Richard M.; Winters, Capt. James W.; Wallace, Big Foot; Wilson, John E.; Watson, Robert; Weynand, Herbert; Westfall, Ed.; Winters, James, Killed by Indians; Witt, Mrs. C.A.; Wanz, Xavier; Wernette, J.B. and Watkins and Richardson Killed by Indians.  For lookups, contact Margaret Simpson, Cathy Wood Osborn or Paul Adams.  
     Weaver, B.D., Castro's Colony, Empresario Development In Texas, 1842-1865, Texas A&M University Press, 1985, 158 pages. For lookups contact Chris Kneupper or Margaret Simpson.

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