Orr School Texarkana Miller County

Orr School
Texarkana, Arkansas

Submitted by: G.W.
Developed by:James Watts

Orr School

  Orr School played an important part in the community life of Blacks in Texarkana.

Funds for the first Orr School were donated to the Black Community by a prominent Texarkana family to help Black Children master the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. A two-story building was erected. This building was badly damaged by fire and rebuilt as a single floor building. Some of the principals included Mrs. Virgie Goree Jones, Mrs. Iola Washington, Rev. Matthews, Mr. William Alexander, Rev. W.H. Hilliard, Mr. H.A. Caldwell, Rev Mott H. Mosley and Mrs. A. Sisco Finn.