Virtual Tour of Sargent

Virtual Tour of Sargent, Texas

Complied by Freda Kilgo Daniel

Traveling east on highway 35 from the courthouse
square in Bay City, turn right at the traffic light
across from TDECU, onto farm road #457.
Continue on to Sargent on Joe Parks, Jr. Hwy.



On the right side of the road before the blinking light at  the intersection of #2540, there is a sign for Red Bluff Ranch. There you may see longhorn cattle grazing in the pasture.

If you turn left at the intersection, you will find
the Matthews Cemetery on the left side of the road.
This is the resting place of Confederates, John
Matthews and Absalem Mitchell. Two unknown Confederate soldiers are also buried there.





A little further down the road is the Bay City Municipal Airport.




Back to #47, turn left and continue to
Sargent. Immediately on the right is the
historical marker for the site of the Caney
Post Office. It was established in 1838. "In
it's vicinity members of Austin's Colony
established pioneer sugar plantation."



Pass through Cedar Lane. Go through the stop light at the intersection of #521 and continue to Sargent. Shortley before the blinking light, on the right, is the Sanborn-Williamson Ranch. Behind some sheds and a green two-story house was the site of the Hawkins Plantation on the banks of Caney Creek. This area was known as Hawkinsville, named for Colonel James B. Hawkins.

In this area he built a sugar mill and planted 2,400acres of sugar cane. For many years the two-story plantation house stood partially covered by tin and served as a
barn. In 2011, the structure was demolished.



Near it is the Hawkins Cemetery, where several Hawkins family members are buried, including James Boyd Hawkins, Sr. and his wife, Ariella. This is on private property.

Go through the small town of Sargent toward the
beach. Before the bridge is a historical marker
on the left describing the Confederate defenses
at the mouth of Caney Creek.


Now you are at the last existing swing
bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway.

If you cross the bridge, you will find
excellent fishing and a park for picnics.



Retrace your route and head back toward Sargent. Turn left on Caney Road #290 and go to Caney Creek Estates. Turn left there and on the left side of the road is the Sargent Cemetery. George Thomas Sargent, for whom the town was named, is buried there. Several other graves including Henry Freeman, a Confederate soldier, occupy this small cemetery.




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