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Bay City
Eastview Cemetery

Founded 1912
as a section of Cedarvale Cemetery

2401 Block Golden Avenue
2859'56.00"N      9557'43.56"W

Cedarvale Cemetery

Founded 1896

2100 Block Golden Avenue
2859'54.53"N      9557'51.10"W




Hawley Cemetery

Founded 1854

Printable Hawley Cemetery Walking Tour

721 CR 436  Hawley Cemetery Road
2854'42.96"N      9610'18.30"W


St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery

Founded 1927

CR 464  Catholic Cemetery Road
2851'35.75"N       9613'23.68"W



Matagorda Cemetery

Founded 1830

Matagorda Cemetery Road     SH 60 & S Gulf Road
2842'4.31"N     9557'20.30"W

Palacios Cemetery

Founded 1905

Section 4 Walking Tour

12th Street
2842'27.14"N      9613'37.78"W



Bay City


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Matagorda Palacios
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