First United Methodist Church - Bay City
Bay City
Methodist Church


First United
Methodist Church


Bay City



2300 Avenue H

2858'47.90"N       9558'4.04"W


Bay City Methodist ChurcH

The origins of this congregation date to 1870, when
 circuit-riding ministers visited people living along
 the Colorado River at Red Bluff. Norman Savage (1826
 1879), a church elder, served the small congregation,
 and the first minister was Thomas W. Rogers.
 When the town of Bay City was surveyed in 1894
 the Methodist congregation relocated and bought
 one of the first town lots. By 1897 they had built
 Bay City's first church structure, a frame building
 with a steeple and bell. The building also served as a
 Union church for other denominations in the town.
 The congregation purchased land at Fourth Street and
 Avenue H in 1904, and the original church building was
 later sold to the Bay City school system. Services
 were held in the courthouse and a building on the
 square until a temporary open-air tabernacle was
 built. Additional land was acquired in 1906, and a new
 sanctuary was completed in 1909 during the pastor-
 ate of A. S. Whitehurst.
 The church's fifth building was erected in 1958 and
 dedicated on March 30 of that year.
 A part of Bay City and Matagorda county history
 for over a century, the Bay City Methodist Church
 continues to serve the community.




Building Committee

C. Langham, Chmn.
B. J. Dantzler Sec.
Hy RUgeley, Tr.
Amos Lee
J. D. Moore
D. P. Moore
Wm. Walker
A. J. Dudley
W. L. Dudley
Z. Payne

M. E. Church South
Erected 1908
A. A. Wagnon, P. E.
A. S. Whitehurst, P. C.
J. E. Large, Architect
A. L. Jackson, Contractor


The Gleaners All-Day Meeting At Wesley Chapel

The Gleaners of the Methodist Church held an all-day meeting at Wesley Chapel, Tuesday from ten to three o'clock, having as joint hostesses, Mesdames Tony Carr, P. G. Secrest, R. Bussell, D. E. Cates, Dora Dienst and Helen Wilkinson.

The meeting was opened with a prayer from Mrs. A. J. McCary followed by the business session. The devotional on Missions was given by Mrs. R. Bussell. Mrs. F. S. Taylor who was in charge of the program announced that several discussions would be given on the study book, "Facing the Future in Indian Mission," by Mrs. Joe Freeman, Mrs. B. Ehlert, Mrs. Vance Porter, Mrs. W. E. Davant and Mrs. Frazier of which was most interesting. Mrs. Paris Smith then closed the meeting for the social hour.

At which time the luncheon, consisting of chicken a la king in patties, with cream peas, potato chips. pear salad, hot rolls, iced tea and strawberry cake was served on lace-laid trays, centered with baskets of sweetheart roses, at individual tables.

After the luncheon, the members then viewed the Indian display which was most interesting and entertaining, especially so with Mrs. Smith and Miss Fay Carr explaining each item. Miss Carr further entertained the class with a story about her father who was an Indian war veteran. The meeting was then closed by the class benediction.

The members attending this meeting were Brother and Mrs. A. J. McCary and Mesdames O. H. Gusman, Helen Wilkinson, Dora Dienst, Schaeffer, W. E. Gaedecke, S. E. Hager, S. Oliver, Paris Smith, F. S. Taylor, W. F. Tetts, Pat Thompson, Joe Freeman, Vance Porter, P. E. Lee, P. G. Secrest, Frank Thompson, Frank Carr, W. E. Davant, B. Ehlert, Meschkat, R. Bussell, Fred Mielsch, H. C. Ellis, W. E. DeWeese, D. E. Cates, Tony Carr, Crawford Barnett and E. M. Williamson.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 27, 1933


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