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Unsolved Mysteries / Brick Walls

What do we do with the things that we can not figure out?  

We have decided to create a page to put them on hoping that someone will see it and contact us with a piece of the puzzle that will help solve them.

If you see anything on here you will be able to help with please send an e-mail to:

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Of course we are always looking for records to transcribe.  If you have some information you would like to share please submit it.  If you do not have the time to type them up, just make copies and mail them in and we will get them typed up and on line giving you full credit for submitting them.
We are always looking for Cemeteries! 
Or Headstones!
Diaries, Journals, Letters, Church Records, Business Ledgers! Family Histories, Local Histories, we can not name them all.
You would be surprised how much information is contained in these items that are sitting in an attic, basement or box somewhere!  Drag out the information so the legacy your ancestor has left be shared, before it is lost forever.
If you live local we can take photo's of the documents and transcribe later, that way your original will never leave your hands.

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B. T. Tyree 3343919 Texarkana Ark. USA Age 25.

It was found in France.  Below is some information.  If you can help with this search contact [email protected]

She lived at the place says "the hermitage" in Brest district of Lambézellec, according to its information the medallion was found in her field who is located street "Comtesse Ernestine de Trémaudan", opposite the manor of Kéraudren. 
 Indeed, American troops were in first line during the liberation of the city of Brest there.
She is today 83 years old and would be very happy that this research succeeds. 
The granddaughter scanned the medallion,  Perhaps this is easier to find the soldier or his family by the number/matricule.  She would like very much to return this to the family, and would like to learn a little also. 

According to information received from the National Personnel Records Center, Ben Tyree served in the United States Army from July 16, 1918 to April 4, 1919. His Place of Entry was Minden, Louisiana and he was assigned to Casualty Company #1 Recruit & Casualty Camp. 

If this additional information is familiar to you, please make contact with us.


Need Help finding Larey Cemetery, Check it out and get with us if you have any information.


We would love to find the Reverra-Fewell Undertaking Company Ledger Books.
We are wanting to extract the information that researchers need to find out more about their ancestors.  
Has this mans legacy been lost?
 Where are the old records now?
Shouldn’t they be transcribed?

He worked so hard and has a great legacy it is
a shame if it is lost forever?








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