Hoffmann / Paul Family Cemetery

Hoffmann / Paul Family Cemetery
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1809 San Jacinto St. , Castroville

In his will, James Paul bequested property to T.M. Paschal with the following conditions: 1) Within 10 years after my death build a good and substantial building to be used as a sanitarium, hotel or factory at a cost of no less than $3000, and 2) 3 years of my death enclose the family graveyard upon said premises with a substantial iron fence and keep fence in good condition and the enclosure neat and clean, and erect a plain marble or granite shaft within said enclosure inscribed as follows: "John Hoffman, M.D., died June 25, 1879, age 75 years. Petronella, wife of John Hoffmann, died May 25, 1890, age 80 yrs. Fredericka Regina Paul, wife of James Paul and daughter and sole heir of Petronella Hoffmann, died Feb. 1, 1894, age 66 years. James Paul, husband of Fredericka, died Oct. 10, 1897."

NOTE: The following tombstone inscriptions were copied word for word, line for line.  Tombstones identifying more than one grave are identified by a hyphen (1-2).  Underlined information is relative to all graves or burials sharing a common tombstone.  FS signifies footstone.  A slash (/) indicates the end of a line.  Information in italics (italics ) represents comments or observations made by the transcriber or are from other sources as noted.

Compiled by the Medina County Tombstone Inscription Project, Jim Menke, Coordinator, in cooperation with the Castro Colonies Heritage Association, Historical Research Committee.  (2002)

No. Name Inscription/Remarks






PAUL JOHN HOFFMANN, M.D. / Died June 25, 1879. / Aged 75 years.
According to information from the H. E. Haass papers, Texana Collection, Baylor University, Dr. Hoffmann was born in Switzerland. Came to Castroville in 1846 from Center Point, PA with wife Petronella and her daughter, Fredericka. He practiced medicine in Castroville until his death. Found drowned in the Medina River below his houseby his neighbor, Sebastian Marty on June 25, 1879

PETRONELLA / Wife of JOHN HOFFMANN. / Died May 25, 1890. /  Aged 80 years.

FREDERICKA REGINA PAUL / Wife of JAMES PAUL / Daughter and sole heir of said / PETRONELLA HOFFMANN. / DIED February 1, 1894. / Aged 66 years.
Frederika was married to Jacob Solm. When he died she married James Paul, lawyer, April 27, 1852

JAMES PAUL / Died October 10, 1897. / Aged 77 Years.
James Paul, a native of England, came to Texas in 1846, was made citizen of U. S. in District Court in 1850.

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