Trails to the Past: McMullen County, Texas

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McMullen County, Texas

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Brief History and Record Location Notes

Although McMullen County was created in 1858 the county was not officially organized until 1877.  Prior to 1877 all legal matters took place in neighboring Live Oak County.  Marriages prior to 1877 will most likely be found in Live Oak County and some may also be found in Atascosa County.  The first census for McMullen County was taken in 1870, but a few McMullen County families were recorded on the 1860 Live Oak County census.  If you fail to find records in McMullen County you should check Live Oak County first and then Atascosa County.  The Census Bureau reported that 851 people lived in McMullen County in 2000.  McMullen County, today, still remains primarily a ranching community.
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Notes: There are only a hand full of cemeteries in McMullen County.  Many small/family cemeteries were moved to larger cemeteries when Choke Canyon Reservoir was built. 

Census Records
The 1870 census is the first official census taken in McMullen County.  It appears that some McMullen County citizens may have been recorded on the 1860 Live Oak County, Texas census.

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