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Jessie P. Chastun Family
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Front Row: George Marion (Sonny) Walker, Billy Gernand, Woodrow Gernand, Vera Walker, Marrion Katherine Hanson, Rose Ellen Hanson.

Middle Row:  Mildred Walker, Rosalie Gernand, Jessie P. Chastun, in front of Jessie, Marion DeRoche, Mary Jane Chastun holding Georgia DeRoche, Anton Hanson holding John Henry Hanson, Mitte D. Hanson holding Sina Jane Hanson.
Back Row:  Fred Gernand, Agnes Gernand holding Walter Marion Gernand, Clyde ReRoche, Fred Jay Gernand, Marguerite DeRoche, George Walker, Mary Walker holding Lucille Walker, James Patrick Henry Chastun, Marie Agnes Gernand.  December 1925.

Jessie P. & Mary Jane Paull Chastun


Jessie P. Chastun Family

Jessie P. Chastun came to Texas in early 1880 and found work on the Railroad.

In 1884, he married Mary Jane Paull a young English emigrant, at the Peach Creek Section House, between Wharton and Hungerford. At that time the railroad was known as the New York, Texas, and Mexican Railway, and it ran from Rosenberg and Victoria.


When Jessie and Mary Jane Chastuns first child Mittie Dillard was born in 1886, they were living at the Section House in Kempner, Lampasas County and Jessie was working for the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway. While he continued working in Kempner a son James Patrick Henry Chastun was born in 1889 in Sealy, while Mary Jane attended her father's funeral.


By 1900, Jessie and Mary Jane were living in Goliad County, at the Fannin Section house and they had three more girls, Agnes Sarah, Mary Beatrice, and Jessie Harriett.


On November 12, 1904; Jessie P. Chastun and wife Mary Jane Chastun bought 99-3/4 acres of farm land, from Eliza Kempner. This became the home place for the Chastuns and their family from then on. This plot was the Northwest corner of the Austin Perry League, and a portion that was inherited by Moses Austin Bryan who inherited his land from his mother Emily Austin Perry. Mr. Bryan was one of three sons of Emily Austin Perry who divided this league after their motherís death. One can only speculate that Jessie was involved in the construction of the railroad spur from Wharton to Van Vleck, about the time that the New York, Texas and Mexican Railway and Southern Pacific merged. How else would Jessie found such a remote area from Goliad County? In 1904, the Chastun Family was the only white family living in Ashwood.


Jessie and Mary Jane had four more children born in Ashwood. Marguerite Rosalie in 1902, Thomas Joseph in 1909, Marion Paull in 1907 and Jessie Lucille in 1911.


Jessie Harriett died as an infant at Fannin and was buried in Victoria. Thomas and Jessie Lucille died as infants and were buried in the family cemetery established next to there home in Ashwood.

Marion Paull would live to be 14 years of age before her unfortunate death, a horse riding accident, took her life and it was decided to bury her at Cedarvale Cemetery in Bay City, Matagorda County, Texas. 


The remaining children were raised in Ashwood and married either there or in Bay City. Mittie married Anton Hansen, Agnes married Fred Gernand, James married Ann Muth, Mary married George Walker and Marguerite married Clyde DeRoche. James would later move to Bryan, Texas and Marguerite to Bay City. The other three girls lived in Ashwood the remainder of their lives.


Jessie Chastun died in Ashwood, 1 December 1936 and Mary Jane died 14 December 1938 after a brief illness in the Wharton Hospital. Both are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery in Bay City, Texas.

Photo courtesy of Faye Cunningham

James Henry Chastun

Funeral Services For World War I Vet Are Held Here


Funeral services for James H. Chastun, 58, a World War I veteran, were held at the Holy Cross Church with Father J. C. Martin officiating.


Mr. Chastun volunteered in the Navy in Galveston in 1917 and was discharged at the close of the war in 1918. He and Miss Georgia Boshov of Galveston were married in 1917; she died in 1932.


Mr. Chastun made his home in Bryan and later married Miss Ann Mute of Bryan. Mr. Chastun is survived by a son, James Edward, and a daughter, Mary Ann; four sisters, Mrs. Mutee [Mittie] Hanson, Mrs. Agnes Gernand, Mrs. Mary Walker and Ashwood, and Mrs. Marguerite DeRoch, and a number of nieces and nephews.


The body was brought here for burial in Cedarvale Cemetery, where his father and mother are buried. Matchett-Newman was in charge of arrangements.

Daily Tribune?, March 11, 1948

Marion Paul Chastun


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