Lee County, Texas


Note: there are many lost & unmarked graves in the Evergreen Cemetery.


Contributed By:  Audrey Rother


CEPCAR, Infant son of Cyril & Rosie Cepcar

CEPCAR, Infant son of Cyril & Rosie Cepcar

CEPCAR, Infant son of Cyril & Rosie Cepcar

(One marker for all three) 

DODDS, Jane, Mrs. 1787/Feb. 10- 1870  44 Born in Fairfield District S.C. died in Washington  Co., Tx., Consort of Samuel Dodds 

DYBALA, Jakub  6-24-1897/6-25-1897

DYBALA, Josef  2-23-1899/7-15-1899

DYBALA, Paul Jr.  1-20-1901/3-2-1901 

FOSTER, Martha D. 11-27-1814/4-17-1880

FOSTER, W.D. 7-2-1843/2-13-1875 Son of G.W. & M.D. Foster

GLASS, Sam T.  4-18-1863/10-4-1881

GRIFFETH, 5-10-1813/8-18-1866

HARRISON, A.A. 1-12-1833/12-?-1875

HARRISON,E.A. 5-6-1837/2-6-1874 Wife of A.A. Harrison

HECK, Martha   /1883 wf of R.D. Heck

HECK, R.D. 4-22-1815/1-8-1873 MASON

HORELICA, Philip J. 5-5-1897/6-2-1920

McKEOWN, Nancy  4-21-1846/10- -1857 Aged 11 years Dau. of James & Mary McKeown

ORSAK, Mary       /4-5-1889 Grandma

TYLER, Albert C. 11-13-1840/6-28-1874

TYLER, Albert S. 1873/1941

URBAN, John  7-18-1887/7-29-1926

URBAN, Joseph Jr.  1-23-1885/4-6-1942

WEST, Isaac  1-5-1805/2-14-1858

YORK, Infant of M.C & M.A. York

YORK, Infant of M.C. & M.A. York

YORK, Joseph Milton 9-23-1867/7-27-1869 Aged 1 year 10 mos4 days Son of M.C. & M.A. York