Lamb County Queries

Lamb County Queries

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Bates William G. Bates I am looking for any information on the Sterling P. BATES family who are shown on the 1930 district 5, precinct 3, Lamb County, Texas census.  The only one I have been able to find is Walter L. BATES and he moved back to Runnels County sometime after 1930. This family looks to have moved around somewhat.

Sterling was born in Carroll County, Arkansas, Married in Sebastian County, Arkansas (he has uncles living here) and almost all his children were born in Carroll County, Arkansas before he migrates to Texas.

I have found him on the following censuses: 1900 District 39, Hickory, Carroll County, Arkansas 1910 Justice Precinct 2, Runnels County, Texas 1920 believe his is migrating to Lamb County and not shown on any census. 1930 District 5, Precinct 3, Lamb County, Texas (Sterling is not shown and Emma indicates she is a widow).

There are a few listings for the descendants of Walter L. BATES, mostly Marriage and Birth records in Texas.  I may have found Charles' only son, James Elvin BATES on the Florida Death Index for 1934 but that is not conclusive.  There is three birth listing for Betty Lee BATES for three marriages, 1941, 1946, and 1952 but I have no way of determining if all three marriages are for her plus they are in different counties.

I did not find his grave shown in any of those listed on the the Lamb County website.  It is quite possible that the family did not stay long in Lamb County which would be consistent for them.

William G. Bates, researching the John BATES Sr descendants from York County, South Carolina.

Branner/Gan Cliff Wilkie I am looking for information about my great uncles Ben Branner, Cleghorn Branner and Ben Gan.  They had a farm near Littlefield for many years.  The last owner, Ben Branner died about 1970.  i would like to know where there farm was, when they purchased it and who the original grantees were.
Brazelton/Wilson Allan Leslie I'm looking for information concerning the family of CLAUDE ESTES WILSON, m ELIZABETH BRAZELTON, about 1930 (unsure of precise date).  Brazeltons had been in the area for a generation or two, Wilson came along between 1920 and 1930.  Can anyone help me with this?
Carson Janice Perine I am looking for information on the death of my great aunt Allene Carson. She died on Sept 10, 1924in an automobile accident. I was told that the accident did not kill her, but that a brooch she was wearing pierced her heart and killed her. I have a copy of her death certificate if needed. Thanks
Farquhar K. Keele I have Samuel Jefferson Farquhar and his wife Frances buried in a Littlefield cemetery.  Can anyone tell me which one...the Littlefield Cemetery or the Littlefield Memorial Cemetery?  I have Sam posted in the Littlefield Cemetery but not sure that is the right one.  Thank you.  k.
Gore/Woodworth Roger Is anyone out there who remembers some of my family - grandparents, aunts and uncles - who lived in Littlefield from the late 1920's - 1990's?     Grandparents lived on west 7th St. which was just a dirt street, and in their last years operated a little grocery store.  One aunt, Agatha Woodworth, lived a couple of lots east, in a very nice rock house which, when I saw it last October, was almost sick to see it is now wrapped in a heavy coat of ugly brown paint. The aunt who built that house was well known, and worked as a secretary/bookkeeper for the Buick & Chevrolet dealership. Her husband was C. W. Woodworth, who managed the cottonseed oil mill.     Another aunt and uncle also lived on 7th St., closer to town, in a l-l/2 story red brick Tudor style house. It is still there, but I didn't have time to locate and see it.  This uncle, Van Clark, owned for many years a barber shop near the depot.     Still another uncle, who never married, was "Dub" Gore, who operated a little news stand/candy store.  He was only about five feet tall - having greatly suffered from diabetes for many years.      My grandfather's brother - Oscar and Mable Gore - lived on a few acres  just out of town as you head toward Lubbock. Uncle Oscar had been a real old-time Methodist circuit riding minister, and established the first churches of that denomination in Gomez, Tahoka, and (I think) Post.     Looking forward to hearing from you!
Franklin Marie Blagburn I am looking for John Franklin who married Frances Crow. They had children James J Franklin and John R Franklin another child was born Frances Franklin who died at two yrs old in Texas. Can any one help? Have been looking for their mg this is my ggreat grand father and ggrand mother would appreciate any help also heard the Frances Crow was Indian.
Pierce Doe Stone 1860 Richwoods, Izzard Co. JACOB SOURY,(NOWRY,TOWRY) other spellings, in this HH is listed a THOS PIERCE age 3, and a JOSEPH PIERCE age 2(PEARCE). The Census on is unreadable as to what relationship these two boys were to JACOB SOURY. In 1860 Census for the same township, RICHLAND in Izzard there is a WM J NOWRY HH with a JAMES PEARCE AGE 12. I am not too sure of the surname of SOURY being correct. These two boys are in Van Buren Co, Ark, in other HHs in 1870 and 1880. I need to find the father and mother of Thomas and Joseph  or a connection to some family. Any correspondence would be appreciated. Thank you.
Tinsley Sally Staley Looking for cem. for a Laura Ballard Southard Tinsley.  Died about Nov. 1977.  Husband might have been Samuel Lee Tinsley.  I have nothing on him.
West Michele West Larson I would appreciate info on my paternal grandfather's family.  His name is H. Preston West, he was married to Mary Lou West.  Thank you for your help
New Beehler Annie Green My great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Zadie Beehler, passed away on April 20, 1980 in Lamb county, in the Littlefield nursing home. I am trying to find a copy of her obituary that may have appeared in the newspaper.

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