streetme  Dallas Morning News July 24, 1897


Mrs. Street's Death and Burial


Waco , Tex. July 23   The funeral of Mrs.Melinda Elizabeth Street took place this afternoon at the residence of Col. John W. Hall, No. 1016 South Fourth Street , where she died last night.

Mrs. Street and her husband Col.J.K Street , recently returned to Waco from Lampasas Springs, and were guests of Mrs. Hall. Her death last night was a shock to her many friends. Mrs.Street was associate editor for years with Col. Street in his publications and her literary work attracted the attention of Mrs. Ellen Henrotin of Chicago, the president of the Federation of Women's Clubs, Mrs. Henrotin mentioned Mrs. Street as a pillar of noble womanhood and high ability.

Mrs. Street was born in Mississippi in 1839. At her death she was 58 years of age. Mrs. Mary Billings, pastor of the Universalist Church at Cisco, officiated at the funeral and in beautiful language paid deserved tributes to the distinguished deceased lady. Col. Street was a resident of Waco years ago and he purchased a lot in First Street Cemetery in which Mrs. Street planted cedar trees with her own hands and designated a spot for her grave. At Lampasas a presentiment of death came to her and she expressed a desire to return to her old home. This was gratified and this afternoon she was buried under the cedar tree she planted more than twenty years ago. Her surviving daughters are literary women. One is Mrs. Lizzie Wallace, editor of the Lampasas Leader and the other is Mrs. Katie Villepigue of Washington , D.C. The funeral was largely attended. The newspaper men turned out to do honor to their deceased sister. They remembered that a quarter of a century ago, Mrs.Street assisted in the publication of The Reporter, one of the early daily papers of Waco and was then and always the friend of the cult.