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John Phillips Pierce Family
By Grace Pierce Adams


John Phillips Pierce was born at El Rancho Grande to Jonathan E. Pierce and Nannie Lacy Pierce. At the time of his marriage, they were given 10,000 acres of land and 5,000 head of cattle for a wedding gift. They built a home near Collegeport where their children were born, and lived until they moved to Oregon. To this union, six children were born. John E., Grace, Richard L., Abel H., Allen, and Walter. All of the deceased children except John E. were buried at Hawley Cemetery.


In 1909, the family returned to Palacios from Oregon, and John P Pierce entered the banking business. They built a home on East Bay and the children attended Palacios schools. This home later burned from an electrical failure, and they moved six miles north of Palacios to farm rice and ranch. Their home there also burned and they built another in that same location in 1925. This home, situated at the Pierce Ranch on the bank of Cash's Creek was still standing in 1984.

Historic Matagorda County,
Volume II, page 403


Collegeport Home


A Palatial Palacios Home
A Colonial Residence on East Bay

The palatial residence of Mr. J. P. Pierce, situated on the East Bay front, in the city has recently been completed and is now occupied by the family. Mention of this splendid building has from time to time been made in the Beacon, during the nearly six months occupied in it's construction. Impelled by the desire to see it in its completed form, a Beacon reporter on a recent date called on Mr. Pierce and was courteously received and shown through the building and about the premises. The location of this magnificent home is ideal. The premises consist of three lots facing Morton Ave. on the south, First Street on the east, and Second Street on the west, occupying nearly an entire block. Rising from near the center of this space, with the main front facing south, and another splendid front facing east, the building occupied a fine location commanding an excellent view of East Bay, Collegeport, and the surrounding country.

The building is an imposing structure built in the Colonial style. At the main front, that toward the south, there is an immense square porch of majestic appearance, supported by eight large cylindrical columns in the Ionic style of architecture. This porch is 12 feet wide and extends the entire width of the house. Mr. Pierce congratulates himself that in the one item of making the columns here he saved fully $1,200. The walls of the house also are concrete stucco three inches thick reinforced with galvanized wire. The east front is scarcely less imposing than the south. Here the porch is semi-circular in form, with a radius or width of 14 1/2 feet. This porch has five columns, similar in every respect to the eight of the south porch, thus completing the number thirteen, representative of the thirteen colonies of the American Colonial period. The main part of the building is two stores high with attic and basement. In the rear is the kitchen, one story high, with its appointments and equipment complete.

The main part of the building, excluding the porches and kitchen, rests on a solid concrete foundation 40 X 44 feet. The basement is used as a store room, wood house, etc. The first story contains the parlor, library, two magnificent halls, a chamber with bath, dining room and kitchen. The second floor has halls of same size and location as the lower floor, while chambers occupy the four corners of this floor, one of them having bath. The attic is in one large airy room, unfinished as yet, but so comfortable as to be extensively used as a sleeping place.

At the top of the roof is a large banistered deck 20 X 28 feet, which affords a most enjoyable place to sit or promenade in the evenings. On entering the house the visitor passes through the large square south porch and enters a magnificent hall 12 feet wide, and richly, not gaudily finished and furnished. Nearly half down the hall is an open columnade partition. The floor of this hall indeed the floors throughout the house, is quarter-sawed and highly waxed. A rich rug covers the center of this part of the hall. Four large comfortable chairs in the Old Mission style, invite to a restful seat. As the visitor passes through the house he finds that the Old Mission is the prevailing style of furniture. The walls are covered with a rich, dark imitation veneer paper with light paper ceiling and frescoed border. It may here be remarked that the papering is a particularly noteworthy feature of the interior finishing, it alone costing $500.

On the right as you enter the hall is the parlor, not entirely furnished as yet. On the left is the library, with a rich rug on the floor, table and chairs in Old Mission, a few choice books and periodicals occupying the table.

Passing down the hall and through the columnade partition mentioned above, the visitor comes to a seven foot hall on the right leading from the east front, previously described. Still further on the right is a chamber with bath and on the left is the dining room with heavy carved oak table and chairs to correspond. Oak beams adorn the ceiling. Forming a noteworthy feature of this floor are the doors leading to the various apartments. They are large, double sliding doors of most modern design, there being six pairs of them. All but two of the rooms in the main part of the building have large, comfortable looking fireplaces.

The stairway leading to the second floor is in the rear of the main hall. It is also quarter-sawed, waxed and stained.

Ascending this broad stairway the visitor is ushered into a magnificent hall of the same dimensions as the main hall below, while a seven foot hall leads to an east balcony and corresponds to the similarly located hall of the first floor. Speaking of balconies, there are three on this floor, one at each termination of the halls, that is, on the east, south and north, the two first named projecting under the protecting roofs of the great porches.

The four chambers of this floor and the one on the first floor are to be fitted up with rich furniture, beds, chiffoniers, etc., made by Mr. Pierce in his own shop from San Domingo mahogany. A part of this furniture is already made and in place. The material for it is cut from mahogany logs washed up on Matagorda peninsula and secured at little cost. Thus the house will be richly, yet cheaply, furnished, as there will be little outlay for the material or construction of the furniture.

The building is supplied with light and water from a private light and water plant on the place. A 600 foot artesian well furnishes all the water needed for the house and a complete system of sewerage for the premises. In a round tower at the rear of the premises is a very compact little machine combining a gasoline engine, a dynamo and a pump. By this machine, water is pumped to the water tank at the top of the tower, and the electric lights needed for the house and premises are supplied. A neat barn occupies the northeast corner of the premises.

The architect and superintendent was Mr. A. F. Swinhart of this city, a capable gentleman in his line of work. Mr. W. S. Rupe was the foreman in the construction work, and in the long months occupied in building, performed his labors faithfully and efficiently, with much credit to himself, and thorough satisfaction to Mr. Pierce. The plumbing was done by Mr. A. E. Wickham of this city, and is one of the most elegant, finest and best jobs of plumbing in the entire coast country.

This magnificent residence is a distinct ornament to Palacios and would adorn a much larger city. It makes a most commodious, comfortable, and convenient home for Mr. Pierce and estimable family.

The entire cost of the house with its furnishings, the lots, well and all outside improvements was $17,000.

Palacios Beacon, date unknown

Pierce Residence Burned
Handsomest Home in Palacios Destroyed by Fire Last Night

One of Palacios' most attractive ornaments and beauty spots is this morning a heap of ashes and wreckage. The palatial East Bay home of Mr. J. P. Pierce, president of the State Guaranty Bank, was totally destroyed by fire last night, entailing a great loss not only to Mr. Pierce, but to Palacios as well, as this was one of the special attractions of the city which our people delight to show visitors.

The fire was not discovered until near ten o'clock, but must have been gaining headway on the interior for some time, as the first knowledge of the fire was when it burst through the kitchen roof with a loud explosion.

The origin of the fire is not known, but it evidently started in the kitchen. None of the family were at home, and the house was locked. Mrs. Pierce was in Bay City, Mr. Pierce and the smaller children were out at the ranch and...[lower portion of the paper missing]

Palacios Beacon, November 6, 1914

$25,000 Fire at Palacios
Fine Residence of J. P. Pierce Entirely Destroyed

Palacios, Texas, November 5.--The $25,000 residence of J. P. Pierce was totally destroyed by fire tonight, at 10 o'clock. Nothing was saved from the house, but some insurance was carried. The fire was discovered shortly before 10 o'clock and nothing could be done by the fire department. The residence was the finest in Palacios and was located on the east bay front. Mr. Pierce is president of the Palacios State Bank and Trust company.

Houston Post, November 6, 1914

Mr. John Phillips Pierce Passes Away at El Campo

Mr. John Phillips Pierce, age 70 years, 4 months and 25 days, died at the El Campo Hospital, Sunday, April 30 at 3 a. m.

Mr. Pierce, son of the pioneer, John Pierce, is survived by his wife, of Palacios, one daughter, Mrs. W. L. Scarborough of Kenedy, Texas and four sons, Richard Lacy, A. H., J. E. and W. W. all of Palacios. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Grace Heffelfinger, and one brother, A. B. Pierce of Blessing. Another sister, Mrs. Pearl Pierce Smith, preceded him in death just a few weeks.

The services, under the direction of Masonic Lodge of Palacios, with Taylor Bros., in charge of the funeral were held Monday afternoon at 3:30 at Hawley Cemetery

The Daily Tribune, May 1, 1939

John Phillips Pierce

Mr. John Phillips Pierce, a son of Jonathan Edwards Pierce who came to Texas from Rhode Island and was one of the county's pioneer citizens, passed away in the El Campo hospital, Sunday, April 30, aged 70 years, 4 months and 25 days.

The body was brought to the family home north of Palacios and taken from there to Hawley cemetery at 3:30 p. m. Monday where burial was made with the impressive funeral service of the Masonic Lodge, under the direction of the Palacios Funeral Home.

Besides his wife, he is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W. L. Scarborough, of Kenedy; four sons, Richard Lacy, A. H., J. E., and W. W. Pierce, all of Palacios, one sister, Mrs. Grace Heffelfinger, of Minneapolis, and one brother A. B. Pierce, of Blessing. Another sister, Mrs. Pearl Smith preceded him in death, April 14, 1939.

Palacios Beacon, May 4, 1939

Final Services Held Dec. 29 For Mrs. Mary Louise Keller Pierce

Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Louise Keller Pierce were held at the Taylor Brothers Funeral Chapel in Bay City, Friday, December 29 at 1 p. m. with Mr. David Mills officiating. Interment was in Hawley Cemetery

A native of Matagorda County and a resident of the Palacios area for more than 70 years, she was born October 12, 1870 and died December 27, 1961 in the Matagorda General Hospital in Bay City following an extended illness.

She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. W. T. Scarborough of Kenedy; three sons, John Edward, Abel H. and W. W. Pierce of Palacios and one brother, W. K. Keller of Midfield, a half sister, Mrs. Nona Barber of Bay City.

The Daily Tribune, January 4, 1962



John Edward Pierce
July 30, 1893 Palacios, Matagorda County, Texas - October 11, 1976 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Celestine "Sallie" Reyna Pierce
April 6, 1936 Texas - May 10, 1977 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas




Grace Pierce Scarborough - Hawley Cemetery


Wednesday afternoon at half past one o’clock in the Presbyterian church at Blessing, occurred the marriage of Miss Grace Harriet Pierce to Mr. William Terry Scarborough.

The church was artistically and elaborately decorated with ivy and a profusion of large and small white chrysanthemums.

To the beautiful and inspiring strains of the Lohengrin Wedding March, played by Miss Norine Gardner, the charming bride entered on the arm of her father who gave her in marriage. The groom, attended by Mr. Richard Pierce, awaited them at the chancel, where Dr. M. M. Wolf in his most pleasing manner, using the beautiful impressive ring ceremony, solemnized the marriage vows. May love and faithfulness be the ties that bind them for life and may their mutual devotion increase with time.

The ceremony, which was witnessed only by relatives and a very few intimate friends of the family, was followed by a reception and luncheon at the Hotel Blessing, where the spacious rooms were bowers of pink roses.

The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pierce and was lovely in a going–away gown of dark blue with a large picture hat of black velvet. Her corsage boquet was of the lilies of the valley. Mrs. Scarborough has grown to young womanhood in this neighborhood and her friends are limited only by her acquaintances.

Mr. Scarborough, whose home is in Runge, is a young man of pleasing appearance and seems qualified in every way to make the bride of his choice happy.

These young people left on the afternoon train for New Orleans and other southern cities where they will spend a few weeks before going to their future home in Runge. The Beacon joins their host of friends in wishing them long life and happiness.

Palacios Beacon, November 17, 1916



Richard Lacy Pierce - Hawley Cemetery



Abel H. Pierce Family
By Grace Pierce Adams

Abel H
. Pierce was born to Jonathan Phillips Pierce and Mary Louise Keller Pierce in 1899, near Collegeport and Palacios. He attended Palacios schools and later Haverford School in Pennsylvania. He returned to Palacios where he met Stella M. Yeatts, daughter of Edward and Sally Yeatts, farmers near Palacios. She had just finished music school in Chicago. They were married in 1920, and always lived near Cash's Creek on the Pierce Ranch. To this union four children were born. Abel, Jr., Grace Pearl, Jonathan E., and Donald Y. Many people remembered visiting the ranch and swimming, camping, and fishing there while the children were growing up. Abel was a boat builder, carpenter, and rancher He once owned a boat shop in Palacios which was destroyed by hurricane Carla.

Stella taught music for many years in Palacios. Abel died in 1983, and Stella continued to live in their home on the Pierce Ranch. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Palacios, the Wednesday Club, and Past Matron of the Eastern Star

Abel H Pierce, Jr , and his wife, Peggy, built a home on the Pierce Ranch, and he was a contractor whose work took him to large projects all over Texas.

Grace Pearl first married Edward Potter Botsford who died in an airplane crash in Pennsylvania while serving in the Army Air Forces. Grace later remarried and lived in Tyler, Texas, with her husband, Walter Adams, a retired banker They had four children, and in 1984, all were married and lived in New York, Maryland, and Texas.

Jonathan E. lived in New Orleans with his wife, Elsie, where he was a petroleum engineer with Texaco Oil Company They had four children, all living in Texas.

Donald Y. and his wife, Helen, lived in Tulsa after a tour of overseas duty with an oil company They had three children living in Texas, Arkansas, and Chicago, Illinois.

Historic Matagorda County, Volume II, page 403, 1984

Abel H. Pierce, Sr.

Services will be held for Abel H. Pierce, Sr., 83, of Palacios, 3 p. m. Saturday at the First Baptist Church.

Officiating at the services will be the Rev. Ronnie Floyd.

Pierce died May 5, 1983 at ...

Survivors include wife, Stella Pierce of Palacios; daughter, Mrs. Grace Adams of Tyler; sons, Abel H. Pierce, Jr. of Palacios, John E. Pierce of Kerrer, La., Donald Y. Pierce of Hong Kong; 14 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren.

Pierce was a member of the First Baptist Church and Masonic Lodge 990 Palacios.

Burial will follow services at Hawley Cemetery.

Pallbearers include John Roy Pierce, John E. Pierce Jr., Luke Pierce, Walter Adams Jr., Dennis Pierce and Jay Pierce.

In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the First Baptist Church Building Fund.

Arrangements with Taylor Brothers Funeral Home.

Daily Tribune, May, 1983

Stella Yeatts Pierce

Funeral services for Stella Y. Pierce, 85, of Tyler, were held at 1 p. m. today at First Baptist Church, Palacios, with the Rev. Jay Gross officiating. Burial was in Hawley Cemetery, Blessing.

Mrs. Pierce was born Oct. 5, 1899, in Nevada, Texas, and died Jan. 25, 1985, in a Tyler hospital following a lengthy illness.

She was a retired school teacher and a matron of the Order of Eastern Star.

Survivors include three sons, Abel Pierce of Palacios, John Pierce of New Orleans, La., and Donald Pierce of Tulsa, Okla.; one daughter, Mrs. Walter H. Adams of Tyler; one brother, Cecil Yeatts of Meadow, Texas; two sisters, Jane Wade of Brownsville and Lois Yeatts of Lubbock; 14 grandchildren; and several great-grandchildren.

The Daily Tribune, January, 1985



Mr. A. H. Pierce and Miss Stella M. Yates were married today noon at the Baptist parsonage, Rev. T. V. Herndon performing the ceremony. The young people are from Palacios where they expect to make their home.                           

Matagorda County Tribune, January 23, 1920



Funeral services for Abel "Bink" Pierce, 81, of Palacios, were held 2 p.m. Monday, June 17, 2002 at the First Presbyterian Church in Palacios. The Rev. Andy Blair officiated, followed by interment in Hawley Cemetery, near Blessing.

Mr. Pierce was born Nov. 26, 1920 in Galveston to the late Abel Head and Stella Yeatts Pierce, Sr. He died June 14 at Matagorda General Hospital in Bay City.

A veteran of World War II, serving in the U.S. Navy, he was a member of the Queen-Hamlin VFW Post #2467, Palacios Masonic Lodge #990 AF & AM, the Scottish Rite Temple and Palacios First Presbyterian Church. He was a retired carpenter and former building inspector for the City of Palacios.

During his tenure as building inspector, he wrote a building safety column for the Palacios Beacon. The column later became the 'Wandering Column' which ran for several years.

Survivors include the widow, Peggy Jean Pierce of Palacios; one daughter, Martha Pierce of Alva, Fla; one son, Warren Pierce of Palacios; one sister, Grace Adams of Alvin; one brother, John E. Pierce of Kenner, La.; six grandchildren, Leona Graeber of Orlando, Fla., Trey Tomas and Michelle Lodds of Mobile, Ala., Donald Pierce and Sandy Jensen of California and Patricia Pierce all of Salt Lake City, Utah; and 10 great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by two sons, John Roy Pierce and Michael A. Pierce; and a brother, Donald Y. Pierce.

Pallbearers were Luke, Dennis, Jay and Lee Hall Pierce, Trey Pierce Tomas and Walter Adams. Honorary pallbearers were members of VFW Post #2467 and Masonic Lodge #990. Arrangements were with Palacios Funeral Home.

Memorials may be made to the Palacios Masonic Lodge #990 Scholarship Fund, P. O. Box 695, Palacios, Tex. 77465.

Palacios Beacon, June 19, 2002

John Roy Pierce

Funeral services for John Roy Pierce, 42, of Palacios, will be held 2 p. m. Tuesday at Palacios Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Doug Blanton officiating. Burial will be in Hawley Cemetery, Blessing.

Mr. Pierce was born Nov. 7, 1942, to Abel H. and Lucille Wilkerson Pierce Jr. in Freeport, and died July 27, 1985, at his residence.

He was a member of the Presbyterian church.

Survivors include his father, Abel H. Pierce Jr. of Palacios; his mother, Lucille W. Coulter of Angleton; a daughter, Sandra Pierce of Norwalk, Calif., two sons, Donald Pierce of Norwalk, Calif, and John Roy Edes of Mission Viejo, Calif.; a sister, Martha Graeber of Patrick’s Air Force Base, Fla.; and a brother, Warren Edward Pierce of Heilbronn, West Germany.

Arrangements are with Taylor Brothers Funeral Home, Palacios.

The Daily Tribune, July, 1985



Grace Pierce Adams, widow of the late Walter H. Adams Jr., of Tyler, returned to Heaven on Friday, April 27, 2012, in Arlington.

Mrs. Adams resided in Tyler for more than 50 years. She was the daughter of Stella and Abel Pierce, of Palacios. She was a beloved wife and mother of four children. She leaves on earth her children, Dr. Anne Botsford-Puretz, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; Margaret M. Adams, of Fort Myers, Fla.; Walter H. Adams, of Mansfield; Priscilla Adams Goode, of Houston; seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren; and a brother, John Pierce of Katy. She loved family, cooking, gardening and beautiful music. After retiring from ETMC, Grace lived in Florida and studied creative writing, authoring short stories and a book.

Visitation is at Lloyd James Funeral Home, Tyler, 6 to 8 p.m. Monday. Funeral services are 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 1, 2012, at the funeral home.

Published in Tyler Morning Telegraph on April 29, 2012


Johnathon Edward Pierce

(January 28, 1925 - April 7, 2015)

Johnathon Edward Pierce left us to be with our Lord on April 7, 2015. John was the 3rd child born to Abel H. and Stella Yeatts Pierce on the Pierce Ranch near Palacios, Texas. He was born January 28, 1925. John chose to celebrate his birthday on the 28th, since he was born around midnight in his country home and his parents were not quite sure if his birthday was the 28th or the 29th. John grew up hunting, fishing, riding horses, and enjoying other outdoor activities. John believed his childhood was an "ideal" way for a boy to grow up.

John graduated from Palacios High School in Palacios, Texas, at age 17, in 1942 and worked with his Dad after graduation. On June 29, 1943, he was drafted into the army. During World War II, John was in the 149th Engineer Combat Battalion of the 6th Engineer Special Brigade. His outfit landed on Normandy at Omaha Beach, Easy Green Sector, on June 6, 1944 at D-Day plus one hour. All of the officers aboard his landing craft were lost before they could get off the craft. Casualties were 20% in John's outfit. Under heavy barrage from the Germans who were in pillboxes and fortifications atop the cliffs, it took two days before his regrouped outfit could reach the top of the cliffs. After Normandy, John was involved in the Battle of the Bulge and other significant battles as he moved through the Rhineland and Central European campaigns. After the war ended, the army transported him as far as Tyler, Texas where he received his discharge papers on Christmas Eve, 1945. There were no phones at his home near Palacios. He took a bus to Houston, then to Wharton, where he arrived 3:00 AM on Christmas day. Using all of his disbursement pay ($217.73) he paid a taxi cab to drive him to his family's cattle guard near Palacios and walked about a mile to his front door, arriving at 5:00 AM Christmas morning. When John's mother heard the front door open on Christmas morning, she " knew it was Johnny!" She always said that was the best Christmas ever.

John married Elsie M. Brokmeyer of New Ulm, Texas on July 27, 1946. Elsie had previously been engaged to John's close friend, Oscar Wofford, who was killed in hedgerow fighting in Normandy. While attending the University of Houston with his GI bill, John sold hats at Montgomery Ward downtown. He graduated with a degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1950 and began his career with Tidewater, which became Getty Oil Company and finally Texaco. He worked in Cayuga, Texas, Kilgore, Texas, Houston, Texas, Lafayette, Louisiana, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Next, he became District Production Manager in Midland, Texas. Back in New Orleans again, he became District Exploration and Production Manager. He spent a few years in Tulsa and retired from Texaco in New Orleans in 1987. He was a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and a member of the Lutheran Church. He remained in New Orleans until 2007 when he relocated to Katy, Texas.

John enjoyed playing golf with his friends, visiting friends and family and taking his grandchildren to the park, zoo, and other attractions in New Orleans. John was well liked because of his positive attitude and good nature. No matter what happened, John always persevered in the belief that "things will get better." If he "could survive Omaha Beach," he believed he could "get through anything."

John is preceded in death by his wife Elsie Brokmeyer, son John Jr., his parents, Abel H. and Stella Pierce, his brother Abel H.Pierce, sister Grace Pearl Adams and brother Donald Pierce.

He is survived by his son John Jr.'s wife Kristen and husband Lester Keith of Tyler, Texas, daughter Penny and husband Robert Neese of Boerne, Texas, daughter Nancy and husband Chris Dibler of Richmond, Texas, and son Luke Pierce and wife, Maria of Richardson, Texas. He is survived by 9 grandchildren: Ruth and her husband, Jake Anderson, Aimee and her husband Michael Carpenter, Rebecca and her husband, Robert Alexander, Robert Neese, Jr., Jonathan Neese and his wife Kandis, Joshua Dibler, Melissa and her husband Daniel Meza, Jr., Angela Pierce, and Andrew Pierce and his wife Brittney. He is also survived by 8 great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers are Robert Neese, Jr., Jonathan Neese, Joshua Dibler, Andrew Pierce, Jake Anderson, Robert Alexander, Michael Carpenter, Daniel Meza, Jr., and Lehron Brune. Honorary pallbearers are Walter Adams, Warren Pierce, Dennis Pierce, Jay Pierce, Layne Hoppe, Albert Hoppe, Ronald Brune, James Brokmeyer, and Randy Brokmeyer.

Special hymns during the service are sung by Ronald Brune and Brenda Tonn, nephew and niece of John Pierce.

Visitation will be 5-7 PM on Thursday, April 9, 2015, at Garmany and Carden Funeral Directors Chapel, 1201 Fourth Street, Rosenberg, Texas 77471. Services will be held 11:00 AM Friday, April 10, 2015, at the First Baptist Church, 202 Main Street, Palacios, Texas 77465, with Rev. Dale Leland officiating. Immediately following the service, graveside services will be held at Hawley Cemetery near Blessing, Texas, in Matagorda County.

Memorials may be made to: Texas Lutheran University, Development Office, John E. Pierce, Jr. Scholarship Fund, 1000 West Court Street, Seguin, Texas, 78155 or the charity of your choice.

Condolence messages may be written for the Pierce family at www.garmanycarden.com.

Services are under the direction of Garmany & Carden Funeral Directors, 1201 Fourth Street, Rosenberg, Texas 77471 (281-342-4671).



Elsie Minnie Elizabeth Brokmeyer Pierce
(December 28, 1922 - February 1, 2014)

Elsie Minnie Elizabeth Brokmeyer Pierce went to be with our Lord February 1, 2014. Elsie was one of four children. She was born in New Ulm, Texas, on December 28, 1922 to Ernst and Amalia Brokmeyer.

Elsie graduated from Columbus High School, Columbus, Texas. She also attended business school in Houston where she worked for the WKM company.

Elsie was engaged to be married and her fiancé was killed during World War II. John Edward Pierce, the best friend of her fiancé, wrote to inform Elsie of his death. After the death of her fiancé, John and Elsie corresponded while he was overseas in the service. Elsie married John in New Ulm, Texas on July 27, 1946. At the time of her death, they were married 67 years.

As John’s work in the oil industry required traveling and relocations, Elsie kept busy with raising their four children. She enjoyed volunteer work, oil painting, and church activities. It was important to her that her family attend and be active in church. They lived in Tyler, Houston and Midland, as well as New Orleans and Carencro, Louisiana. They also lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After the children were grown, Elsie became a realtor in New Orleans. She excelled in real estate sales and always went the extra mile in helping her clients. She enjoyed working in real estate with her best friend, Mary Ellen Buccola, of New Orleans.

She is preceded in death by her son John Jr., her infant twin sister, Irene Brokmeyer, her infant sister Felicia Brokmeyer, her parents, Ernst and Amalia Brokmeyer, her brother, Isedore Brokmeyer, sister Nancie Hoppe, and her sister Gladys Brune.

Elsie is survived by her son John Jr.’s wife Kristen and husband Lester Keith of Tyler, Texas, daughter Penny and husband Robert Neese of Boerne, Texas, daughter Nancy and husband Chris Dibler of Richmond, Texas, and son Luke Pierce and wife, Maria of Richardson, Texas. She is survived by 9 grandchildren: Ruth and her husband, Jake Anderson, Aimee and her husband Michael Carpenter, Rebecca and her husband, Robert Alexander, Robert Neese, Jr., Jonathan Neese and his wife, Kandis, Joshua Dibler, Melissa and her husband Daniel Meza, Angela Pierce, and Andrew Pierce and his wife Britteny. She is also survived by 7 great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers are: Robert Neese, Jr., Jonathan Neese, Joshua Dibler, Andrew Pierce, Lehron Brune, and Chris Hoppe. Honorary pallbearers are Layne Hoppe, Albert Hoppe, and Ronald Brune.

Visitation will be 5- 7:00 PM Monday, February 3, 2014, at Garmany & Carden Funeral Directors Chapel, 1201 Fourth Street, Rosenberg, TX 77471.

Graveside services will be held at Hawley Cemetery near Blessing, Texas, in Matagorda County, at 10 AM on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. Elsie’s husband, John, grew up on their family ranch between Blessing and Palacios. A memorial service will be held at a later date at St. John Lutheran Church in New Ulm, Texas, near where Elsie grew up.

Memorials may be made to: St. John Lutheran Church, P. O Box 1270, New Ulm, Texas 78950, or Texas Lutheran University, Development Office, John E. Pierce, Jr. Scholarship Fund, 1000 West Court Street, Seguin, Texas 78155.

Condolence messages may be written for the Pierce family at www.garmanycarden.com.

Services are under the direction of Garmany & Carden Funeral Directors, 1201 Fourth Street, Rosenberg, Texas 77471 (281-342-4671).



Donald Yeatts Pierce

Funeral services for Donald Yeatts Pierce, 65, of Garrison, are scheduled for 2 p. m. Saturday, Aug. 13, 1994, at First Presbyterian Church in Palacios with the Rev. Doug Blanton officiating. Burial will follow in the Hawley Cemetery in Blessing.

Mr. Pierce was born April 4, 1929, in Palacios, to Abel Head and Stella Muriel Yeatts Pierce and died Aug. 10, 1994, in Garrison.

A retired accountant from Amaco Oil, he was a veteran of the U. S. Air Force, a resident of Palacios for the past 10 years and a member of the Presbyterian Church in Palacios and a member of the V.F.W. Post 2467 in Palacios.

Survivors include his wife, Helen Pierce of Garrison; a daughter, Robin Leanne Stevensen of Chicago, Ill.; two sons, Dennis Edward Pierce of Pine Hurst and Jay Abel Pierce of Sugarland; a sister, Grace Adams of Tyler; two brothers, Abel Pierce of Palacios and John Edward Pierce of Kenner, La. and 11 grandchildren.

Arrangements are with Taylor Bros. Funeral Home of Palacios

The Daily Tribune, August 11 or 12, 1994

Helen Louise Pierce

Helen Louise Pierce, age 71, passed away Monday, August 21, 2000. She was born November 24, 1928 in Lewisville, Arkansas to Herman and Dulcie Jones. Mrs. Pierce was a devoted and loving wife, mother, grandmother, and friend, who will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. During her lifetime she was actively involved as a literacy volunteer, and founded and directed programs in Matagorda County. Mrs. Pierce was preceded in death by her husband of 44 years. Donald Y. Pierce. She is survived by her daughter, Robin Stevinson and husband Dave; sons, Dennis Pierce and wife Debbie, and Jay Pierce and wife Peggy; sister, Billie Smith and husband Bill; brother, Don Jones and wife Lola; eighteen grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. Friends are invited to visitation with the family from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM Thursday, August 24, 2000 in the Chapel of The Settegast-Kopf Co. at Sugar Creek (Williams Trace Exit), with a Funeral Service to follow at 7:00 PM. Graveside Services will be held at 10:00 AM Friday, August 24, 2000 at Hawley Cemetery
, in Blessing, Texas.

Newspaper and date unknown



Allen Pierce Dies From Poisoning
Live Oak Farm Man Takes Own Life.

Allen Pierce, age 33, died this morning at the Loos Hospital where he was carried yesterday morning suffering from lysol poisoning. The young man drank half a bottle of lysol, locked himself in a small house on the premises and set fire to the building. C. L. Rogers, bus driver for the Bowen Lines, saw the burning building and stopped to render aid. It was then that Mrs. Pierce missed her husband and told Mr. Rogers that he must be in the building. Mr. Rogers broke into a window, forced himself in and carried Mr. Pierce from the burning structure, placed him in the bus and brought him to the Loos Hospital.

The young man died this morning. He is survived by his wife.

Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon from the family residence at Live Oak Farm.

The Matagorda County Tribune, February 28, 1935


The marriage of Miss Ruby Chamblee to Mr. Allen Pierce occurred Wednesday morning in Bay City. Mr. and Mrs. Pierce will take a bridal trip of several days, returning later to Palacios to make their home.

Miss Chamblee is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chamblee of this city, and Mr. Pierce is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Pierce.  The young couple have a legion of friends who extend congratulations and good wishes on life’s journey.

Palacios Beacon, August 15, 1929

20 Years Ago - 1936

Mrs. Ruby Pierce and Joe Edge were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chamblee.

Palacios Beacon, December 27, 1956



William Walter Pierce

Funeral services for William Walter Pierce were held Thursday, October 4, at 2 p. m. at the Palacios Funeral Home with the Rev. Leon Maxwell officiating. Interment was in Hawley Cemetery.

Son of the late John P. and Louise Keller Pierce, he was born September 25, 1903, in Houston. A life long resident of Matagorda County, he passed away Tuesday, October 2 at his home on Route 1. He was a retired farmer and rancher.

Survivors include one sister, Mrs. Grace Pierce Scarborough of Kennedy, Tex.; and two brothers, John E. Pierce of San Antonio and Abel H. Pierce,  Sr. of Palacios.

Palacios Beacon, October 11, 1973



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