McDade Area

Jefferies Cemetery is inactive, destroyed, untended, unfenced, but is within a fenced field and is located over the Bastrop/Lee County line about a half mile into Lee County, in the William Johnson Survey. This cemetery is believed to be probably the oldest of the 3 cemeteries at the Knobbs. It was destroyed in the 1940's, when bulldozers removed the rock marked graves, leaving only the one marker with script to identify the grave area.

Erma Dismukes, a resident of the Knobbs reports 12 graves were there and included a slave woman, the notorious Beatty Brothers "Az" Asbury and Jack, and others. Mrs. Sarah Phillips Jefferies and husband W. T. are buried in the McDade Cemetery. She was the land owner and had slaves there. Mrs. Jefferies b. 1835 d. 1921.
The first Knobbs church was located at the Jefferies Cemetery site and was a log structure used for church and school. It had split log seats. the church was moved to the "Gin Cemetery" or "Lower Knobbs Cemetery" then moved a third time to its present location.

Church records 1860-1872 burned, 1872-1920 are in book # 2. The church was received in Little River Association on Sept. 12, 1860, 16 charter members and Y.J. Meeks & W.J. Meeks presented the letter at the Association meeting at Cameron, Texas.

--Nathan and Sarah and All our Children by S. Harrison and E. S. Cole.

Photo provided by C. Carman İ


Beatty, Azbury -b. unknown/12-25-1883
Brother to Jack, Marion, and Haywood. Victim of the Christmas Day Shoot-out in McDade. Not married.

Beatty, Jack  b.09- 27 1847 /12-25-1883.  Brother to Jack, Marion, and Haywood. Husband to Martha, father to Nathan, Robert, Sarah and Evaline.  Victim of the Christmas Day Shoot-out in McDade.


Brown, Mr. H. of Sarah Phillips Brown (Jefferies) Father of Lula, & Emma Brown.

Brown, Suse (Slave)
Mother of Becky, Annie Brown Slave of Mrs. Jefferies.


Photo provided by C. Carman İ

Mary E. (Elena) (nee Phillips)---------------- 2-28-1859/4-24-1881
aged 22 years 2 mos. 25 days 

Daughter. of Capt. Russell Phillips & Sarah Wife of J.W. Westbrook (Joseph Warren) a one legged man Mother of Lee,& Walter Westbrook Sister to Pearce, Will," Duck" Phillips

NOTE:   Annis Cleghorn a was wife of Joseph Warren Westbrooks. "Biddy" Sarah Phillips Brown Jefferies was a sister to Mrs. W.V. (Hattie) Borum, both buried in McDade Cemetery.




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