Bay City, Matagorda  County, Texas


Collected by

Kenneth L. Thames

Post Historian

Philip H. Parker VFW Post 2438


        December  31, 2007, Updated November 6, 2009, Updated August 13, 2017

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In Memoriam

Baby Girl Unknown

February 15, 1960


It may have been cold on that February afternoon when they found her small lifeless body in the dry canal bed.  There was no one who knew her, no one to care, no one to offer a prayer.  She was gently wrapped and placed in a small casket, then taken to the County Burial Ground - there she was laid to rest. Over fifty years have passed since that terrible afternoon, and now even the location of the tiny grave that she lies in, is unknown.


 In pace requiescat





Located at the
main entrance
to the cemetery.



Located at the main entrance
to the cemetery.


Oldest Marked Grave


The oldest marked grave at Cedarvale Cemetery belongs to John Lawson Matthews, who was born July 21, 1890 and died August 25, 1891 at the age of 1 year, 1 month and 4 days.  He was the son of Sallie Lawson Matthews (b 3 -13 -1867 d 5 - 8 - 1953) and Jesse Matthews (b 4 - 13 - 1864 d 11 - 12 - 1930).  They are buried next to him in Section 4A,  Block 142.  Master Matthews was buried at another location* and then moved at an unknown date to Cedarvale Cemetery after it was established in 1896.


*It is most likely John Lawson was originally buried in the family plot at the Caney-Matthews Cemetery east of Bay City, and when Judge Matthews died and was buried at Cedarvale the family moved his remains be near his family.



Confederate Group Marker


A group marker was dedicated on May 3rd, 1997 for nine Confederate soldiers who are buried in lost graves at Cedarvale Cemetery.  They are Lieutenant Archelaus C. Craft who died in 1912, and Privates Evander Hubbard, died 1903; George W. Lewis, died 1903; William R. Lewis, died 1903; Felding S. Presley, died 1911; John W. Roach, died 1902; H. L. Wilson, died 1919; Fountain Winston, died 1902 and William O. Woffard, died 1903. On the back of the marker is written: Confederate Soldiers from Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri,  Mississippi, Texas and Virginia whose final resting places in this cemetery are known but to God.  A cast iron Confederate Cross of Honor was placed at the foot of the grave.  The property was donated by Kenneth L. Thames and gift deeded to the E. S. Rugeley Chapter No. 542, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Bay City, Texas.  The marker is located in Section 2, Block 78.



Battle of Palmetto Ranch


Dr. Christopher Harris "Kit" Williams (1838-1916), originally entered the Confederate Army as a Captain. He resigned his commission due to difficulties back home, then later rejoined the Confederate Army as a 1st Lieutenant and was attached to Captain Jones' Light Artillery. This unit was one of several that participated in the Battle of Palmetto Ranch, near Brownsville, Texas on May 12 - 13, 1865.  This was the last battle of the Civil War, which ironically the Confederates won.  His father, Colonel Robert H. Williams, as a member of Stephen F. Austin’s “Old Three Hundred”, was one of the first white settlers in Matagorda County.  Dr. Williams was also the first white baby born in Matagorda County and a citizen of the Republic of Texas. Dr. Williams is buried in Section 1, Block 29.



Bay City's First Baby

Merlin Arthur Vogelsang was born to Nicholas M. and Myrtle [Collins] Vogelsang on October 30, 1895. He holds the distinction of being the first baby to be born in the new town of Bay City. His mother and father were married in 1894 in Bay City, and his father was among the organizers who were responsible for getting the county seat moved from Matagorda to Bay City in 1894. Merlin served in the US Army during World War I. At the time of his death on November 8, 1967, at the age of 72, he was employed with the Hunt Tool Company. He is buried next to his parents in Section 1, Block 26.


Texas House of Representatives


Mr. John A. Huebner, Sr., (1897 - 1964), served in the Texas House of Representatives in 1957, and in 1959 - 1962.  He and his wife, Molley, are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery Section 6, Block 29.


Grandfather Alamo Physician/Messenger - Cousin Alamo Defender

John Sutherland’s grandfather, Dr. John Sutherland, Jr. (1792-1867) moved to San Antonio in 1835; there the Alamo garrison hired his medical services.  He was injured in a fall from a horse and could not fight, so Col William B. Travis sent him to bring help from Gonzales.  Dr. Sutherland returned with a contingent of men only to see the funeral pyres; among the dead was William DePriest Sutherland (1818-1836) the seventeen year old son of his brother George. John Sutherland (1864–1965) and his wife Estelle Anderson Sutherland (1864–1933) are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery in Section 2 Block 59.

First Professional Nurse in Matagorda County

Miss Genevieve Sharpless (1892-1971) a professional nurse, who was born in New Jersey, accompanied Dr. Claude P. Jones, MD, to Bay City in 1913 with the idea of staying three months to help establish a hospital in town. She remained in Bay City for the rest of her life, and married Dr. Albert S. Morton, MD at Millville, New Jersey on12 July 1917.  In addition to being the first professional nurse in the county, she was the only nurse in the county’s first hospital.  She and her husband Dr. Morton are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery in Section 1, Block 39.


Earliest Military Service


Mr. John Lee was born May 17, 1828 in Union District, South Carolina and died September 9th, 1907 in Bay City.  He is buried at Cedarvale Cemetery,  Section 1, Block 18.


Mr. Lee served in the United States Army during the Mexican War between 1846 and 1848 on the border between Texas and Mexico.


Captain E. S. Rugeley Chapter No. 542 United Daughters of the Confederacy


The local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was chartered in 1901.  Mrs. Elizabeth Elmore Rugeley (1846 - 1923), wife of Henry Lowndes “HL” Rugeley, was elected the first president, and she retained that office for 21 years until her death in 1923.  She and her husband, Henry, are buried in Section 1, Block 11 of Cedarvale Cemetery.


Founding Fathers


Mr. Nicholas M. “N. M.” Vogelsang (1870 - 1934) one of two men considered to be the founding fathers of Bay City (Mr. Guilford M. Magill being the other) is buried in Section 1, Block 26 of Cedarvale Cemetery.  From The Daily Tribune, December 20, 1934: “In 1894 he (Mr. Vogelsang) in company with Mr. G. M. Magill, now of Houston, came to Matagorda County, started a little newspaper (Bay City Breeze) in the vicinity of this now beautiful little city and began a county-wide campaign for the removal of the county seat from Matagorda to Bay City.  This campaign was highly successful, whereupon Vogelsang, Magill and Klipstein bought of D. P. Moore 300 acres more or less West of Ave. G, and approximately 500 acres from the Bay Prairie Cattle Company, and laid out the town of Bay City, giving the place the name it has after its location, Bay Prairie.”  Mr. Vogelsang was also involved in banking, milling, town building and many other civic enterprises.  Mr. Magill (1862 - 1938) is also buried in Section 1, Block 10 of Cedarvale Cemetery.


Prisoners of War


There are three identified former Prisoners of War buried at Cedarvale Cemetery.  Mr. F. L. Nelson, (1911 - 1987), is buried in Section 9, Block 70.  Mr. Gerald W. Rowland, (1918 - 2007), is buried in Section 9, Block 400.  Mr. Burnett J. Schulz, (1923 - 1995), is buried in Section 9, Block 87.  All three men were prisoners of Nazi Germany in WWII.


Bay City’s First Postmaster


Mr. Joseph D. Moore (1863 - 1946) served as Bay City’s first Postmaster from 1894 to 1898. He and his wife, Susan, are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery, Section 4, Block 119.


Oldest Birth Year


The oldest identified birth year in Cedarvale Cemetery  is 1825.  Mrs. Sarah Gordon was born November 14, 1825, and died aged 82, on February 7, 1908.  She is buried in Section 1, Block 23.  Mrs. Louisa (Grandma) Schrader was also born in 1825 in Germany, and died at the age of 88, c. January 17, 1913.  She is buried in Section 2, Block 43.


John Quincy Adams became the 6th US president in 1825 - Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president in 1908 and William Howard Taft was the 27th president in 1913 - Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated on March 4, 1913.


The oldest identified birth year in Eastview Cemetery is 1843.  Mr. Ben Lewis was born January 23, 1843 and died age 72, on October 28, 1915.  He is buried in Section A-1. 


John Tyler was the 10th President of the United States in 1843.



Great-Great Niece of Patrick Henry
Mrs. Helen Dabney Smith (1844-1911), wife of Dr. Bat Smith (1845-1916) was maternally a great-great niece of Patrick Henry, and was also a descendent of Sir Alexander Spottswood, the Colonial Governor of Virginia.  Mrs. Smith was a member of the E. S. Rugeley Chapter, UDC, of Bay City. At the time of her death her casket was draped with a Confederate flag for her burial services. She is buried in an unmarked grave beside her husband in Sec. 1, Block 29.

Bay City Rotary Club


The Bay City Rotary Club was established in Bay City on February 7, 1924 with Dr. Sam R. Sholars, DDS (1885 - 1974) elected as the club’s first president.  He was also instrumental in getting the Rotary Club started in Bay City.  He and his wife, Annie, are buried in Section 4-A, Block 165 of Cedarvale Cemetery.


Citizen of the Republic of Texas 1845


There are four known citizens of the Republic of Texas buried at Cedarvale Cemetery:


Mr. Johann Conrad Franz (1831 - 1904) and his family arrived in Texas in 1845.  He married Miss Demis Mariah Baxter on May 16, 1856. Demis was born in Matagorda County on April 3, 1838.  Both are Citizens of the Republic of Texas.  They are buried in Section 1, Block 2.


Mr. John Wesley Mc Mahan, a Sergeant Major in the Confederate States Army, was born September 3, 1845 in Richmond, Texas and died May 21, 1916 in Bay City.  He was born a citizen of the Republic of Texas in 1845, served in McMahan’s Battery of Artillery during the Civil War and was a retired Methodist minister. He is buried in Section 4, Block 109.


Dr. Christopher Harris Williams - see Battle of Palmeto Ranch entry.

Texas officially entered United States statehood on December 29, 1845, when President James K. Polk signed the Texas Admissions Act.


Old County Potters Field


On February 10th, 1904 Mr. D. P. Moore sold to Matagorda County ½ acre of land to be used for a Potters Field (a Potters Field was used for indigent burials).  County Judge Jesse Matthews purchased the property for $50.00 on behalf of the county.


The Potters Field or County Cemetery is located on the East side of the cemetery, across the road from Sections 4A, 1, 2 & 3.  No records were maintained by the county or by the Cedarvale Cemetery Association that would indicate where an indigent individual was buried in the Potters Field. The Matagorda County Genealogical Society inventoried the burials in Cedarvale Cemetery and also in the County Cemetery between 1991 and 1994.  It was determined at that time there were over 100 lost graves in the County Cemetery.  The County Cemetery was closed to all future burials in 1993.


Present at Appomattox 1865


Mr. Benjamin H. Hubbard, a Private in the Confederate States Army, was born in 1849 and died in 1926.  He served in Company B, 44th Alabama Infantry, enlisting at the age of 15. He was present at General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, Virginia on April 9, 1865.  He is buried at Cedarvale Cemetery,  Section 3, Block 104.



Pilot Club of Bay City


The Pilot Club of Bay City was organized November 22, 1950.  The first president of the organization was Mrs. Bernice Milner (1899 - 1984), wife of Mr. Joe Milner.  She and Joe, her husband, are buried in Section 5, Block 22 of Cedarvale Cemetery.


Highest Military Award


Master Sergeant Mike C. Pena, born November 6, 1924, died September 5, 1950 in Korea. MSGT Pena was attached to the 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division. He was cited for leading a counter attack on September 4, 1950 near Waegwan, Korea, that regained lost positions. When ammunition ran low he ordered his men back, then alone covered their withdrawal with a machine gun. He held off attacking "Reds" until early the next morning when his position was overrun and he was killed. He was posthumously awarded the U. S. Army Distinguished Service Cross for his gallantry. On March 18, 2014 this award was superseded, and MSGT Pena was awarded the Medal of Honor.He is buried in Cedarvale Cemetery, Section 8, Block 25.


Mr. Hartman A. Soli, born June 14, 1919, died October 9, 2000.  Lt. Hartman Soli was attached to Air Group 7 aboard the USS Hancock CV-19 during WWII.  He piloted a Grumman Hellcat.  He was credited with shooting down two Japanese aircraft.  During the second battle of the Philippine Sea he damaged a Japanese cruiser with rocket hits and 50 caliber machine gun fire.  In addition he helped destroy two cargo ships and a destroyer escort and participated in numerous attacks on such targets as Nausei Shoto, the Philippines, Formosa and the China Sea area.  He flew a total of 42 combat sorties.  He was awarded the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism and two Air Medals in June 1945. He and his wife, Fay, are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery, Section 9, Block 7.


Bay City Public Library


The Bay City Public Library originated in 1912.  The first librarian on record was Mrs. Josephine E. Williams (1893 - 1972), wife of Mr. Talbot A. “TA” Williams.  She and her husband, Talbot, are buried in Section 6, Block 50 of Cedarvale Cemetery.


Carillon Bell Tower


The beautiful carillon bell tower was donated to Cedarvale Cemetery through the benevolence of Mr. William H. Frontz, Jr. and his wife Jeanette in 1996 in memory of their beloved children Leigh Ann (6-1-1975 / 4-14-1990) and William Wesley (3-9-1978 / 3-16-1996). 


The tower is forty feet in height and the state of the art control system has a 99 year clock that automatically adjusts for seasonal time changes, a battery back-up and is programmable.  It can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the cemetery.


Union Soldiers 

Three Union Soldiers have been identified at Cedarvale Cemetery.  Mr. Theron Francis Carr was born on April 25, 1842 at Cedarvale, Herkimer County, New York.  He died on January 1, 1929 in Bay City.  Mr. Carr served as a Private in Company Q, 8th Volunteer Minnesota Cavalry.  He and his wife Harriett are buried in Section 4, Block 111.

Mr. Isaac S. Large was born on November 9, 1830 at Lawrence, Marion County, Indiana.  He died on November 20, 1916 in Bay City.  Mr. Large served as a Principal Musician in Company A, 21st Iowa Infantry Regiment.  He and his wife Hannah are buried in Section 2, Block 66 in unmarked graves.


Mr. James William Huntington Miller was born October 11, 1847 at New York City, New York.  He died on November 2, 1921 in Bay City.  Mr. Miller served as a Union Army Drummer Boy during the Civil War;  it is unknown to which military unit he was attached. He and his wife Jennie Lorena Freeman Miller are buried in Section 3, Block 94.

Bay City Masonic Lodge No. 865, A. F. & A. M.


The Bay City Masonic Lodge was organized in 1902 with Judge W. C. Carpenter (1857 - 1934) elected as the first Worshipful Master.  He is buried in Section 1, Block 20 of Cedarvale Cemetery.




Centenarians are those people who have attained the age of 100 or more. These are the centenarians who have been identified to date and are buried at Cedarvale and Eastview Cemeteries.








Geneva Edison Abbage 15 Mar 1888 02 Sep 1996 108 EV  
Wilma Kathryn Bickham 04 Jan 1905 26 Jul 2005 100 CV Sec 5 Blk 30

Cynthia C. “Callie” Blaylock

13 Jan 1897

29 Apr 1998



Sec 1 Blk 31

Kathryan “Kate” Calhoun

24 Apr 1882

09 Nov 1982



Sec 6 Blk 45

Masedonio Carrio

12 Sep 1849

02 Jun 1956



Sec 8 Blk 10

Ora M. Cash

02 Jun 1868

13 Oct 1971



Sec 1 Blk 11

Leatha Burdett Collins 09 Oct 1906 25 May 2009 102 EV Sec B-1
Ann Gillett Cox 03 Jun 1893 18 Aug 1993 100 CV Sec 4A Blk 166

Leona Lee Dykes

14 Oct 1875

30 Dec 1978



Sec C-2

Anna Rugeley Gartrell

10 Jul 1876

13 Feb 1977



Sec 2 Blk 44

Mary Agusta Glaze 18 Nov 1900 08 Oct 2005 104 CV Sec 6 Blk 46

Curtis G. Hamill

24 Jun 1872

01 Mar 1973



Sec 4A Blk 157

Cody Davis Harkless 30 Jan 1910 25 Apr 2011 101 EV Sec C-2
Mary Jane Hill Horn 29 Sep 1899 30 Sep 2001 103 CV Sec 2 Blk 60

Pauline Huebner

21 Aug 1894

23 Mar 1996



Sec 6 Blk 29

Nellie G. Jesse

06 Dec 1887

16 May 1988



Sec 2 Blk 68

Sallie Johnson 1822 15 May 1930 108 EV  

Victoria A. McElrath

14 Jun 1861

30 Dec 1962



Sec 4 Blk 120

Roy Eugene McGlaun 11 Sep 1912 11 Nov 2012 100 CV Sec 9 Blk 23
Julian Mendoza 22 Jun 1839 12 Oct 1940 101 CV Unknown
Lela Ethel Newton Milstead 08 Feb 1892 12 Jan 1994 101 CV Sec 6 Blk 17
Otilia Hernandez Mora 24 Apr 1913 28 May 2013 100 CV Sec 7 Bls 19

Edna Mangum Long Muller

07 Aug 1902

20 Feb 2005



Sec 6 Blk 32

Rose Langham Newman

25 Feb 1907

21 Jul 2009



Sec 6 Blk 56

Frieda Martha "Smokie" Kettler Oliver 29 Dec 1898 09 Jan 1999 100 CV Sec 9 Blk 55

Hilario Perez

06 Nov 1857

21 Aug 1961



Sec 8 Blk 23

Nicholas Perez

27 Mar 1862

28 Sep 1963



Sec 8 Blk 22

Romula Reyes

12 Feb 1861

07 May 1863



Sec 8 Blk 21

Cora Mae Anderson Sears 18 Apr 1898 23 May 2000 102 CV Sec 9 Blk 11
Lenore Hall Simons 30 Jan 1911 28 Jul 2014 103 CV Sec 1 Blk 40
Alva Lee Stanford

30 Sep 1905

18 Dec 2006


CV Sec 5 Blk 23

Vevi Stevens

27 Oct 1906

03 Dec 2006



Sec 6 Blk 64

John Sutherland

23 Jun 1864

26 Jun 1965



Sec 2 Blk 59

Ella Hawkins Taylor

16 Sep 1886

20 Feb 1988



Sec 2 Blk 80

Margaret Times

30 Apr 1891

15 Aug 1995



Sec C-2

Edgar B. Wells

28 Jun 1885

30 Mar 1991



Sec 3 Blk 81

Nellie White c1848 31 Jan 1956 107 EV  


Gold Star Mothers Ceremony


The first Gold Star Mothers ceremony was held in Cedarvale Cemetery on Sunday, September 28, 2003 at the grave of GSM Allie H. Parker, mother of Captain Philip H. Parker.  Six living Gold Star Mothers were honored and twenty-two deceased Gold Star Mothers were also recognized.  A reception was held at the VFW Post Home after the ceremony.  There were over 120 people who attended the ceremony.


Matagorda County’s Oldest Gold Star Mothers


At 102 years of age, Mrs. Edna E. [Mangum] {Long} Muller was one of two of the oldest Gold Star Mothers from Matagorda County.  Her son, Gunners Mate 3rd Class William F. “Billy” Long, was Killed In Action onboard the USS Pennsylvania (BB 38) during the Marshall Islands Campaign on February 11, 1944.  She died on February 20, 2005 and is buried between her first husband, Jacob H. Long, and her son, Billy, at Cedarvale Cemetery Section 6, Block 32.


Mrs. Alice Clara [Quinney] Hardy, who died at the age of 106, holds the distinction of being the oldest Gold Star Mother from Matagorda County. She also lost her son, Private First Class John Jasper Hardy (June 6, 1917 - August 1, 1945), US Army as a result of a plane crash. She is buried at Ashby Cemetery.


Luminaria Ceremony


The first Memorial Day Weekend Luminaria Ceremony was held on Saturday May 29, 2004 from 8:00PM to 11:00PM in Cedarvale and Eastview Cemeteries.  Luminaries were placed on each veteran’s grave to serve as a reminder of the sacrifices these men and women made for this great Nation of ours during times of peace and times of war.  Taps was played each half hour during the evening.  There were 794 luminaries used in Cedarvale and 214 in Eastview for a total of 1008 luminaries.



African American Monument Maker
Mr. Lawyer Patterson, Jr. (March 28, 1912 - February 2, 1993) created affordable hand-crafted concrete cemetery markers in his garage for use in African American cemeteries.  His custom made markers stand over hundreds of graves in Matagorda County.  Many excellent examples may be seen in Eastview Cemetery, and their distinctive style make them easy to recognize.  Mr. Patterson is buried at Matagorda Cemetery near his Father.


Bay City Study Club


Mrs. Matilda Moseley Rugeley ( 1899 - 1981) was elected in 1947 as the first president of the Bay City Study Club.  She and her husband, William W., are buried in Section 1, Block 20 of Cedarvale Cemetery.


Founder of Girls Softball in Bay City


Ira Elton “Jack” Rice (1907 - 1992) was one of the founders of the Girls Softball Association of Bay City.  Rice Field, on the corner of Grace Street and Ave. M, was named in his honor.  He and his wife, Rena, are buried in Section 7, Block 19 of Cedarvale Cemetery.


Born in Matagorda County Jail

Mary Frank Burnell nee Mary Frank Carr (November 21, 1921 - August 31, 1996) was the grand daughter of Sheriff Frank Carr and the daughter of Thorton Tony Francis and Mildred Walker Carr.  She was born in the Sheriffs apartment in the jail - the only child ever born in the Matagorda County Jail.  Source: Historic Matagorda County, Vol. II. She and her husband William are buried in Section 4A, Block 147, Cedarvale Cemetery.

Killed In Action




Killed In Action implies a military person was engaged in combat and was killed by a belligerent enemy force.  There are fourteen known KIA’s buried at Cedarvale Cemetery:

PVT Ralph G. Chavez USA

01/05/1921 - 02/29/1944

Age: 23   KIA: Italy

Row 11, Section 3

PFC Rafael Rodriguez USA

11/01/1924 - 01/29/1945

Age: 20   KIA: Philippines

Row 11, Section 3

PVT Frank Robles USA

10/10/1923 - 05/23/1944

Age: 20   KIA: Italy

Row 11, Section 3

SSGT Manuel Gusman USA

07/01/1921 - 08/04/1944

Age: 23   KIA: France

Row 5, Section 3

SSGT William N. Foster USAAF

06/11/1917 - 11/14/1943

Age: 26   KIA: Libya

Block 85, Section 3

TEC5 Terril Pierce USA

04/05/1912 - 04/-2/1943

Age: 30   KIA: North Africa

Block 115, Section 4

1st LT Lawrence Howell McGinnes USAAF

04/15/1924 - 04/10/1945

Age: 20   KIA: Over Germany

Block 118, Section 4

PVT Oscar S. Wofford USA

03/02/1925 - 07/26/1944

Age: 20    KIA: France

Block 126, Section 4

PFC Frank Levi Swinford III USMC

01/05/1948 - 09/06/1967

Age: 19 KIA: Vietnam

Block 5, Section 9


CAPT Philip H. Parker USAAF

03/28/1920 - 03/23/1945

Age: 24    KIA: Over China

 Block 37, Section 6


GM3 William Frank Long USN

07/08/1925 - 02/11/1944

Age: 18    KIA: Marshall Is. Campaign

Block 32, Section 6

SP4 Paul R. Lozano USA

08/08/1949 - 05/13/1968

Age: 18    KIA: Vietnam

  Block 11, Section 8

MSGT Mike Castaneda Pena USA

11/06/1924 - 09/05/1950

Age: 25    KIA: Korea

Block 25, Section 8

PFC Ruben Cuellar Rodriguez USMC

01/10/1931 - 03/17/1951

Age: 20    KIA: Korea

 Block 9, Section 8


There are two known KIA’s buried in Eastview Cemetery:


CPL George C. Woods, Jr. USA
02/23/1926 - 02-09-1951
Age: 24   KIA: Korea
Section B-1
PFC Joseph R. Hilliard USA
03/28/1939 - 11/17/1965
Age: 26    KIA: Vietnam
Section C-1


Mayors of Bay City

Of the eighteen former Mayors of Bay City (as of 2017), ten are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery.




Mr. William O. Boney

1904 - 1907

Section 2, Block 60

Mr. John Sutherland

1907 - 1915 & 1917 - 1919

Section 2, Block 48

Mr. Max G. Klein

1915 - 1917

Section 2, Block 61

Mr. Pat Thompson

1923 - 1931

Section 6, Block 52

Mr. J. C. Lewis


Section 3, Block 94

Mr. Walter C. Lloyd

1937 - 1941

Section 2, Block 46

Mr. Richard C. Gusman

1947 - 1979

Section 4A, Block 166

Mr. Glen I. White

1981 - 1985

Section 9, Block 22

Mrs. Tommy Z. LeTulle

1989 - 1992

Section 6, Block 6

Charles Martinez, Jr. 1992 - 2004        Section 10

Bay City Mayors Shot

PVT Ralph G. Chavez USA                                  

Three Bay City Mayors have been shot while in office:


1) Mayor John Sutherland, while working in his garden, was struck in the side of his head by a 22 caliber stray bullet on June 20, 1912. There were some boys doing target practice on a levee nearby and it was felt that was the origin of the bullet. He was "rushed" to Houston by train, where the bullet was found and extracted from behind his right ear. Mayor Sutherland lived to be over 100 years old at the time of his death in 1965. He and his wife are buried in Section 2, Block 59.


2) Mayor Max G. Klein, who was elected Mayor in 1915, was killed in a gunfight which he started on April 7, 1917, while attempting to collect a $3.00 past due water bill. He and his wife, Mamie, are buried in Section 2, Block 61.


3) Mayor Richard C. Gusman, was shot twice on November 23, 1968 while in Houston. He was escorting his friend, Mrs. Belle Dunn, back to her residence when they were accosted by an armed robber. Mayor Gusman pulled Mrs. Dunn behind him to protect her, at which time the assailant fired twice hitting him once in the abdomen and once in the leg, before fleeing the scene. Mayor Gusman survived the attack. He and his wife, Florence, are buried in Section 4A, Block 166



Female Mayor


The first and only woman to serve as Mayor of Bay City was Mrs. Tommy Zell LeTulle.  She served as Mayor from 1989 to 1992.  She is buried next to her husband Mr. Burton B. LeTulle in Section 6, Block 6.


Mayor Emeritus


Mr. Richard C. Gusman held the longest tenure of any Mayor of Bay City, serving from 1947 to 1979.  After his retirement he was honored with the title of Mayor Emeritus.  He is the only mayor in the United States to be so honored.


Educator, Librarian, Genealogist, Historian, Civic Leader, Author, Church Layman & Patriot

Mrs. Mary Belle Richeson McAllister Ingram, July 9, 1916 - April 23, 2010) taught school for thirty years and after retiring in 1978, was active in the Matagorda County Museum, the Matagorda County Historical Commission, the MCGS, the DAR, UDC and the Landmark Commission.  She received the Texas Historical Commission Award of Excellence in Preserving History in 1991 and the Ruth Lester Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003. She authored Listen to the Bell (1979), 110 Years of Methodism, History of First United Methodist Church of Bay City, Texas (1980) and Canebrake Settlements (2006).  She was also book chairman and chief compiler of Historic Matagorda County, a two volume history published in 1986. She was a friend to all who knew her, a wife and mother and grandmother.  She is buried in Cedarvale Cemetery Sec. 1, Block 9 next to her first husband, Harman Jerome Mac McAllister who was also an educator and superintendent of BCISD at the time of his death.

Bay City’s First Eagle Scout


Mr. Hudson W. Castleton (June 7, 1916 - April 14, 1979) was Bay City’s first Boy Scout to be advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout.  He attained the rank in 1933.  He is buried in Section 6, Block 4.



Matagorda County Sheriff


There are ten former Matagorda County Sheriffs buried at Cedarvale Cemetery:



Mr. Johann Conrad Franz

1872 - 1874

Section 1, Block 2

Mr. Frank Rugeley

1874 - 1879 & 1911 - 1914

Section 2, Block 44

Mr. Alphonso I. Rugeley

1895 - 1899

Section 1, Block 10

Mr. James M. Sims

1901 - 1907

Section 1, Block 40

Mr. Amos Allen Lee

1907 - 1911

Section 3, Block 92

Mr. Bert Carr

1914 - 1920

Section 2, Block 79

Mr. Frank C. Carr

1920 - 1924

Section 2, Block 79

Mr. Joe Mangum*

1924 - 1931

Section 4A, Block 146

Mr. Harris Milner

1932 - 1942

Section 5, Block 22

Mr. Russell E. "Edge" Graham

1968 - 1977

Section 9, Block 470

*Died in office on July 7, 1931 due to injuries received in an off duty auto accident.



World War II, Korea and Vietnam


There is one identified veteran in Cedarvale Cemetery who served in World War II, Korea & Vietnam:


Vorris G. Phillips




Mr. Phillips is buried in Section 9, Block 343.


The Bay City Lions Club


The Bay City Lions Club was awarded its first charter in Bay City on May 15, 1929.  The first president of the organization was Pettus Gordon “PG” Secrest (1880 - 1939).  He and his wife, Ora, are buried in Section 4, Block 120 of Cedarvale Cemetery.



The Cut Tree Monument


The cut tree monuments were erected by the Woodmen of the World (WOW), a fraternal insurance company founded in 1883.  Early WOW certificates provided for a death and monument benefit.  Gravestones were originally furnished to members free of charge and later were offered only to those who purchased a $100 rider to their certificates.  WOW monuments vary greatly in size and shape.  Some resemble a tree stump, others a stack of cut wood.  There are elaborate hand-carved monuments and simple stone markers.  All of the markers bear the logo of the WOW, with the society’s motto “Dum, Tacet Clamat” which in Latin means “Though silent, he speaks”. Other symbolisms include the tree stump itself with its cut-off branches, indicating ended life, clinging ivy for steadfastness, memory and faithfulness and the lily at the bottom signifying life sprung anew - eternal life.  Many of the monuments stand four to five feet high.  In the 1920's the WOW stopped providing stone markers when the cost became prohibitive.  For many years after that, members and lodges arranged for markers and monuments on their own. There are numerous conventional style monuments that bear the WOW logo in the cemetery.  Impressive cut tree and stacked log monuments may be found in Sections 1, 2 and 3.


Capture of Indian Chief Geronimo


Born in Tennessee in 1850,  Dr. John W. Reed came to Texas in 1872.  A cowboy in the West Texas hills, he is said to have helped track down Indian Chief Geronimo.  He practiced medicine in Medina and Frio Counties, then moved to Colorado County in 1894.  He served as a railroad physician and served in the Medical Corps in World War I.  He came to Bay City and Matagorda County soon after Bay City was founded in 1894.  He died in 1942 and was buried at Cedarvale Cemetery in Section 4, Block 141.  His wife Fannie was buried next to him in 1951.


Davy Crockett’s Grandson


Mr. David Thomas Crockett’s (1849 - 1918) father was Robert Patton Crockett, son of David (Davy) D. Crockett and Elizabeth (Patton) Crockett.  His Grandfather, David D. Crockett was a former Tennessee legislator and US Congressman who came to Texas to help fight for Texas independence.  He was killed at the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836.  David Thomas and his wife Sanfran Cisco Crockett are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery Section 2, Block 60.


Bay City’s First School Superintendent 


Mr. William T. Pollard (1867 - 1924) was Bay City’s first Superintendent of Schools, serving from 1905 until 1908 (city position not county).  Prior to his term the superintendent was called “Professor” (1895 until 1905). He served as County School Superintendent from 1922 - 1924.  His wife Claire followed him as County School Superintendent after his death and served from 1925 - 1933.  He and his wife Claire are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery, Section 1, Block 16.


Linnie Roberts Elementary School


The Linnie Roberts Elementary School was dedicated in 1961, and named in Mrs. Linnie Roberts (1893  - 1956) honor.  “Mrs. Linnie”, as she was affectionately known, taught in the public schools of Matagorda County for thirty-two years.  She retired in 1955.  She and her husband, Mr. Ikeleys Roberts are buried in Section A-1, Eastview Cemetery.



Tenie Holmes Elementary School


In 1952 a new school in Bay City was named after Miss Tenie Holmes (1874-1952), in honor and in memory of her long career as a teacher.  She began teaching at the age of 16 at Saluria Pass.  She came to Bay City in 1895 with her mother, Mrs. Virginia Holmes.  She began teaching in Bay City public schools in 1898, and retired in 1934.  In 1936 she opened a kindergarten where she taught until her death in 1952.  She is buried beside her mother in Section 1, Block 12, Cedarvale Cemetery.

McAllister Middle School

McAllister Middle School of Bay City was completed in 1969 and named in honor of Mr. Harmon Jerome “Mr. Mac” McAllister (1909-1963).  Mr. McAllister came to Matagorda County as a teacher and tennis coach at the Bay City High School in 1936.  He became principal of the High School in 1941, and in 1946 he became the first business manager of the Bay City Schools.  He became Matagorda County Auditor in 1956, and in 1960 he became the Superintendent of the Bay City schools on the retirement of Mr. John Cherry.  He held this position until his death. “Mr. Mac.” Is buried in Section 1, Block 9, Cedarvale Cemetery. 

Hilliard High School

The first African-American educator in Bay City was Mr. Asa G. “A.G.” Hilliard (1863-1931).  The first African-American school in Bay City was named Booker T. Washington from 1906-1949, and when the new African-American school was built in 1948 it was named in honor of Mr. A.G. Hilliard.  The last class to graduate from Hilliard School was in 1967.  Mr. Hilliard and his wife Pearl are buried at Eastview Cemetery, Section A-2.

Preeminent African-American Educator, Historian, Genealogist


Mrs. Thelma Smith (1926-2003), a prominent leader in the county who many considered the definitive expert on Matagorda County’s African-American history, a tireless community worker and a retired educator (38 years of teaching), honored as an educator, as a volunteer at the museum and by the community, she and her husband, Lincoln, are buried in Section B-1, Eastview Cemetery.

First Woman to Serve on the Bay City School Board

In the early 1920's Mrs. Ora Caverly Cash (1868-1971) was the first woman to serve on the Bay City School Board and the first telephone operator in Bay City. She also helped to identify many of the young men of Matagorda County who died in WWI. Her husband William (1868-1949) was the first businessman in Bay City to own a typewriter.  At the time of her death she was 103 years old. She and her husband William are buried in Section 1, Block 11, Cedarvale Cemetery.


Last Surviving Civil War Veteran


Mr. James H. Cobb (1842 - 1939), a Lieutenant in Company I, Terry’s Texas Rangers,   8th  Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army   was the last surviving Confederate Civil War veteran in a five county area.   He was buried in his Civil War uniform and the schools were closed so the children could go to the viewing.  He is buried in Cedarvale Cemetery, Section 4, Block 128.  His wife Alice Ann was buried next to him in 1955.


Cedarvale North


This beautifully landscaped new section of Cedarvale Cemetery was opened in 1995.  The first interment was Mr. Thomas H. Buller, 1924 - 1995.


Ministers of the Gospel


As of August 13, 2017 There are presently twenty-six identified Ministers of the Gospel buried at Eastview Cemetery:

Rev. George Jedkins (1875-1941) A1   Rev. A. L. Lee (1879-1945) A2

Rev. Jesse Dale, Jr. (1906 - 1945)     



Rev. C. Times (1887 - 1966)      


Rev. N. J. Johnson (1900 - 1992)        



Rev. John Tolson (1880 - 1966) 


Rev. Calvin L. Luddington (1928 - 1982)


  Rev. George Richmond (1908-1984) B1

Rev. Albert Draper (1901 - 1960)



Rev. Hattie Robinson (1895 -1977)


Rev. William B. Wrenn (1889 - 1949)  



Rev. Wm. Leonard Revis  (1914 - 1990)


Rev. Samuel L. Rugeley (1888 - 1954)



Rev. Rudolph Martin, Sr. (1935 - 1992)


Rev. Alvin Tellerson (1902-1978)



Rev. Lloyd Brown (1913 - 1998) 


Rev. W. M. Mayfield (1892 - 1981)     



Rev. William Edison (1887 - 1975) 


Rev. A. H. Pointer (1910 - 1998)        



Rev. L.  R.  James (1915 - 1982)


Rev. L. C. Cunningham, Sr. (1908-1994) 



Rev. Enoch Casey, Jr. (1928 - 2000)


Rev.  Byron Law (1954 - 1998)



Rev.  Marlon Eugene Matthews (1964 - 2006)


Rev. Clarence Swannegan (1932 - 1997)



Rev. Harold S. Williams (1929 - 2003)


There are presently seven identified Ministers of the Gospel buried at Cedarvale Cemetery:


Rev. Doctor Robert Lee Blankenship (1888 - 1955), Pentecostal Church, Section 6, Block 17.

Rev. Robert Euclyd Black, Sr. (1901 - 1997), Baptist Church, Section 4A, Block 152.

Rev. John Wesley McMahan (1845 - 1916), Methodist Church, Section 4, Block 109.

Rev. Doctor Granville Theodore Storey (1851-1940), Presbyterian Church, Section 4-A, Block 151.
Rev. Eli Franklin McDonald (1861-1939) Baptist Church, Section 4-A, Block 155.
Rev.  Harvey Franklin Shearer (1876-1947) Pentecostal Church, Section 5, Block 7.
Rev. William Allen "Bill" Haskell (1926-2008), Methodist Church, Section 9 Block 351.


Angel of Goliad


Mrs. Enrigueta Alvarez Garcia (1906 - 1990) is a 3rd generation descendent of Francita Alvarez, who became known as “The Angel of Goliad” for her kindnesses to the Texian troops who were captured and massacred at Goliad on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1836.  She is buried in Section 7, Block 34, Cedarvale Cemetery.



World War II Combat Military Memorial Markers


There are seven military WWII combat related memorial markers at Cedarvale Cemetery.  These markers recognize young men from Matagorda County who were Killed In Action and were either buried in a military cemetery overseas or whose remains were not recovered.  They are:


Radioman 3rd Class James Wesley McKelvy US Navy 1924 - 1945.  Killed In Action on board  USS Morrison (DD 560) which was sunk by Japanese kamikaze planes.  His remains were not recovered.  The marker is placed at the foot of his parents, William M. and Letha D. McKelvy in Section 3, Block 108.


Private Jack Windfield White, US Army 1924 - 1945.  Killed In Action during the Battle of the Bulge in the Belgium Campaign.  He is buried at the Luxembourg American Cemetery.

General Patton is also buried at this cemetery.  The marker is placed at the foot of his parents, Hiram I. and Ann White in Section 6, Block 55.


Messman Ruffus Edgar Alston, Merchant Marines, 1903 - 1942.  Was killed on board the SS India Arrow which was sunk by a German submarine.  His remains were not recovered. The marker is placed next to his Mother, Elizabeth Snedecor in Section 4, Block 132.


Fireman 3rd Class Clarence Arvin Blaylock, US Navy 1921 - 1941.  Was Killed In Action on board USS Oklahoma (BB 37) which was sunk by Japanese torpedo planes during the attack on Pearl Harbor.  His remains were not recovered.  The marker is placed at the foot of his father, Earnest R. Blaylock in Section 5, Block 47.


Fireman 1st Class George Melvin Fondon, US Navy Submarine Service 1923 - 1944.  Was Killed In Action on board USS Robalo (SS 273) which was sunk by a Japanese submarine. His remains were not recovered.  The marker is placed at the foot of his parents, Audry and Aaron Fondon in Section 4, Block 132.


Technician 5th Grade Richard Byron Legg, US Army 1924 - 1945.  Was Killed In Action in Germany.  He is buried at the Lorraine American Cemetery, France.  The marker is placed at the foot of his parents, R. Hubert and C. Ethel Legg in Section 6, Block 48.


Seaman 2nd Class Holeis R. Reed, US Navy 1926 - 1944.  Was Killed In Action on board  USS Liscombe Bay (CVE 56) which was sunk by a Japanese submarine.  His remains were not recovered.  The marker is placed at the foot of his Mother Fannie Elizabeth (Woodward) Reed in Section 5, Block 24.



Wounded at Gettysburg


Mr. Doyle O’Hanlon Coston (1843 - 1922), a Private in Co. C, 5th Texas Infantry, Confederate Army was wounded during the battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in July 1863.  He and his wife Hannah are buried at Cedarvale Cemetery, Section 1, Block 2.



Gold Star Mothers


Gold Star Mother is the name conferred on mothers who lost a son or daughter during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Beirut, Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and all Strategic Areas, or while in service to our country.


There are twenty six known Gold Star Mothers buried in Cedarvale Cemetery and two are known to be buried in Eastview Cemetery:



The impressive marble entrance to Cedarvale Cemetery was dedicated On Easter Sunday 1963.  The all marble entrance was designed by architect Earl Grever of Grever and Ward, Inc., Landscape Architects, East Aurora, New York and was built by Forest Park Memorials of Houston.  The edifice, consisting  of thirteen tons of split face marble and fifty six square feet of five inch cap marble, was shipped from Tennessee.   Mr. G. Albright, a stone setter from Houston, set the marble.  Forest Park Memorials, on behalf of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Association, furnished the plans without cost.  There are two large gas lanterns topping the gateway, one on each side of the drive.    A plaque on the entrance lists the donors who provided funds for the construction of the entryway.  The driving force behind the idea and the construction of the new entrance was the late Mrs. Rose Newman. 



Architect 1895 Matagorda County Courthouse and Jail Building


Rufus A. Mathis (1869 - 1896) the architect for the new county courthouse and jail building accidentally shot and killed himself while hunting deer with friends on the Colorado River. His is the oldest identified interment at Cedarvale Cemetery.  His grave is in Section 1, Block 10.


Bay City Alamo Lumber Company


In 1901 John Sutherland (1864 - 1965) organized the Bay City branch of the Alamo Lumber Company. The Bay City venture proved to be one of the best in South Texas for the firm.  Mr. Sutherland and his wife, Estella, are buried in Section 2, Block 59 of Cedarvale Cemetery.


First African-American Funeral Home in Matagorda County


The first African-American Funeral Home in Matagorda County was established as Duncan Funeral Home of Bay City. William Duncan (1857-1938) and his son, Gifford Duncan  (1894-1942), established the firm in 1920.  In 1942 Mr. Ikeleys Roberts became manager, and the name was changed to Duncan-Roberts Funeral Home. Mr. Roberts bought out the Duncans, and the funeral home is operated today by his son Mr. Eddie F. Roberts.  William Duncan and his wife Lula and Gifford Duncan and his wife Mary are buried in Section A-2, Eastview Cemetery . 


First Licensed African-American Funeral Director and Embalmer in Matagorda County


Mr. Ikeleys “Mr. Ike” Roberts (1887-1977) was the first licensed African-American funeral director and embalmer in Matagorda County.  In the 1930’s and 40’s it was the custom to embalm bodies at the home, and Mr. Roberts was well known throughout Matagorda, Brazoria and Wharton Counties as the only African-American mortician in the tri-county area.  He was active as a mortician until 1967.  Mr. Ikeleys Roberts and his wife Linnie McHenry Roberts are buried in Section A-1, Eastview Cemetery.


Taylor Bros. Funeral Home


Taylor Bros. Funeral Home was organized in 1909 as the Taylor Hill Furniture Company and Undertaking by Mr. Seth S. Taylor (1885 - 1947), Mr. Henry Hill and Mr. F. G. Ludwig, Sr.  Mr. Taylor bought out Mr. Hill and Mr. Ludwig in 1913 and became the sole proprietor of the company.  Seth Taylor and his wife, Ella, are buried in Section 2, Block 80 in, Cedarvale Cemetery.


Matagorda Pharmacy


Matagorda Pharmacy was organized in 1906 by Dr. P.E. Parker, Dr. J. E. Simons, Dr. S. A. Foote, Hugh Phillips and P. A. McLendon for the purpose of erecting a drugstore and doctors offices. The partners sold their stock to Dr. P. E. Parker (1858 - 1914) and he became the sole proprietor of the business.  Dr. Parker was accidentally shot in 1914 while hunting with friends near Caney, he died shortly after the accident. He and his wife, Lula, are buried in Section 2, Block 55, Cedarvale Cemetery.



Last Spindletop Oil Pioneer

Curtis G. Hamill  (1872 - 1973) witnessed the beginning of a new era when the Lucas gusher came in at Spindletop (south of Beaumont, Texas).  He was standing on a derrick platform 40 feet off the ground January 10, 1901, when the gusher hit at Spindletop Hill.  The full force of the stream hit him in the face, signaling the start of the greatest oil boom in history.  He landed on the derrick floor below, miraculously uninjured.  He and his wife, Eva, are buried in Section 4A Block 157.

Bay City Material Company


Bay City Material Company was established in 1935 by Hiram Isaac “HI” White (1882 - 1979) and his son Glen I. White (1914 - 2006).  Mr. H. I. White and his wife, Ann, are buried in Section 6, Block 55 and his son Glen  is buried in Section 9, Block 22 in Cedarvale Cemetery.


Brady’s of Bay City


Brady’s flower shop was originally Davis Flower Shop in the lobby of the Bay Tex Hotel.  Harry B. and Francis (Davis) Brady bought the shop in 1946 and changed the name to Brady’s of Bay City.  Harry (1923 - 2001) and Francis (1924 - 2005) are buried in Section 5, Block 4.


Walker Seed and Garden Center


Walker Seed and Garden Center was founded in 1926 as South Texas Seed Company by Mr. Thomas Alonzo “TA” Walker (1891 - 1932).  After his death in 1932 the firm was run by his wife Mrs. Quintilla Walker (1894 - 1991) who was joined in later years by their children Fred (1926 - 2011) and Mary Jo  (1920 - 2010). The Walker family is buried in Section 4, Block 114, Cedarvale Cemetery.

Taylor - Steves Furniture Company


Taylor-Steves Furniture Company was originally founded in 1909 under the name Taylor-Hill Furniture and Undertaking.  In 1955 the independent company of Taylor-Steves Furniture Company was organized when the original company reorganized.  Mrs. Francis (Taylor) Steves (1909 - 2002) (daughter of Seth Taylor) with her husband Bert Charles Steves (1907 - 1994) received the furniture part of the business and Frank Shaw and Don Jean Taylor received the funeral home.  Mr. and Mrs. Steves are buried in Section 2, Block 80, Cedarvale Cemetery.


Cedarvale Cemetery Veteran Recognition


As of May 30, 2017 there was a total of 961 veterans either interred or memorialized at Cedarvale Cemetery:

Mexican War  




Civil War Union  




Civil War Confederate


WWII Memorial 


Civil War Confederate Memorial 


WWII / Korea 


Spanish American 




Spanish American/Mexican Exped. 1916




Mexican Exped. 1916




Mexican Exped. 1916 /WWI 






Persian Gulf


WWI Memorial 




Non-Combat Military Memorial Markers


There are two non-combat military related deaths memorialized at Cedarvale Cemetery:


LT. Larry E. LeTulle, USN

1918 - 1944           

Accidental Death At Sea, WWII

Buried At Sea          

Memorial Marker Section 4A, Block 141


PVT John Ervin Fisher, USA

1888 - 1917

Died of Spanish Flu

Grave Lost at Cedarvale Cemetery

 Memorial Marker Section 4, Block 138


Eastview Cemetery Veteran Recognition


As of August 13, 2017 there was a total of 279 veterans interred in Eastview Cemetery.

One veteran, Mr. Fred Gray, who died in 1978 and was a WWII veteran is in a lost grave.

World War I 




World War II




World War II/Korea 


Persian Gulf







Bay City Philanthropist


Victor Lawrence “V. L.” LeTulle (1864 - 1944) was born in Columbus, Texas and came to Matagorda County in 1890 with his bride Sallie.  They moved to Bay City in 1900.  He was involved in rice farming, ranching and banking.  As a philanthropist he was known throughout the state for his benevolent contributions.  Locally he donated a 25 acre tract of land West of the Colorado river for the purpose of a public park (LeTulle Park), he donated a gas company to Bay City and built the sanctuary for the First Baptist Church in memory of his wife Sallie, just to name some of his contributions.  He and Sallie are buried in Section 4-A, Block 141, Cedarvale Cemetery.


U.S. Army Nurse Corps

Two ladies have been identified who served in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps during World War II.  Mrs. [Alice] Grace (Warren) Sisk was born November 5, 1903 in Denver, Colorado, and died on December 5, 1986 in Bay City.  Captain Warren served as an anesthesiology nurse and received the Bronze Star medal for her service.  She and her husband Robert are buried in Section 5, Block 3.

Miss Hallie Eloise Fondren was born May 29, 1914 in Bay City, and died on January 8, 1994 in Houston, Texas.  Lt. Colonel Fondren served as a general duty nurse during WWII and the Korean War and received the Bronze Star medal for her service.  Following her active duty service she also served in the Army Reserves.  She is buried in Section 7, Block 43.

Katydid Cadets
Mr. Oscar Winfield Ford (1846-1916) was a member of Co. C "Katydid Cadets", Corps of Cadets, University of Alabama during the Civil War.  When the Union Army attacked Tuscaloosa, AL (home of the university) on 4 April 1865, all companies of cadets at the university formed-up and attempted to counter-attack the Union forces.  They were greatly outnumbered and after the initial assault were forced  to retreat.  The university was burned as a result of this action.  Mr. Ford is buried in Section 2, Block 68.



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