BUTTERFIELD TRAIL - A Place Lost in Time

Photos and submission by Stephen Dominguez

Photos date fall 2009

“Below is a bit of myself and my brother and how we came to discover this unique area” …..


“My name is Stephen Dominguez, me and my brother Abraham Dominguez are local residence of Pecos Texas, we have been doing some research in and around the area of Loving County and Reeves County... we have been doing research for a few years of West Texas history. Our main interest has always been the discovering of new things, about the unknown of the area. For as long as we can remember our hobbies have always been exploring, listening to old tales of buried treasure things of that sort...about a couple of months ago we came to the discovery of an old trail said to be for the mail back in the 18oo's, this was later discovered to us as the Old Butterfield Stagecoach Trail.  Upon our knowledge of this trail we came across a ghost town named "Arno" in this location we came across an old building which is located a few feet from the trail itself.  We feel this building was set for the one of the many stagecoaches that was a rest stop for the trail ... its our only guess it is this, but lack the real evidence. We hope to preserve this site and help post it as a historical site...So if any one has any information about this building please feel free to let us know... the more information we get the better! ...and the more we all get to keep a big part of our history preserved. Thank you and again we hope to hear of any information any one may have.”


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