L. L. White Community Cemetery

L. L. White Community Cemetery
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LOCATION:  The cemetery is in the southwest limits of Castroville, Texas, in a small acreage near the Medina River, on which is a very small adobe house. It is a small house but has a second-story room, a fireplace in each room, and in a bad state of disrepair. Not far from the old house is a stone-fenced area in which is a lone grave with a marker and this inscription: In memory of L. L. White, born June 3, 1813 - died: June 15, 1889.

A portion of this lot including this grave has been deeded to Medina County, deed recorded in Book A, page 139, in the Medina County Courthouse.
                                                                                          Carol Henley
                                       Medina County, Texas Cemeteries Vol. II - 1985

Located at 801 Washington Street at Naples. (Lot 1, Block 4, Range 13)

NOTE: The following tombstone inscriptions were copied word for word, line for line.  Tombstones identifying more than one grave are identified by a hyphen (1-2).  Underlined information is relative to all graves or burials sharing a common tombstone.  FS signifies footstone.  A slash (/) indicates the end of a line.  Information in italics (italics ) represents comments or observations made by the transcriber or are from other sources as noted.

Compiled by the Medina County Tombstone Inscription Project, Jim Menke, Coordinator, in cooperation with the Castro Colonies Heritage Association, Historical Research Committee.  (2000)

No. Name Inscription/Remarks
1 WHITE, L Free thought / Science / Reason / Superstition / In Memory of / L. L. White / Born / June 3, 1818 / Died / June 15, 1889 / A portion of this Lot / Including this Grave 50 by 75 feet is Deeded / To Medina County / Deed Rec. B. O. No. 21 P. 139.
(In early 1999, having obtained a building permit from the city, the daughter of Rex and Betty Stephens laid a foundation for a new home. Protests to the city resulted in an archeological examination of the site of the grave. Site was determined. No remains of grave stones or surrounding wall were found, only underlying foundation of wall.)

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