Hawley Newspaper Columns

Hawley Newspaper Columns



North winds and local showers makes the weather very hot and oppressive.

Zack Partain, a popular young merchant of Beeville, is visiting his sister, Mrs. Keeling.

The Hawley sporting club is going to have a panther and cat hunt next Friday night. All requested to meet at the bridge at sundown.

Mr. Vineyard, of Wharton, is down trying to buy beeves of J. E. Pierce.

Judge Barber, of Bay City, was in our city one day this week.

J. E. Peareson, the rustler, went to El Campo and back the same day after a load of freight for H. E. Moore.

J. E. Pierce went to El Campo Wednesday for a plumber to repair the pipe works of his residence.

F. Cornelius has just returned from Kansas City where he took a bunch of beeves which brought him a handsome price.

Mrs. Lee Bronaugh and Misses Jessie, Odeil and Loil Logan are visiting Mrs. H. E. Moore this week.

Tom Blair, of Caranchua, was over shopping this week.

The families of Messrs. Nolan Keller and T. J. Poole, Miss Julia Cornelius and others, boarded the Empress last week for a few days outing on the bay.

Mrs. Will Bell and Miss May Wheeler have returned from Colorado county, where they have been visiting Mr. Bell's father.

Jeff and Oce Bundick were over Wednesday trading.

Messrs. Hughes, White and Downer of Cash's Creek, went to Bay City on Monday for the purpose of organizing a new school in their neighborhood.

Messrs. Will Wheeler and Ernest Dawdy have bought out the store and gin of T. J. Poole.

J. P. Pierce is having the steamer Vaquero remodeled and fitted out to ply regularly between Hawley and Port Lavaca.

Hawley is soon to have a handsome Masonic hall and modern college building.

An exclusive hardware store is contemplated starting here soon.


Weekly Visitor, July 21, 1899

H. E. Moore
Matagorda County Tribune, December 2, 1899


(Too late for last week.)


The farmers are plowing out their crops and some are cutting and shocking their old corn that was blown down, in order to save it from rotting.

The mosquitoes are quite bad now, tormenting the farmers who have to work in their fields and the stock terribly.

There was quite a large attendance out at the Baptist church Sunday. The Baptists are going to hold a protracted meeting at the church, beginning Saturday before the first Sunday in August.

John Gibson, the popular artist is with us again shopping at J. E. Pierce's.

Quite a number of couples of young people, from Caranchua and Green's Branch, were over to church Sunday.

J. E. Pierce and J. L. Logan left a few days ago for Beaumont, and on account of the Brazos River flood couldn't get there and had to return Sunday. They stated that the river was 18 miles wide at Richmond.

Jimmie Bruce and Johnnie Wheeler, of Matagorda, are over visiting friends and relatives.

The first mail for nearly a week from the east, came in Monday. Everyone was eager to get their papers to learn the news.

J. P. Pierce and machinist Garrod of Houston, were up from Johnson City Sunday.

Mrs. C. D. Bruce came up from Cash's Creek Monday, where she has been in attendance upon her father, Grandpa Yeamans, who has been quite sick. She spent the night with Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Scott leaving Tuesday morning for her home in Matagorda.

Hawley has organized a prayer meeting to preceed the Baptist meeting. It will meet every Thursday night.

There is some little sickness now. The Dr. says he thinks, and hopes that there will be more.*

[*Either the Dr. needed some business or they forgot to insert no before more!] Widower

Weekly Visitor, July 21, 1899



By Shaker.

J. W. Keller was in for the mail.

Mrs. T. W. Blair was in town shopping.

Miss Sallie Rowls was over for the mail.

Will Bell has been sick for the past week.

Jim Fleury was here on his way home from Bay City.

J. W. Queen, from Carancahua, came in with cotton.

W. M. Kuykendall and lady were in from their ranch.

R. Gill Kuykendall was in the city buying cottonseed.

J. S. Phillips, of Cash's Creek, was in the city shopping.

W. H. Glenn, from Carancahua, was in town this week.

Scott Yeamans has accepted a position with H. E. Moore.

An ice cream supper was given at Mr. Pool's last Monday night.

Mrs. B. A. Yeaman's, of Cash's Creek, was in town shopping Monday.

Mrs. Will McSparran and two daughters were in this week shopping.

C. E. Smith, Geo. Duffy, and Ernest Smith were in from on the creek.

Mrs. Will Bell and Miss Mary Wheeler were in town shopping.

Dr. Scott was called over on the river to see Theo. Bundick who was sick.

Miss Kate Blair came over to see Dr. Scott to get a poisoned hand treated.

Will Wheeler came to town Monday to buy a plug of Lucy Hinton tobacco.

J. I. Phelps was in from Cash's Creek. He said things looked well in his vicinity.

Wm. Downer, Mr. Huse and B. F. Hodges were in the city from Cash's Creek.

Dr. Scott was called to Ashby to see Dr. Moore who was suffering from a sore foot.

T. E. Partain passed through this week on his way to Cash's Creek to look for some fat cattle.

W. T. Blair was in from Carancahua. Tommie says he will make more cotton than he will pick.

W. A. Gaither, from Carancahua, was in the city and said he was not ready to leave the county yet.

J. D. Moore, of Bay City, and J. Phillips, from Matagorda, were in the city this week on business.

Wm. Harris, was over from Carancahua. He has been employed to run the engine in J. P. Pierce's absence.

There was a social on Cash's Creek at J. S. Phillip's on Friday night and everyone seemed to have had a fine time.

Judge Hamilton was over from Bay City on business pertaining to the different schools on this side of the river.

H. F. Moore and family went to Carancahua Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Moore's father, Capt. Logan.

T. W. Blair, A. H. Wiley, Misses Kate Blair, and Lettie McFarland, of Carancahua, were in the city Monday shopping.

D. Baxter, of Trespalacios, J. W. Nicholson, of Ashby, and S. T. White and J. S. Phillips, of Cash's Creek were in town this week.

J. E. Pierce left for Galveston Sunday. Mrs. Scott went with him as far as El Campo where she expects to have some dental work done.

J. E. Pierce sold and delivered 520 fine steers to Capt. Borden, of Galveston. Wiley Pearson came out to receive them. They will be shipped to Cuba.

F. G. Miller passed through town this week on his way to Carancahua to look at some oats raised by some of the Blairs. He thinks that small grain will do well here.

Rev. Callaway preached here Sunday morning, and went to Carancahua to preach in the evening and at night. Why is it that more can not come out to church here?

J. J. Thompson and family passed through town Monday on their way to Montgomery. We hate to see such men leave this county. But it was hard on some of the young men. One had fever all night and another gave up just as they passed Hawley and had to have the Doctor prescribe for him. How was it with you Fred?

Matagorda County Tribune, September 9, 1899



Trespalacios school began to-day.

J. E. Pierce went to Galveston last week.    

A social was given at C. E. Smith's Wednesday night.

Mr. Rowls and daughter, Sarah, visited El Campo last week.

Freddie Powell, of Houston , spent Christmas with the homefolks.

J. H. Logan spent several days last week in Edna with his little girls.

William Harris, from Caranchua, was trading in Hawley New Year's.

Miss Katie Deck, from the east side, spent Christmas with Mrs. T. E. Partain.

The dance at E. E. Dawdy's Friday night was enjoyed by all present.

W. M. Downer and family of Cash's creek visited Hawley friends New Year's.

Mr. Hughes went to El Campo for the school teachers Saturday returning Sunday.

The dance given at Joseph Pybus' Wednesday night proved quite an enjoyable affair.

Next Sunday is Rev. Calloway's day to preach at Hawley. Let everybody try and attend.

Quite a number of Hawley's young folks attended the social at Mr. Phillips' New Year's night.

Joe Lothridge, of Columbus , returned home to-day having spent several days visiting friends here.

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is here, let everyone begin it with good resolutions.

Quite a crowd of young folks from Hawley and Ashby gathered at Mr. Baxter's Friday night and played games 'till they began to get sleepy.

J. L. Herman, brother of Mrs. Rowls, left Thursday for Muscogee, I. T., where he will spend the winter. Mr. Herman expresses himself as being much pleased with Matagorda county and her people.

 (Too late for last week.)

Fine weather, at last.

J. R. Rowls hauled cotton to the gin Friday.

James Keller spent Christmas day with Mr. Poole.

August Duffy returned Saturday from Port Lavaca.

J. L. Pybus and C. C. Mason went to El Campo Thursday.

J. F. Garnett, of Victoria , is visiting his son, Jed, of this place.

Mrs. Joseph Pybus and son, Fred, were in town Friday shopping.

J. R. Rowls and family spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Dawdy.

Mrs. George Duffy and little daughter, Annie, visited here Saturday.

Mr. Downer was up from Cash's creek one day this week trading.

H. E. Moore and family attended the Christmas tree at Caranchua.

Quite a number of Hawley's young people attended the Christmas tree at Ashby.

Schooner J. E. Pierce came in this week loaded with corn for our merchant H. E. Moore.

John and Orille LeCompt, from the mouth of the creek, were in town this week shopping.

The leading feature of the week was a social given at Mr. and Mrs. McSparran's. All present report having spent a very pleasant evening.

Mr. J. Herman and niece, Miss Sarah Rowls, are visiting Mrs. P. R. Dawdy at her home on the Colorado river .

W. H. Wheeler passed through Saturday. Will says he won't attend the Christmas parties. Why is that girls?

Invitation are out for a dance to be at the home of Joseph Pybus, Wednesday night, December 27th. your scribe is the happy possessor of one.

Bob Murray left Thursday for the Indian Territory to look after the business affairs of his brother, Jim, who died at that place on the 19 inst.

News reached here Wednesday of the death of Jas. Murray, son of Mrs. A. Duffy of this place, which occurred in the Indian Territory . Jim was an energetic young man and a general favorite with all. The bereaved ones have our heart-felt sympathy in this, their sad hour of trouble.   ROSEBUD

Weekly Visitor, January 9, 1900




A. Smith was in for the mail Saturday.

Saturday was a busy day with our merchants.

Carl Wolf was in from the Caranchua Saturday.

George Duffy spent Sunday with the home folks.

Mr. Phelps of Cash's Creek was in town Saturday.

Mr. Downer came in twice this week with cotton.

Mr. and Mrs. McSparran visited at Trespalacios last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Cates were in Hawley Saturday shopping.

Mr. Poole of Trespalacios was up at the Hawley gin Saturday.

Mrs. Pybus and daughter, Miss Nannie, visited friends at Hawley this week.

Our Sunday school is still progressing nicely in spite of the continued bad weather.

The dance given at Mrs. Wheeler's Friday night was highly enjoyed by those present.

August Duffy is working for Mrs. Downer, who is having some new fences put up on her place.

J. H. Logan went to El Campo Thursday to meet his aunt, Mrs. Mattie Killingsworth of Edna, who will visit relatives at this place for some time.

Quite a number of our boys attended prayer meeting at Ashby Sunday night. That's right boys, we are glad to see you take such an interest in religious matters.  ROSEBUD.

Weekly Visitor, February 2, 1900



Mr. Duffy visited Mrs. Powel Monday.

Lacy Pybus passed through here today.

Mr. Fleury was over trading Wednesday.

August Duffy was in for the mail Friday.

Claud Mason attended church here Sunday.

Hamilton Rhodes was over trading Tuesday.

J. R. Rowls came in for the mail Saturday.

Steamer Vaquero came into port this week.

Dee Powel left Hawley Thursday for far west Texas.

Several bales of cotton came to the gin Saturday.

B. H. Wheeler was out buying seed corn this week.

Messrs. Hill and Poole were in trading this week.

J. W. Powell went to Cash's Creek Saturday.

Messrs. Blair and Kerts were in trading this week.

Quite a brisk norther blew up Thursday morning.

Mrs. P. R. Dawdy was in trading one day this week.

James Keller went to Tres Palacios one day this week.

Robert Murry spent Saturday night with the home folks.

Ben Hodges was up from Cash's Creek Saturday trading.

Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Dawdy spent Sunday with the home folks.

E. E. Dawdy and family spent Saturday with relatives at Hawley.

Willie Keller of Cash's Creek hauled corn through here this week.

Several of the Hawley boys attended church on the Caranchua Sunday.

]The Empress came in this week loaded with merchandise for H. E. Moore.

Road overseer J. L. Pybus and his hands put our road in fine condition this week.

Mrs. P. R. Dawdy of Ashby, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Rowles this week.

Road overseer J. E. Pierce had his hands our several days this week putting the road in order.

We are pleased to note that Miss Louise Logan, who has been sick for some time, is improving.

Brother Lively preacher here Sunday but on account of the inclemency of the weather there was not so many present as there would have been otherwise.

Willie Keller has rented his farm to Messrs. Downer and Hodges and will farm this year with his uncle, J. W. Keller. Hawley is glad to welcome him in our midst.  ROSEBUD

Weekly Visitor, February 16, 1900




J. W. Keller came in Tuesday.

Mr. Teak went to Trespalacios Saturday.

Will McSparran went to Trespalacios Friday.

Mrs. Geo. Duffy is visiting friends in El Campo.

There will be a social at Mr. Rowls Friday night.

Mr. Mason came up to Sunday school Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Keller spent Tuesday at Trespalacios.

Mr. Keller was down one evening this week shopping.

Mr. Wiley came over from the Caranchua Wednesday.

Emmet Harris was in from the Caranchua Wednesday.

Miss Grace Pierce and her friend were out driving Sunday.

J. H. Logan spent Sunday on the Caranchua. What's up?

Mr. Downer was in from Cash's creek one day this week.

Mr. Downer and daughter visited friends at Hawley Saturday.

Mrs. Downer and Miss Mary were up from Cash's creek Friday.

Mrs. Withers of Kansas City, is the guest of Miss Grace Pierce this week.

Mrs. Poole and two little daughters visited friends at Hawley Monday.

Orle and Pete Le Compte were in from Cash's creek one day this week.

Mrs. Downer and Miss Mary visited relatives here one day this week.

Mr. Williams and family passed through here Sunday en route to Ashby.

Mr. Pybus spent Sunday at Hawley. He came to our Sunday school in the evening.

Mrs. Rowls and daughter Miss Sallie, spent several days this week with Mrs. Dawdy.

Mr. Mason went to El Campo Tuesday with a load of turkeys to be shipped to New Orleans.

Willie Cornelius came up from Van Cleave camp Sunday to see the home folks and attend Sunday school.

The dance of Friday night at E. E. Dawdy's was well attended and every one expressed themselves as well pleased.

Ollie Dorsey is the guest of Ernest Smith this week, his many friends will be pleased to see him back among them once more.  ROSEBUD

Weekly Visitor, March 2, 1900




Mr. Jordan attended church here Sunday.

Miss Sarah Rowls came in for the mail Monday.

J. H. Logan went to the Caranchua Sunday night.

J. W. Keller came in for the mail Tuesday evening.

Bob Murry was on our streets several times this week.

Miss Daisy Downer was visiting friends here Friday.

Claud Mason was in Hawley Wednesday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Keller were down one evening this week.

Bob Murry spent Tuesday night in Hawley with his mother.

Mr. Hunger was up from Cash's creek Sunday on business.

C. C. Mason went to upper Hawley Sunday night. How is that?

Scott Yeamans spent Saturday night with relatives on Cash's creek.

J. L. Logan and family spent Sunday with relatives at Hawley.

Mrs. Downer and Miss Mary attended church here Sunday.

Ben Wheeler bought potatoes from Mr. Rowls one day this week.

Mrs. P. R. Dawdy spent several days this week with the home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Pierce drove down to their ranch on the bay Friday.

Quite a hail storm visited Hawley Tuesday night but did no damage.

Dr. Moore was called to Cash's creek Sunday morning professionally.

Mr. and Mrs. Keller passed through en route to Trespalacios Tuesday.

Miss Maggie Duffy came over Wednesday to do some shopping.

Mr. Poole and Mr. Mason spent Thursday and Friday in El Campo.

Ammus Powell went to Edna this week. He expects to be back before Sunday.

J. H. Logan and Dr. C. Moore went to Bay City Friday to attend the concert.

James Keller was over from Bay City Saturday and attended the Prince of Caliphs.

Two of our young men went to Ashby Sunday afternoon. What does that mean?

Miss Georgie Rich spent Saturday with her friends Misses Sallie and Lucy Rowls.

Rev. Callaway delivered an excellent sermon here Sunday to a large congregation.

Mr. Pybus' family, also Mr. Poole attended church here Sunday. We are always glad to have them attend church here.

The Prince of Caliphs met Saturday night and added two new members to their order, J. H. Logan and Dr. Moore.

Hawley can now boast of two doctors since Dr. Moore moved from Ashby. He will board with our merchant prince, H. E. Moore.

J. W. Powell was called to Cash's Creek Wednesday to perform the wedding ceremony for August Duffy and Miss Rosa Fondren. Rosebud wishes them much happiness.  ROSEBUD

Weekly Visitor, March 9, 1900



(Too late for last week.)

Mr. Keller's family are sick with measles.

Mr. Haven was in from the Caranchua Saturday.

Mrs. Powell spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Duffy.

Willie Keller was hunting up his cattle this week.

Cecil Jordan is working for H. E. Moore this week.

J. H. Logan spent Sunday in Edna with his children.

Dr. Brooks went to Trespalacios Tuesday to buy corn.

Miss Maggie Duffy came in for the mail Wednesday evening.

J. L. Pybus was in Hawley one day this week, buying yearlings.

Ollie Dorsey is breaking a young horse for Mr. Rowles this week.

Crit Wheeler was up Tuesday having some blacksmith work done.

We were glad to see so many of our Ashby friends at church here Sunday.

Mrs. Downer and Miss Mary, were in one day this week doing some shopping.
George Duffy came down from El Campo to see the home folks this week.

Mrs. George Duffy and Miss Julia Cornelius were down shopping Friday evening.

August Duffy left here Thursday night for San Antonio where he and his wife expect to live in the future.

Bob Murry passed through here Monday with about one thousand head of yearlings which he put in the seventy-one pasture.  ROSEBUD

Weekly Visitor, April 20, 1900


Hawley Items.
By Itemizer.
(Arrive too late for last week.)

R. M. Winston was over Monday on business.

Misses Kate and Mattie Blair visited Mrs. Clay Moore Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Joseph Pybus and daughter visited Mrs. Clay Moore one day this week.

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Wheeler visited H. E. Moore and family Sunday afternoon.

Drs. Clay Moore and E. E. Scott went to Wharton, via El Campo on business.

Ernest Zuca "the boss well man" was over on business with Col. J. E. Pierce the past week.

J. L. Pybus of Trespalacios will superintend the J. E. Pierce gin and mill plant the coming season.

"Get your eyes tested FREE and buy your glasses from Dr. Beard, El Campo. His prices are right.

Miss Katy Deck, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Partain for some weeks we are informed, will teach the Deming's Bridge School.

Schr. J. E. Pierce, Capt. Hicks master, rode the storm safely and came into port with merchandise for Hawley and Ashby, Monday morning.

T. W. and J. L. Blair went to Bay City Wednesday on business; returning Thursday and bringing the sad intelligence of Judge Hamilton's death.

Bro. J. J. Liveley of El Campo despite the inclement weather was on hand and preached to a small congregation Sunday morning. He was accompanied by his family.

Dr. E. E. Scott, formerly of this place who has been spending the past month on the beach is circulating amongst his many friends on this side, combining business with pleasure.

Mr. J. H. Logan returned from Edna Tuesday accompanied by Miss Theresa Sparks, who is visiting her cousin Mrs. H. E. Moore. Miss Sparks is a graduate of the Edna Normal and holds a four years state certificate. She will make application for a school in this county.

We regret to chronicle the death of Mrs. T. J. Holland which occurred at her home at 2:30 a. m. Sept. 2nd. Her remains were laid to rest in the Deming's Bridge Cemetery the following day. She leaves a husband and one son to mourn her loss, to whom the writer extends sympathy.

Dr. W. N. Brooks and lady were in town shopping Monday. The Dr. informs us he will move to Franklin, Tex. about the 29th inst to resume the practice of medicine. We regret to lose good people like Dr. and Mrs. Brooks from our neighborhood, but wish them success in their new home.

The storm of Saturday night, was the severest since the great storm of 1886. Reports say nine houses are off blocks between here and El Campo, and two blown down. We also learn that two houses were blown off blocks in the Carancahua neighborhood. We fear news of many disasters.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 21, 1900

Hawley Handshakes
By Shaker.

I wonder who it is that is looking for a good cook!

J. H. Logan and wife spent Sunday with home folks.

C. D. Wheeler and John Logan, Jr. were in the city Sunday, but missed their dinner.

Mrs. Dr. A. J. Smith of Galveston is out to spend the summer with her father, J. E. Pierce.

Well, Mr. Editor, I will try and let know the news of Hawley as long as I am in the country.

B. F. Keeling left for Beeville where he has purchased a home, and his family will soon follow.

J. C. Carrington, the county surveyor, and F. J. Hardy have been at work in this community.

Miss Dora Moore and two little nieces, Marion and Dorothy Kuykendall of Kyle, have been visiting Mrs. T. Partain.

C. D. Wheeler passed through with a nice herd of cattle which he had purchased from Watkins one day last week.

Geo. Dixon of Palacios and Gwynne Dixon of Hawley made a flying trip to El Campo. While there, George purchased a fine buggy. Wonder what next?

We hate very much to see the Keeling family take their departure from Hawley but they have our best wishes for their happiness and prosperity in their new home.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 26, 1903

Hawley Handshakes.
By Shaker.

B. F. Keeling is home again from Beeville.

A. B. Pierce has returned from Kyle and other points.

Miss Ophie Duling’s school has closed and she will leave here soon.

Jno. L. Logan of Carancahua spent the day at Hawley Saturday, the 1st.

Gwynne Dixon and many others of Hawley took a trip to Hamilton Point Saturday, August 1st.

J. H. Logan, on or about the first of September, 1908 [1903?], will open a store at the station known as Long Mott.

J. H. Logan went to Tres Palacios to receive the stamps and belongings of that postoffice, which was discontinued.

Some of the boys were not going to Palacios Sunday until it was most too late to get there, to join the crowd.

It was Saturday, the 1st of August, that we with sadness watched the goods of Hawley store pass out of sight on their way to El Campo, billed to H. E. Moore.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 7, 1903

Hawley Happenings

By Recorder.

(Arrive too late last week)

W. K. Keller was a passenger to Bay City Tuesday.

D. Garner and wife returned to Louise, Saturday.

On account of rain, Sunday, there was no Sunday School.

Darrel Jordan attended the social at J. J. Harris’s Tuesday night.

N. Keller, and son N. F., went to Bay City on business Monday.

Mrs. Will Keller and Mrs. McSparran visited on Carancahua Monday.

Mrs. Kate Warren returned to Hungerford Tuesday, via the Caney Valley R. R.

Miss Ophie Duling left Monday for her home in Bryan; much to the regret of her many friends here.

W. K. Keller went to El Campo, Thursday, and returned Friday. He was accompanied by his grand-mother, Mrs. M. A. McSparran, who will visit in his home.

Capt. N. F. Keller, Misses Nonie Keller, Ophie Duling, Sallie and Lucy Rowls, and Mrs. Rowls, formed a party who went to the bay Saturday to remain over Sunday.

H. E. Moore handles his remaining stock of Merchandise to El Campo Saturday, and we are reliably informed that Mr. Pierce will remove the old building to Long Mott to be restocked by J. H. Logan.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 14, 1903

Hawley Handshakes.

By Shaker.

We are having more rain than we care for just now.

Hay is now moving from several points on the railroad.

J. E. Pearce made a flying trip to Bay City this week.

Well, boys, how about it? Did you feel badly the next day?

Arthur Collins and Henry Taylor spent Sunday at the Partain Ranch.

J. H. Logan is at home again after a trip to Houston and other points.

If you want to know the latest, ask Gwynne; he is willing to please you.

Mrs. E. A. Dixon and son, Bradford, were in the city one day last week.

Miss Katie Deck is spending a while with her friend, Mrs. Ellen Partain.

The old stone house is about down and soon will be put up again at Long Mott.

Scott Yeamans, who has been off for several months, has returned home and was in our city one day last week.

Miss Ophie Dulling left for Bryan one day last week. Miss Ophie’s many friends were sorry to have to give her up and hope to have her back soon.

Long Mott seems to be the main point to get on and off the train. There is most of the time a hack on the ground that will take you to any point to which you wish to go.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 14, 1903

Hawley Happenings

By Recorder.

(Arrived too late for last issue.)

What is that we hear about a wedding soon?

F. Cornelius and son Young went to El Campo Friday.

Miss Annie Vaught is visiting Ashby friends this week.

Miss Katie Deck of Kyle is here on a visit to Mrs. T. E. Partain.

Kisses are sweet and lamps burn after ten in some people’s houses!

Mr. and Mrs. Lexie Morrow left Sunday for a visit to relatives at Victoria.

We notice Scott Yeamans back in the country again. “They will wander back.”

Miss Nonie Keller visited the Misses Duson at Palacios Saturday and Sunday.

Mosquitoes are quite troublesome pests at present—at least some of the young men say so!

Darrell Jordan took a load of pears from the Pybus orchard to El Campo Tuesday to sell.

W. K. Keller and Darrell Jordan went to El Campo Friday and brought down a brand new wagon.

Mrs. Mollie Huddleston returned to Markham last week, after a short visit to Mrs. Cornelius here.

We have received an invitation to a box supper at D. Baxter’s next Friday night; we hope the entertainment will be largely attended.

There were very few out to Sunday School Sunday. I wonder why some have lost interest in it. We are certainly not going to let it fall through as long as we can help it.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 21, 1903

Hawley Handshakes.

By Shaker.

Well, sure, it has been hot this month.

Gwynne Dixon went to Ashby Monday on business.

J. E. Pierce has been shipping some fine calves this month.

Miss Ella Kuykendall of Kyle is spending a while on the ranch of her uncle, John E. Pierce.

Miss Mae Wheeler of Trespalacios spent several days in Hawley, the guest of J. H. Logan and family.

R. L. Bronaugh and Alfred Wade spent Sunday night in Hawley and took the train for Matagorda.

B. F. Keeling and family left for Beeville Monday, their future home. They have our best wishes for their future.

All who owe H. E. Moore of Hawley accounts will please settle with J. H. Logan on or before Sept. 4 and save further trouble.

Mrs. E. A. Dixon and sons, Charlie and Bradford, were in Hawley Thursday and took the train Friday for West Plains, Mo. We wish them happiness in their new home, but hope to see them again soon in Texas.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 21, 1903

Hawley Happenings.

By Recorder.

G. B. Garnett went to Bay City Friday.

W. K. Keller went to Bay City Friday.

C. R. Cates went to Bay City on business Thursday.

Miss Ella Kuykendall of Kyle is visiting at Rancho Grande.

T. E. Partain and lady went to Bay City Friday, on business.

Miss Sallie Rowls is down on the Colorado visiting Mrs. P. R. Dawdy.

Miss Theresa Jordan is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. K. Keller, this week.

Misses Alma McSparran and Nonie Keller went to Palacios Sunday.

Claud Mason of El Campo is down on a visit to T. E. Partain and family.

Mrs. W. K. Keller spent Saturday night on the Carancahua, visiting her parents.

W. L. Blair of Markham was here Thursday, still looking for his lost mule.

J. L. Jordan passed through here Thursday, en route to Markham, on business.

Mrs. M. A. McSparran returned to her home at El Campo Saturday, after a visit of three weeks here.

Miss Annie Vaught has returned to her home in Waller county. All of her friends hated to tell her goodbye again.

Miss Katie Deck left last week, after a short visit at T. E. Partian’s. Miss Julia Cornelius accompanied her on her return home.

Spivey McNeil and his friend, L. Pietzsch of East Bernard, who is visiting him spent Thursday night here with friends.

We have the pleasure of recording another happy marriage this week. Mr. Murray Huddleston of Markham and Miss Beulah Mullen of this place were united on last Thursday evening. We wish the young couple the fullest measure of happiness.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 29, 1903

Hawley Handshakes.

By Shaker.

Quite a number of Hawley people went to Ashby Sunday to church.

Some day we will wander back again to our old country and the girl we left behind.

Mrs. J. H. Logan and Misses Odile and Lois Logan are in Cuero, spending a while with relatives.

Hawley will soon be a thing of the past. The name of the office will on the 1st of October be changed to Blessing.

The prospects of this old country are all right just now and she must go to the front, and we must have some good roads and bridges.

We want a warehouse at Blessing and must have something of the kind for as the nearest point for Ashby rice farmers and they want it.

The storehouse about completed at Blessing, and J. H. Logan will soon be there with the goods. Come and see, and be convinced that goods can be sold in this country as cheap as anywhere.

J. E. Pierce and his daughter, Mrs. Dr. Smith, and son Lawrence, took the train Sunday morning. Mr. Pierce went to Houston, Mrs. Smith and Master Lawrence to Galveston. Mrs. Smith will soon leave Galveston for Chicago, and from there she will go to Philadelphia, her future home.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 4, 1903

Hawley Happenings.

By Recorder.

Farmers are harvesting their corn crops.

Mrs. J. H. Logan returned from Cuero Saturday.

W. K. Keller went to Trespalacios on business Monday.

Henry Taylor of Bay City has been visiting here for the past week.

Danzy Logan of Louisiana arrived here Saturday on a visit to relatives.

Messrs. Steger and Ford Moore of Ashby were up to church Sunday.

Mrs. Townsend, who is visiting Mrs. Magee, was right sick last week.

R. G. Kuykendall of Kyle is in the community for a short visit to relatives.

J. B. Le Compte of Palacios was here Friday, buying cattle for butchering purposes.

Mrs. J. W. Powell and little children of Palacios are here on a visit to her mother, Mrs. Duffy.

Spivey McNeil and sister and Miss Lizzie Gainer, also Ernest Anderson, were over to church Sunday.

Rev. J. B. Armstrong conducted divine services at the church here Sunday. A right good crowd was in attendance.

We are informed that we are to have a school house built and a park started at Midfields right soon. Our little city is booming—quite a lot of business going on.

The ice cream supper here Friday night was a failure on account of the ice not arriving through some fault of the agent or mistake at the ice-house in Wharton, from whence it was ordered. We regretted the accident, as it was a disappointment to many; however next time we’ll know the ice is there.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 18, 1903

Hawley Happenings.

By Recorder.

Eugene Branch and Bonah came over Thursday and fixed the wind mill north of Mr. Fitzgerald’s.

Miss Maggie McIver and niece, Miss Nonie, visited the Misses Fitzgerald, Sunday.

Jim and Eddie Carroll are the guests of their cousins Misses Eva and Laura Fitzgerald.

Charley Taylor of Lexington is visiting the family of Mr. Fitzgerald.

Ben Wiley visited the Misses Fitzgerald Saturday and said that he expected to leave Monday for Taylor. We wish him much success on his journey.

Ira Fitzgerald went to El Campo Saturday.

Mr. Bard went to Ganado Sunday to visit his sister.

Charley Wiley came to church Sunday and got there just as everybody was going home. Come again Charley.

Mrs. Fitzgerald and daughter went to Midfields Saturday.

T. H. Chiver came over one day this week.

Our rushing little town is growing.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 9, 1903

Hawley Preparing For a Big Picnic
Community Affair Extends Invitation to Everybody

Hawley, Texas, July 19.--Many people will be glad to know that there will be a Sunday School picnic at Hawley again this year. Hawley used to be the head of navigation on the Tres Palacios River. Before the day of railroads through this part of the country, merchandise of all kinds was brought in by boat and unloaded at this place to be freighted in wagons to inland towns. The Hawley church 20 years ago was the scene of a big annual camp meeting where hundreds of people came to attend the services and camped out in the beautiful groves around the church during the two or three weeks of the meeting. Hawley now is a mile north of Tidehaven which is three miles east of Blessing on the Gulf Coast Lines. The Hawley picnic has been an annual event for the last 12 years with the exception of two years during the war. It has combined the features of a picnic and a convention, and being an ideal spot for both, it has been attended by hundreds of people each year.

At a meeting in Blessing Sunday afternoon for the purpose of planning the program for the Hawley picnic this year, almost 60 people were present and much interest was manifested. Sunday schools from Bay City, Gulf, Citrus Grove, Markham, Midfield, Clemville, Palacios and Blessing were represented.

After J. H. Barber of Markham had called the meeting to order, it soon became evident that the plan of former years would be inadequate for this year. Bay City brought us a very cordial invitation to hold the convention at that place. After consideration and discussion their invitation was unanimously accepted and plans set on foot to hold a big county Sunday School convention in Bay City on September 7.

At the same time the Hawley picnic could not be given up, and plans were also made to hold a county-wide Sunday School picnic at Hawley August 3. A committee was appointed to clear off the grounds and have everything in readiness for that date. Another committee was appointed whose business it is to see that there is something doing every minute of the time after the Sunday School folks arrive about 10 o'clock. A program of sports, songs, story telling and all the good times that happen at a picnic is expected. An experienced director of sports and a splendid song leader has already been secured. There will also be the picnic dinner. Of course everybody is in on that. 'Nuf said. All Sunday School folks are invited. Remember the date--Friday, August 3.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 20, 1923

S. S. Picnic at Hawley

The Hawley Annual S. S. Picnic Ass'n came together on the 3d of August, 1923, for the usual annual picnic. Many of the Sunday Schools in the county were well represented, there being approximately 300 people present.

On arriving, and following a "Get Acquainted Hour," with President J. H. Barber in the chair, the program arranged for the day was promptly carried out. A thirty minutes song service, led by Miss Hays of Palacios, was enthusiastically participated in by all who sing and enjoyed by everyone present.

Rev. Hester of Palacios conducted the devotional service in a very interesting manner. Rev. Rhea of Gulf made a motion that prevailed, namely, that in honor and respect to our beloved president, as news of whose death we deplore, we repeat in unison the pledge of allegiance to out flag and sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

After this, Rev. Crail of Midfield made a few appropriate remarks. The Booster Band from Clemville gave a very interesting and helpful Bible study drill with songs, all of which were led by Rev. Lanning. At this time the president appointed a nominating committee for the election of officers and announced that lunch would be spread out under the beautiful shade trees, where the grounds had been cleaned so nicely and ice water and tables had been provided. Here they spread the many, many good things to eat from the many, many well filled baskets and a real feast was enjoyed by all.

At 2 o'clock, we returned to the church where services opened by singing, led by Mr. J. C. Maxwell, of Markham. The next number on the program was a "story telling" period, conducted by Rev. Rhea of Gulf, who very interestingly told the story of the Bible beginning with "a long time ago, as all good stories begin."

A quartette of four little girls from Blessing who represented little "Africans," sang a little song about the missionaries.

The nominating committee reported for president Mr. Berger of Palacios and for secretary, Mrs. J. H. Barber of Markham. A motion prevailed that the nominating report be adopted.

After business adjourned, we all returned to the shade of the trees for games and contests. A very interesting game, led by Palacios, "Bible Baseball," was especially enjoyed. When these features were attested well done and prizes given everyone felt it was time to turn our faces homeward--maybe a shade of darker tan or a brighter hue of rose--but conscious of one more day well spent and hoping that more will join us in 1924 and make it even a more interesting and helpful time for all who come--for social and religious pleasures, for S. S. workers and to entertain our children on one special occasion in the year.


Matagorda County Tribune, August 10, 1923


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