Lampasas Daily Leader, Saturday, December 28, 1912

John Baker Accidentally Shot.

John Baker, who owns and operates the candy kitchen here, was accidentally shot by his wife Friday night about eight o'clock. A night or two before some of the ladies of the neighborhood had been frightened by supposed prowlers, and Mr. Baker had told his wife to have a pistol ready and to shoot if any one came about the place. Friday night Mrs. Baker telephoned her husband that she would come to town, and they intended to spend part of the evening in the business portion of the city. Before time for her to leave home he went to the house himself, and rattled on a window. Mrs. Baker was very nervous and did not recognize her husband, and went and got the pistol. She then started to the home of a neighbor and Mr. Baker came to her and identified himself, and they returned to their home, and he sat down on the settee. She then noticed that she still had the pistol in her hand, and mentioned the fact to him, with the request that he take it and put it away. Just at this time the pistol was discharged, the bullet entering the front part of the throat, passing through the fleshy part of the neck and lodging at the juncture of the neck and back, and it was taken out this morning. A fraction of an inch either way would have proved fatal at once. As it is, the wound is a very dangerous and serious one, Mr. Baker being paralyzed from the center of his body to his feet, his arms and head, so far, not seeming to be affected. He never lost consciousness, and is able to recognize his friends and direct his thoughts.

The accident is regretted by the entire community, but by none more than the parties themselves. Mrs. Baker is almost prostrated as a result of the accident, and the mother of the young man is also in a state almost bordering on nervous prostration.

It is hoped the wound will no[t] prove fatal, but that the young man may be spared to his family and friends, and return to his place of business.


Lampasas Daily Leader, Monday, December 30, 1912.

John Baker Is Dead.

John Baker, who was accidentally shot Friday night, died Sunday morning about 1 o'clock, and the body was taken to Belton for interment, more than twenty persons, relatives and friends, accompanying the body from here.

No death more sad, or the cause of more open sympathy ever occurred anywhere, and it is difficult to write of it. A young man in the prime of life taken away from wife and child, mother, brothers and sisters, friends and associates; but he is gone and we can only look back upon his upright life, his cheerful disposition, his faithfulness as a son, husband and father, and regret that he is gone.

He was conscious until almost the last, and leaves a hope of a reward in the better land.

Mother, widow, brothers and sisters have the sincere sympathy of a host of friends in this their sad and sudden bereavement.