JUNE 10, 2002

Blue, Lee County, Texas

President:     Guy HUTSON 

Custodian:    Ray SHERRILL 

ALSUP Possibly           Horace/10-  -1879 F-7-67             (Father of Wade ,husb. of Martha Turner) (was killed by K.Stanley, a known  McDade Vigilante who confessed on  his death bed to the murder of Horace Alsup) From the Bastrop Advertiser Oct. 18, 1879 issue---- {Mr. Horace Alsup assassinated near his home on the Yegua, Lee County, about 8-10 miles from McDade on Friday of last week.  The killing was done from an ambush about noon.  No clue to his murderers.}  
ALSUP  Wade  06-27-1877  (son of Horace & Martha Turner Alsup one of  4  taken from the Pat Earhart’s Dance and hung nearby.
AVERY Mary, Mrs. 1-22-1885/  (wf. of Jesse Branum) 
BRANUM Ada Mrs. (nee Preston) 1-31-1884/7-30-1943  At Rest (wf of Jesse Branum)  
  Billy Carl 1944/1998   (s/of Jack & Fay Branum metal marker-Elgin Funeral home)  
  Delton D 12-31-1914/7-10-1957 (son of Jesse Branum) TEXAS CPL. 29 REPL DEPOT WW II  
  Faye E 10-5-1917/9-25-1989 (wf. of Jack Lee Branum) Our Mother  
  Jack Lee  3-24-1912/6-12-1981 (son of Jesse) Our Beloved Father  PVT US ARMY WW II  
  Jesse 3-5-1877/12-15-1965 (son of Dock Branum)
BURNS          John T.  7-28-1849/7-22-1858    Son of John H.& Eliza J. Burns {Earliest marked death date in  Burns cem.
CAMERON  James  Monroe    12-31-1861/4-4-1933    Husb. of Nancy Ellen Lawhon.
  Nannie Lawhon 1-21-1871/11-22-1924   nee Nancy Ellen Lawhon
  Sarah E Elizabeth    7-7-1858/4-18-1874    Dau. of D.M. & E.A. Cameron  (born in Ga.) 
CARNEY     Carroll  A.  1897/1968    (son of J.F. & M.C. Carney)  
  Hughlon W.  one date only          1923
  Infant Dau.    one date only 6-29-1917  of M/M John F. Carney
  James Orrell      8-23-1899/5-21-1900        (son of J.F. & M.C. Carney)  
  John F.      1873/1942    (husb. Of Maudie C. Jackson)  
  Lula May       1909/1910
  Maudie C.        (nee Jackson)        1879/1950  
  Roland Virgil        6-29-1917/10-7-1977       US ARMY WWII
  Yvon Fletcher       10-10-1904/7-17-1992 (metal marker) age 87 yrs   
CARNLINE  Frances  5 -10-1853/5-18-1903 Mother stone in 3 parts-under oak tree-& not original site)
CARTER    Ada Mary  (Branum)  7-21-1883/3-7-1961 ( dau. of Dock & Ellen Branum)(sis to Jesse)
CLARE Bruce W 0-6-1911/6-10-1985 husb. of Gladys E..nee Hutson  TEC. 5 US ARMY WW II  
COBB  Leo     9-22-1934/12-10-1992  US AIR FORCE, KOREA
COFFEY Jack  D.    10-28-1955/10-17-1994    
COOLIDGE Elmer V.    7-1-1915/6-4-1997 Beloved husband, Son, Brother, & Uncle , You were our Rock & we miss you.  (Bro-in-law to Ray Sherrill)  
CURRY  Opal  3-28-1916/1-31-1983 Loved By All, (dau. of Jodie & Susie Smith.   
DIMITRI Ella  4-10-1923/3-16-2002 marker is paper under glass.
  Jimmie 5-28-1922/9-9-2001  Age 79 years (marker is paper under glass.
DISMUKES Athena  8-10-1884/8-10-1958 d/of Morgan Wiggins 1of3 wives of RM Dismukes uncle/to Leo Dismukes)  
  Infant of    died at birth 5-30-1926      Son of R. Monroe & Athena  
  R. Monroe  4-26-1886/12-8-1943 Father, (husb. of 3 wives, Father of 35 children)
DOTY  Kirk     7-2-1926/10-31-1998      Husb. of Patsy Jo Hughes Doty.
FISHER Roxey L (Roxey Lena Reed)    4-27-1898/10-29-1984   Wife. of William Wesley Fisher.
  William W.(Wesley) 0-5-1894/7-22-1968 (son of John Fisher)(F. of Wesley “Bud” Fisher & Opal Fisher Mundine
FLOYD    Young 1of 4 taken from Pat Earhart’s dance June 27, 1877 departed June 27, 1877 unmarked  metal cross only.
FREEMAN  Unmarked     Anna   Stifflemire    7-11-1884/4-30-1967   
  Unmarked Chester Freeman       9-14-1893/5-31-1973 93 years 9 mos. 14 days
   Mancil  1903/1976        Love (husb. of Winnie V. Turner)   
  Winnie V.  dau. of Fate & Emma Turner )  
FRENCH Nellie Annie Nellie12-24-1861/2-19-1944 nee Jackson, went blind/her husb left her)Dau. of William Jackson 
GLENN Infant Son of J.P.& Odessa Glenn 3-4-1940-one date
GOODWIN Fred “Jack”         5-5-1902/1-20-1996    
  Lida Sanders 3-6-1907/7-7-1999    (dau. of Sam & Lillie Sanders)(wf of Jack)  
GUTHRIE   Minnie M.        (nee Stifflemire)     6-19-1891/12-2-1951 (wf. of Oscar)(Oscar buried at Knobbs Cem)  
HARRISON  Unmarked     Infant of T.J. & Sarah Heffington  Harrison  -/- ---(Lee County Cem. Book I)  

unmarked   Lucas   1-17-1872/1-24-1972 son of Wm. Henry & Margaret Harrison---(Lee County, Tx. Cem. Book 1.

  Unmarked Michael Moulton  b. unknown/4-27-1865 See (Republic of Texas Pioneers Memorial in section F)  
  Margaret Elizabeth,nee Hutson  2-10-1843/8-15-1889 believed to be buried here w' Wm. Henry Harrison …(Lee County, Tx.. Cem. Book I)  
  Unmarked Rufus Edgar  8-18-1875/8-28-1875 son of Wm. Henry & Margaret Harrison --(Lee County Cem. Book  I)  
  Unmarked William Riley   4-5-1885/9-21-1885  son of Wm. Henry Harrison  …(Lee County Tx. Cem. Book I)  
HEFFINGTON   Elizabeth  (nee Jackson)     1822/10-  -1883  Dau. of Isaac & Zillah Jackson (2nd wf. of James G. Heffington) Mother of Isaac “Bose” Heffington.
  Isaac “Bose”  1-28-1846 - 12-3-1883 Husb. of Clarinda Holland Harrison son of James G. Heffington & Elizabeth Jackson. “Bose” was the deputy sheriff of Lee County and was in McDade investigating a murder, when he was tapped on the shoulder and shot in a dark alley in McDade.) This event brought about the “McDade Christmas Day Shoot-out of 1883” Bose died at the home of George Milton at McDade 2 days after being shot.
  James G. 7-18-1810/ 1855 Father of Isaac “Bose” Heffington  Republic of Texas 
  Unmarked   James Jr.  1852/1874 Son of James & Elizabeth Heffington…(Lee County TX.. Cem. Book I)  
  Unmarked  Mary Lee 10-25-1870/12-2-1873 ---(Lee County, TX. Cem. Book 1)  
  Unmarked William Riley     4-5-1885/9-21-1885  
  Unmarked Son of Wm. Henry & Margaret Harrison  Believed to be buried here) ---(Lee County TX. Cem. Book I)  
HOWELL Orbyn    A.  9-23-1911/8-27-1968  
  Beloved Mother Dau. of Jody & Susie Jackson Smith
HUTSON  Ann Erie  4-16-1917/  -  -2000 W/ Willie  
  Unmarked Baby Boy  2-23-1877/2-23-1877 S-James Lafayette & Eleanor Amy Hutson  …(Lee County, TX Cem. Book I)  

Carrie   9-12-1882/1883 10 mos. old.  Dau of James Lafayette & Eleanor Amy Garner Hutson)…..(Lee County Tx. Cem. Book I)  

  Fate (James Lafayette)   1835/1913 (Great grandfather of Ray Sherrill)  
  Goss  9-10-1902/11-1-1968 Son of Silas & Ona Hutson. Our Loved One  66 yrs 1 mo. 2 days.  
  Hollis 1904/1943 Son of James Silas & Ona Hutson
  Ina T.  11-28-1899/10-25-1987 At Rest (dau. of Silas & Ona Hutson)  
  Infant      d. 1903 ….(Lee County, Tx. Cem. Book I)  
  J.Ollie 3-7-1896/11-4-1962 Mil mkr-James Ollie (SON OF Silas & Ona) TEXAS PFC. 3 CO. 165 DEPOT BRIGADE WWI   
  James Silas 4-26-1866/2-24-1942  Father, We will meet again (Son of Lafayette & Eleanor Garner Hutson)  
  Johnnie L., Mrs.   4-13-1900/  -  -1978 (W of J. Ollie Hutson)  
  Lida  3-21-1909/4-28-1990 At Rest Dau. of Silas & Ona Huston  
  Unmarked Middleton Plummer  8-29-1867/1874 Son of James Lafayette & Eleanor Garner Hutson …(Lee County, TX. Cem. Book I)  
  Miles E. 10-2-1869/1871 (son of James Lafayette & Eleanor Garner Hutson)  
  Munson  4-26-1898/7-7-1962 S/ Silas & Ona Hutson. M/ Bertha O Oppels  …(Lee County, Tx. Cem. Book I)  
  Nellie 1842/1910 (nee Eleanor Amy Garner)   (wf. of James Lafayette “Fate” Huston) 
  Nelson Ray   4-3-1930/7-7-1980 Son of Ollie & Johnnie Hutson.
   Ona (nee Carter)  8-18-1873/12-21-1944  W/James Silas Hutson. Mother.
  Willis W. 7-25-1911/12-13-1983 Son of Silas & Ona Hutson. “Willie”  
JACKSON   Elmer Lee  12-30-1921/4-13-1992  PFC. US ARMY WW II Husb. of Thelma Jean Stifflemire). 
  Ernest N.     7-25-1900/2-9-1991 At Rest (son of Clint Jackson) Husb. of Myrtle M. Brown.  
  Ernest  R 10-22-1924/1-16-1988 TEC. 4 US ARMY WW II 
  G. A.(Gerald Audron)  1-3-1916/11-15-1986  
  Hugh   12-19-1885/8-17-1970 Son of Faddie Jackson)(husb. of Lura Lawrence.
  Infant  Son    one date-10-12-1922 Son of Hugh & Lura Jackson.…(Lee County, Tx. Cem. Book I)  
  Ira    12-30-1905/7-31-1990 Son of Clint Jackson, husb. of Frances Turnipseed). 
  Joseph C. “Clint” 3-6-1870/8-6-1950 Husb. of Maggie M. ) At rest  
  Unmarked Kate (wf of Robert Jackson)  No dates available. (Believed to be buried  here)  
  La Fayette 12-16-1856/12-2-1939 Father, (James Lafayette) (Son of Wm.. H. & Susan Jackson)  
    Lura (Lawrence) 11-12-1898/12-23-1983  
  Wed 3-5-1911 (wf. of Hugh Jackson)  
    M.Ellen    3-6-1894/6-20-1984 (Nee Cameron) (W/ Miles A. Jackson)  
  Maggie M.        (nee Huffman)        1-9-1880/9-13-1963 W of Joseph C. “Clint.”  
  Maud Alexine (nee Wright) 11-11-1861/8-18-1932 Mother, (wf. of La Fayette)  
  Myrtle M.  2-26-1902/10-5-1981 Dau. of Tom Brown. 
  Michael D. “Mike”  7-24-1952/2-10-1985 Son  of E.L. & T. J.
  Michael .J. 7-14-1929
  Miles A.  11-21-1892/5-16-1959  (Husb. of M. Ellen Cameron) (son of Faddie Jackson)  
  Nardon  11-7-1918/11-3-1930 Son of Hugh & Lura Jackson).  
  Randell  8-11-1851/1-  -1875  
  Susan      7-15-1829/6-5-1900 Nee Hutson, W/ of William H. Jackson)  
  Thelma Jean    10-14-1925/8-1-1995  
  William H. 2-22-1821/3-3-1911 One of Stephen F. Austin’s First Colonists) B/t San Felipe, Washington Co., TX.
  Zillah Thompson  9-10-1789/1866 M/ Wm. Jackson  (Came to TX. With Stephen F. Austin) ….(Lee County, Tx. Cem. Book I)  
JOHNSON   Frank      2-25-1886/4-15-1908 (Died digging water well & hit damp air)  
  JOINER   Infant   b&d 2-15-1903   Inf. Son of J.J. & L.J. Joiner  
  Richard  7-1-1900/11-22-1903    
JONES   Beatrice Marie “Billie”   9-2-1931/3-19-1985   Sis. To Joe Johnson)  
KUYKENDALL John  J. 12-24-1855/6-27-1877  1of 4 taken from Pat Earhart’s dance M/ Alsup
LANE   Ed   --/-d. 1930’s or 1940’s Husb. of Anna Stifflemire Unmarked grave -is next to South fence )  
MOSES   Ada Pearl 4-12-1898/2-17-1971 Mother, (wf. of R.L.) 73 yrs, 4 mos, 5 days  
  David A.2-7-1896/1-25-1957  TEX. PFC. CO. E. 5 DEVELOPMENT BN. WW I  
  David L.    5-10-1857/6-6-1950  Papa, In Loving Memory(husb. of Zorada P.)  
    Lenard  1924/1988  (Rosewood Funeral home marker)  
  R.L.       10-1-1888/1-4-1957  
  Viola  3-3-1904/7-8-1975 Wife of David Albert Moses  
    Zorada P.     9-12-1869/11-30-1951  
MUTZ   Charles      9-16-1903/12-28-1974 PVT. US ARMY WW II  
  Vernice Alma    5-19-1905/10-1-1994 Nee Stifflemire)(wf. of Charles)  
NUCKOLS   Dixon Eliot  1-24-1956/3-16-1995 A kind, gentle, loving husband & father  
PRESTON   L. L.   (Liman)   3-15-1881/9-20-1943 S/ W.H. Preston)  
  Nettie (nee Jackson)  1873/1956  
  Preshie J. (nee Woodruff)  12-16-1883/2-28-1972 2nd wf. of L.L. Preston.
  W.T.        (William T.)    1855/1940 Husb. Of Nettie Jackson.
REED   Charles E.10-4-1874/10-3-1933 Husb. Of May Turner.
  Daniel Will  3-31-1893/7-21-1977 PFC. US ARMY WW I (husb. of Mary Lue)  
  Ethan B 9-14-1893/3-5-1946  TEX. CPL. 143 INF. WW I  
  Howard   3-28-1908/  -  -1909  
  M. Learney     2-26-1896/1-17-1993 Father, CPL. US ARMY WW I M/Velma C. Cameron.
  Mary Lue 9-20-1893/10-17-1998 D/Silas & Ona Hutson
  May Turner  9-6-1881/2-20-1933 (G. mother to Wesley Fisher & Opal Fisher Mundine) W/ Charlie E. Reed  
  Milton  1-  -1900/3-  -1900  
  Velma C. (Cameron)  4-9-1895/11-17-1976 M/Milton Learney Reed  
  Willie May     6-29-1934 one date  (Inf. Dau of Will & M.L. Reed) In Heaven  
REININGER   Unmarked  Lillian  1887/1963 …(Lee County, Tx. Cem. Book I)  
ROTOLA   Shirley A. Stifflemire     7-29-1951/11-18-2000
RUTHVEN   Arnold R.  -22-1919/3-25-1934  (Son of Clyde.& Lula  Ruthven)  
  Bettie (Hutson)  3-11-1872/4-4-1915 D/ N. & F. Hutson W/ of William Ruthven buried at Center Point.
  Clyde 12-13-1894/1-23-1978 S/ Theo & Betty; M/Lula Stifflemire)  
  Lula  (Stifflemire)    6-3-1893/2-9-1975  
  Virgil Ray    4-16-1954/12-1-1978     24 yrs 7 mos 15 days F H mkr-Phillips & Luckey. 
  Wayland Virgil   10-20-1917/3-25-1992  
SANDERS   Alta  9-29-1918/ 5-8-2001  D/ Calvin & Donie Sanders.
  Avery   4-14-1905/1-9-1997  Mason (son of Sam & Lillie Sanders)  
  Calvin   (Robert Calvin) 6-30-1885/9-18-1978  
  Donie (nee Jackson)  5-14-1888/12-3-1968  
  Elwyn E. 6-18-1908/6-25-1944  S/ Calvin & Donie Jackson Sanders. (Killed in WW II)  
  Iva   4-1-1912/8-29-1980  
  Lillie J.( Jackson) 6-5-1881/1-19-1972 Mother Sis to Donie Jackson M/Samuel Britton Sanders 5-23-1900  
  Lillie Pyle 6-21-1900/8-30-1992 W/Lloyd
  Lloyd 10-11-1910/7-20-1991 S/ Sam & Lillie Sanders)  
  Myrtle L  10-16-1896/1-24-1934 W/Gus Sanders buried at Lawrence Chapel D/Phil & Betty Ruthven
  Samuel B.   9-22-1877/6-24-1971 F/Mason Bro/Calvin Sanders M/Lillie J.
  Verl  10-18-1915/10-5-1991 S/Calvin & Donie Jackson Sanders  (Single)  
SCOTT   Blake “Beck”   6-27-1877      Blake Scott was the son of Joseph B. Scott who was the postmaster at McDade.  Joseph B. Scott married ca 1861 to Mrs. Elizabeth Wiggins Hollingshead who had a daughter  Emily “Emma” Hollingshead.  Blake “Beck” and “Emma”, step bro. & sister,  were square dancing at the Pat Earhart Dance on June 27, 1877, when his name was called out.  Blake said “Soooooooo long Emma” then he was taken out and hung to the limb.)…Wm. C. Stewart A Pioneer Texas Pharmacist by R.G. Jetton, DDS.  
SHERRILL   Adam Ryan  5-19-1980/5-19-1980  S/Randy & Delores Sherrill
  Angelle R.  2-24-1916/2-23-1983 S/Ross C. Sherrill M/9-25-1937  
  Avery Aaron   4-16-1887/4-22-1961 H/Nellie Ann Turner M/1910 F/Ray, Garland H., Ross C., Marilyn.
  Dalton Ray   11-27-1946/3-1-2001 SP 5 US ARMY , VIETNAM S/Ray & Johnnie Sherrill.  
  Garland H.  3-3-1915/3-23-1974 Bro/Ray Sherrill  D/Avery & Nellie Sherrill
  Marilyn 4-11-1939/10-26-1942 D/Avery & Nellie Sherrill.
  Nellie Ann (Turner)  3-26-1888/10-21-1966 M/Ray Sherrill M/Avery Aaron Sherrill 1910.
  Ross C.  3-1-1913/4-29-1985 S/Avery Aaron & Nellie Ann Turner Sherrill
SHERILL-HANNIGAN   S  (infant)  1992/1992  
SIMMONS   Unmarked T.C or J.C.. (from Lee County Cem. Book-no dates -hand scratched on large white rock in 1988 was removed from its location and laying under large oak tree.  This marker was not found for this 2002 survey.
SMITH   Alvin L.   2-28-1907/4-5-1990 F/ Mark Smith M/Bertie E. Carney12-27-1927
  Bertie E. (Carney)  12-16-1910/11-8-1973 D/ John Carney
  Dorothy Fay    11-2-1940/11-5-1940 D/Alvin L. & Bertie E. Smith
  Jodie  A.    5-1-1886/11-10-1959  
    Susie  (nee Jackson)   3-11-1890/12-1-1945 (w/ Jodie)  
STIFFLEMIRE   Unmarked  Estelle   12-2-1878/7-4-1973  
  Estill N  7-2-1895/7-4-1973 TEX. PFC. US ARMY WW I .  S/N.B. & Mollie Stifflemire.
  Mollie (Harris, Minnie Mae) 10-8-1861/6-3-1948 Lee Co., TX. Cem. Book I (W/ of Napoleon B.)  
  N. B. (Napoleon B.) 3-31-1851/10-10-1942  
STOWE   Annie  1-25-1891/9-12-1954  Mother  
  O.J. (Oliver S. Jr.)  3-2-1897/2-28-1955  
  R.L.  10-30-1884/2-2-1918  
  Sarah.A.     2-14-1875/12-1-1927  
STREGE   Edwin A  3-19-1908/8-3-1996 (Husb. of Pearl S. Sanders)  
  Pearl S.   1-31-1909/10-14-1996 D/Sam & Lillie Sanders.
TURNER     Charles Willard  11-26-1936/11-21-1997 (Son of Frank & Lil Turner)  
  Dorothy Lee    5-6-1929/3-6-2002 (W/ of O’Brian “Pete”)  
   Emma F.  (Nee Stifflemire)     11-18-1886/12-8-1974  
    Esther La Princes (Hutson) 1-19-1863/1-14-1941  
  George Bowers 2-2-1858/9-11-1940 (George & Esther La Princes Hutson  are Grandparents of Ray Sherrill) 
  John Frank   8-20-1890/11-10-1988 (Son of George Bower Turner)  M/ Lillie May Stanford.
  Leehman O. 3-2-1919/9-18-1924  Son of M.L. & Emma Turner
  Lillie May (Stanford)   8-7-1898/10-10-1987 (W/ of John Frank Turner)  
  Mann L. (Mann Lafayette)   5-31-1884/12-26-1970 M/Emma F. Turner
  O’Brian C. “Pete”  11-19-1921/2-27-1972 TEX CPL. ARMY AIRFORCE WW II.  M/Dorothy Mason  

Sarah Lea   5-22-1959/10-20-1973 D/of O’Brian & Dorothy Turner.

  Zoe Nellie  (Sanders)   1-27-1923/11-28-1987 (D/of Ira Sanders)(W/ of Bemus Turner)  
TYLER     M. Annie L.     1-28-1872/3-30-1875  Daughter  
  Reuben R.    9-22-1866/12-6-1874 Son  
  Thomas Jefferson    12-23-1845/1-11-1875   PVT TX. CONSCRIPT CSA  Father  
VALADEZ     Maria Del Refugio  11-28-1926/10-2-1996  
WIGGINS Anza Lea  D/ of S.J. & M.L. Wiggins  
  Sarah Catherine (Nee Reed)  “Casandra”  3-  -1861/4-2-1930         
  Daisy  -/-    D/ of S.J. & M.L. Wiggins  
  M.L.  “Lucy”   12-20-1867/12-15-1911  
    Morgan Thomas    12-21-1860/2-13-1936 (Husb. of “Casandra” Sarah Catherine  Reed)  
  S.J.   “Jack”    7-19-1840/12-18-1928  
WILLIAMS   Betty Ruth 12-17-1933/4-5-1996  (D/of Estill Stifflemire) Rest in Peace  
WINSLETT   Unmarked Clara A. 7-21-1985/7-21-1985 Info from Lee County Cem Book –may be the unreadable metal marker by large oak tree.
WOODRUFF Unmarked   James W.     4-24-1919/3-4-1959 …(Lee County, Tx. Cem. Book I)  
WRIGHT   Alexander S.    6-14-1831/6-20-1905   (Husb. of Sarah Jackson Wright)  
    Erma Nell  (Nee Sherrill)   6-16-1927/8-20-1979