Enrollment of the Militia of Lampasas County
c. 1875
Compiled by Jeff Jackson
        The following list of names was found in an old vault in the
Lampasas County Courthouse which is used to store the older
District Court Records.  This document was not dated but it can be
deduced from birth dates recorded on the list and the death dates of
several of the men listed, that this list was made about 1875.  The
original list was not in perfect alphabetic order.       
Transcribed by Jeff Jackson
* I have added some notes.  JLJ

Name                            Age             Residence               Occupation
Allen           Beverly P.      27              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Alsop           J.S.            26              Townsen's               Farmer
Anderson        Benj.           28              Lynche's  Creek         Farmer
Anderson        G.W.            30              Lynche's  Creek         Farmer
Armstrong       G.W.            33              Turkey Creek            Farmer
Arnold          D.M.            30              Sims Creek              Farmer
Attaway         B.F.            28              School Creek            Farmer
Avants          J.S.            26              Donaldson's Creek       Farmer
Avants          Thos.           40              Donaldson's Creek       Farmer
Bagley          Morgan          31              Russell Gap             Farmer
Bain            C.P.            25              Townsen's               Farmer
Bain            T.N.            30              Townsen's               Farmer
Baites          James           25              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Baker           F.M.            25              Knight's Neighborhood   Farmer
Baker           John B.         25              Turkey Creek            Farmer
Baker           S.M.            33              Neighbor's Creek        Farmer
Baker           T.F.            21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Barrett         John            21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Barrett         John W.         27              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Bartlett        J.C.            30              Lampasas                Land Dealer
Bartlett        W.S.            25              Elliott's Creek         Farmer
Bass            S.H.            35              Lampasas                Musician
Bass            W.W.            21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Bean            Tilford         40              Bean's Neighborhood     Stock Raiser
Bean            W.D.            38              Bean's Neighborhood     Stock Raiser
Bearden         C.P.            30              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Bebout          Bruce           25              W.W. Smith's            Farmer
Beebe           W.H.            21              Elliott's Creek         Farmer
Bellars         George          21              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Berg            John            30              Lampasas                Laborer
Berry           T.J.            26              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Bessing         H.R.            28              Fall Creek              Farmer
Bishop          Calloway        20              Taylor's Creek          Farmer
Bishop          David           26              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Bishop          John            32              Taylor's Creek          Farmer
Bishop          R.W.            30              Taylor's Creek          Farmer
Black           W.C.            22              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Black           William         30              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Blackwell       E.C.            28              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Bledsoe         G.W.            34              Cooksey Branch          Farmer
Booth           John            21              Turkey Creek            Farmer
Borho           Lewis           32              Lampasas                Clerk in Store
Bradley         Duke            21              Lampasas                Farmer
Bradley         W.L.            24              Lampasas                Farmer
Brantley        E.G.            24              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Briggs          D.J.            27              Taylor's Creek          Farmer
Brisbin         H.W.            25              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Brister         G.W.            37              Cottonwood              Farmer
Brister         J.A.            33              Cottonwood              Farmer
Brister         Jasper          25              Cottonwood              Farmer
Brister         S.C.            27              Cottonwood              Farmer
Bristow         A.C.            28              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Britnal         W.W.            33              Turkey Creek            Farmer
* Note: Chas. Keith was tried and convicted of the murder of Wm. Britnal
who died on August 13, 1875.
Brooks          J.C.            23              Taylor's Creek          Farmer
Brown           A.J.            57              Elliott's Creek         Farmer
Brown           A.J.            21              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Brown           C.C.            19              Lampasas                Shoemaker
Brown           J.M.            23              Lampasas                Clerk in Store
Brown           John H.         20              Elliott's Creek         Farmer
Brown           S.M.            44              Lampasas                Shoemaker
Brown           T.P.            35              Knight's Neighborhood   Farmer
Bull            A.C.            24              Prescott's Creek        Farmer
Bull            J. Frank        19              Prescott's Creek        Farmer
Bull            J.M.            40              Prescott's Creek        Farmer
Bull            R.C.            28              Prescott's Creek        Farmer
Bull            S.M.            21              Prescott's Creek        Farmer
Burcell         H.              21              Townsen's               Farmer
Burden          George          25              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Burden          Nat.            27              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Burkett         G.W.            40              Prescott's Creek        Farmer
Burleson        J.P.            21              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Burns           E.J.            40              Lynche's  Creek         Blacksmith
Burrell         P.W.            27              Lucy Creek              Stock Raiser
Cannon          N.E.            30              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Carter          H.B.            31              Lynche's  Creek         Farmer
Carter          W.H.            33              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Casbeer         J.L.            35              Lampasas                Farmer
Casbeer         Jonah           35              Lampasas                Farmer
Casbeer         T.A.            39              Lampasas                Farmer
Casey           Patrick         30              Lampasas                Stone Mason
Cate            John L.         21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Cawley          Wm              38              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Chalk           D.B.            21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Chalk           J.W.            21              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Chalk           James           25              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Chance          Jas.            24              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Chavose         L.S.            35              Donaldson's Creek       Farmer
Childers        J.A.            21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Clark           A.              25              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Clark           A.J.            24              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Clark           Josiah          36              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Clayton         T.M.            38              Denson's Neighborhood   Farmer
Clebourne       A.W.            30              Lampasas                Carpenter
Cogle           G.W.            30              Knight's                Farmer
Colley          J.              28              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Collier         J.H.            34              Mesquite Creek          Farmer
* Note: James H. Collier was lynch by a mob April 3, 1879.
Conner          W.B.            20              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Cook            W.N.            23              Lampasas                Farmer
Cooksey         J.E.            26              Denson's Neighborhood   Farmer
Cooper          C.C.            36              Lampasas                Farmer
Cooper          J.G.            31              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Cornett         H.              28              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Cosper          C.A.            23              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Cosper          C.C.            32              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Cosper          G.R.            34              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Cotten          J.C.            19              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Cox             J.T.            29              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Cox             Jas. W.         23              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Crabtree        James           22              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Crockett        J.S.            21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Crook           H.S.            25              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Curbo           H.M.            25              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Dabbs           T.S.            21              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Dawson          T.P.            35              Lampasas                Farmer
Dawson          Thos.           40              Mesquite Creek          Farmer
Delevan         J.J.            41              Lampasas                Painter
Dennington      B.F.            29              Lampasas River          Farmer
Denson          S.T.            42              Denson's Neighborhood   Farmer
Denson          S.W.            19              Denson's Neighborhood   Farmer
* Note: Sam Denson shot and killed Mark Short in September 1876 and
remained a fugitive from justice for about fifteen years.
East            W.H.            32              Lampasas                Merchant
Edwards         W.E.            21              Turkey Creek            Farmer
Elliott         Bryce           31              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Elliott         Richard         33              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Engel           Ernest          30              Lampasas                Teamster
Epley           Daniel          31              Turkey Creek            Farmer
Espy            H.C.            23              Bean's Neighborhood     Farmer
Etheridge       Dennis          35              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Evans           George          30              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Evans           T.S.            39              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Fancher         J.F.            29              School Creek            Farmer
Farley          D.L.            21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Felts           J.A.            21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Finney          J.J.            33              Lampasas                Blacksmith
Fowler          Richard         39              School Creek            Farmer
Fox             D.Y.            24              Lampasas                Farmer
Frazier         L.S.            27              Lampasas                Carpenter
Freeman         A.J.            40              Lampasas                Carpenter
Fudge           Jacob           19              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Fudge           Job             21              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Fulton          C.E.            27              Lampasas                Merchant
Gazaway         D.C.            33              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Gholson         B.F.            35              Sneed's                 Stock Raiser
Gibson          Alex            21              Lampasas                Laborer
Gibson          J.R.            30              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Gibson          Jim             30              Lampasas                Laborer
Gober           W.M.            35              Donaldson               Farmer
Gorman          Drew                            Precinct No. 2          Farmer
Gorman          W.L.            28              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
Goughenour      R.P.            30              Prt. No. 3, Colorado R. Farmer
Gracy           J.L.N.          29              Lampasas                Farmer
Gracy           W.J.N.          31              School Creek            Farmer
Gray            R.W.            21              Fall Creek              Farmer
Green           C.R.            24              Lampasas                Stone Mason
Green           John            33              Lampasas                Lawyer
Greenlee        W.B.            27              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
Greenwood       B.C.            27              Bean's                  Farmer
Greenwood       E.W.            33              Lampasas                Farmer
Greenwood       J.J.            38              Lampasas                Farmer
Grizzel         J.D.            36              Lampasas                Butcher
Grizzel         S.H.            34              Lampasas                Farmer
Groves          W.F.            30              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Gundelach       Joseph          23              Lampasas                Laborer
Gustavus        M.              21              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Gwin            D.W.            30              Fall Creek              Farmer
Halloran        Wm              21              Presscotts Creek        Farmer
Hambricker      B.F.            21              School Creek            Farmer
Hamon           I.N.            33              Lampasas                Druggist
Hancock         J.T.            23              Presscotts Creek        Farmer
Hanks           T.N.            30              Salt Creek              Farmer
Harris          A.L.            21              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Harris          George          21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Hastings        J.R.            36              Lampasas                Farmer
Hatley          G.W.            21              School Creek            Farmer
Hatley          J.C.            19              School Creek            Farmer
Hatley          Wm              23              School Creek            Farmer
Haywood         W.              21              School Creek            Farmer
Hayworth        T.D.            35              Lampasas                Carpenter
Herbig          Charles         25              Lampasas                Painter
Herrin          A.              25              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Higgins         J.P.            24              Townsen's Mill          Farmer
Hill            R.W.            35              Lampasas                Merchant
Hogan           W.F.            29              Donaldson               Farmer
Holley          D.A.            29              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Holley          T.A.            21              School Creek            Farmer
Hooten          W.D.            33              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Horrell         Merit           23              Mesquite Creek          Stock Raiser
* Note: Merritt Horrell was killed in the Gem Saloon on January 22, 1877.
Horrell         Sam             34              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Horrell         T.L.            26              Lampasas                Farmer
* Note: Tom Horrell was killed in the Meridian Jail by a lynch mob on
December 15, 1878.
Horton          J.G.            28              Salt Creek              Farmer
Hudson          J.W.            30              Lampasas        
* Note: Dr. J.W. Hudson was killed while attempt to escape the custody of
Deputy Sheriff W.S. Douglass in November 1875.
Huffstutler     J.H.            21              School Creek            Farmer
Huffstutler                     39              Elliot's Creek          Farmer
Hughes          Richard         25              Lampasas                Miller
Hunt            Henry           21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Hurley          Frank           37              Lampasas                Bar-tender
Ice             A.N.            21              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Ivy             A.J.            40              School Creek            Farmer
Ivy             James           21              School Creek            Farmer
Ivy             T.F.            34              School Creek            Farmer
Johnson         Ira             25              Lampasas                Well Digger
Johnson         Jas.            28              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
Johnson         W.S.            21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Johnson         Wm              24              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Joy             Robt.           37              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Keele           Harris          30              Knight's Settlement     Farmer
Keith           Charles         35              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
* Note: Charles Keith was convicted of the murder of Wm. Britnal and 
sentenced to 10 years in the State Penitentiary.  He escaped from the
Burnet Jail in December 1976 and became a fugitive from justice.
Keller          J.F.            30              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Kelley          A.B.            24              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Kennedy         G.W.            29              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Kenowsky        Peter           27              Knight's Settlement     Farmer
King            G.H.            31              Lampasas                Peddler
Knight          Jno A.          35              Knight's Settlement     Farmer
* John A. Knight was killed on February 15, 1876.
Knight          L.W.            32              Knight's Settlement     Farmer
Koen            A.S.            33              Lucy Creek              Stock Raiser
Labbaite        E.W.            25              Lampasas                Barber
Lagrange        D.              25              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Lander          C.D.            39              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Landon          C.P.            30              Lampasas                Bar-tender
Landrum         R.G.            29              Cooksey Branch          Farmer
Lane            A.V.            37              Antelope Creek          Farmer
Lane            M.V.            38              School Creek            Farmer
Lane            S.W.            35              Antelope Creek          Farmer
Lane            Simon           23              Elliott's Creek         Farmer
Ledbetter       S.J.            31              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Lephew          G.W.            31              Lampasas                Farmer
Lewis           A.S.            37              Elliott's Creek         Farmer
Little          G.W.            25              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Lyne            W.R.            30              Lampasas                Laborer
M'Rea           Robt            21              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Mace            S.V.            33              School Creek            Farmer
Mangrum         J.W.            21              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Markward        J.              33              Lampasas                Merchant
Martin          J.C.            31              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Mason           W.R.            40              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Massie          J.G.            35              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Massie          W.S.            38              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Matthews        J.C.            32              Lampasas                Lawyer
Maxwell         H.              35              Lampasas                Teamster
McBroom         J.W.            25              Lucy Creek              Farmer
McBurney        W.F.            21              Lucy Creek              Farmer
McClung         H.E.            27              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
McCrea          H.A.            30              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
McCrea          L.W.            28              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
McFarland       J.C.            35              Lucy Creek              Farmer
McFarland       R.A.            30              Lucy Creek              Farmer
McFarland                       30              Lampasas                Lawyer
McKeever        Wm              27              Lampasas                Butcher
* Note: William McKeever died March 6, 1879 in Lampasas County.
McNutt          A.J.            30              Lucy Creek              Farmer
McWhirter       J.C             29              On Divide               Farmer
McWilliams      Alfred          30              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
McWilliams      Allen           32              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
McWilliams      Noah            28              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
Medlin          C.C.            21              Thomas Spark's          Farmer
Meek            Isaac           24              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Meeks           W.J.            24              Townsen's Mill          Farmer
Mitchell        E.P.J.          21              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
Mitchell        L.F.            33              Lampasas                Farmer
Moore           L.D.            21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Mortin          A.J.            36              Townsen's Mill          Farmer
Mullady         C.              30              Lampasas                Stone Mason
Murray          G.S.            21              Townsen's Mill          Farmer
Murray          Jas. R.         29              School Creek            Farmer
Neal            J.S.            21              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Nichols         D.R.            24              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Nichols         J.W.            23              Lampasas                Laborer
Nichols         L.D.            32              Fall Creek              Farmer
Nichols         O.B.            30              Denson's Neighborhood   Farmer
Nobles          S.              21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Northington     A.J.            34              Lampasas                Merchant
O'Connell       L.N.            27              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Owen            R.E.            20              Lampasas                Printer
Owens           A.W.            28              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Owens           Newton          20              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Owens           Russell         18              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Owens           W.J.            32              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Parker          H.T.            21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Parker          R.W.            24              Townsen's               Farmer
Patterson       J.C.            21              Townsen's               Farmer
Payn            L.W.            28              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Peacock         J.M.            32              Lampasas                Farmer
Perkins         H.S.            23              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Perkins         J.V.            21              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Perry           S.J.            21              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Person          A.S.            37              Townsen's               Farmer
Phelan          E.              39              Lampasas                Sheep Raiser
Phillips        W.H.            36              Salt Creek              Farmer
Pickett         J.L.            30              Taylor's                Farmer
Pickett         W.S.            28              Taylor's                Farmer
Piper           J.A.            33              Cooksey Branch          Farmer
Powell          W.H.            21              Cottonwood              Farmer
Power           J.F.            35              Lampasas                Carpenter
Rogers          J.S.            32              Denson's                Farmer
Rogers          W.L.            30              Denson's                Farmer
Sayler          W.W.            30              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Scot            T. Wash         38              Lampasas                Druggist
Scott           George          20              School Creek            Farmer
Scott           W.E.            30              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Scott           W.H.            24              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Self            R.C.            21              School Creek            Farmer
Senterfitt      R.              39              Salt Creek              Farmer
Slaughter       T.H.            25              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Slay            W.M.            29              Townsen's Creek         Farmer
Smart           J.W.            36              Lampasas                Blacksmith
Smith           Abner           25              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Smith           Elihu           21              On Divide               Farmer
Smith           N.J.            24              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Smith           W.B.            23              On Divide               Farmer
Smith           W.P.            35              Lampasas                Farmer
Smith           W.T.            24              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Snell           G.W.            30              School Creek            Farmer
Snelson         N.J.            21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Snow            Thos H.         21              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Sparks          Jno             32              Lampasas                Cattle Dealer
Sparks          Thos            34              3 mi. E. Lampasas       Farmer
Sprott          J.R.            26              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Spruill         V.R.            21              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
Stanley         E.S.            40              School Creek            Farmer
Stanley         J.J.            28              School Creek            Farmer
Stanley         J.T.            42              School Creek            Farmer
Starkey         J.K.P.          29              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Stearns         J.H.            35              Lampasas                Carpenter
Stephens        D.              21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Stewart         Collin          21              Precinct No. 2          Farmer
Stintt          J.D.            21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Stockton        P.              33              School Creek            Farmer
Storm           Henry           35              Lampasas                Laborer
Straley         J.L.            21              Townsen's Creek         Farmer
Tatum           F.M.            35              Lampasas                Carpenter
Taylor          C.M.            29              Taylor's Creek          Farmer
Taylor          F.M.            33              Lucy Creek              Farmer
Taylor          Newton          21              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Teague          Geo.            21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Thompson        Frank           27              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Thompson        Wm              30              Sims Creek              Farmer
Thornal         D.C.            39              Lampasas                Clerk
Thornton        H.C.            21              McAnelly's Bend         Farmer
Tinnin          G.B.            26              Lucy Creek              Stock Raiser
Toland          J.F.            35              Lampasas                Bar-tender
Toland          T.W.            38              Lampasas                Salesman
Townsen         Alex            20              School Creek            Farmer
Townsen         C.F.            39              Sims Creek              Farmer
Townsen         H.C.            25              Townsen's               Farmer
Townsen         J.M.            28              School Creek            Farmer
Townsen         J.R.            33              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Townsen         J.W.            30              Lampasas                Merchant
Townsen         L.J.            35              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Townsen         W.L.            22              Lampasas                Clerk
Traweek         S.L.            30              Lampasas                Farmer
Turner          Dan             21              Sims Creek              Farmer
Turner          R.B.            21              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Walker          A.G.            27              Lampasas                Lawyer
Walker          Newton          28              Precinct No. 5          Farmer
Wilcox          E.S.            30              Precinct No. 4          Farmer
Williams        Kit             27              Lampasas                Teacher
* Note: Kit Williams's named was crossed out on the original list.
Williamson      W.R.            35              Fall Creek              Farmer
Wood            J.H.            32              Lampasas                Livery Stable Keeper
Wood            R.H.            24              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Wright          G.W.            21              Precinct No. 3          Farmer
Wright          W.J.            36              Lampasas                Farmer
Yoas            C.A.            35              Espy's                  Farmer