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Newtown Elementary School
Texarkana, Texas

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NewTown Elementary School History


Picture possible taken in the late 40's

About 1812, Harrison G. Goree came to Texarkana, Texas, from Atlanta, Texas. He had been elected to the Principalship of Sunset Elementary School. After looking around the city of Texarkana, and being endowed with the pioneering spirit, he requested starting a Public School in the New Town area. His request was granted by the School Board. Mr. Uriah Carpenter was Superintendent at the time.
Many questioned his judgment in giving up a chance to become principal of a comparatively large and well-developed school as Sunset for a small school in a new division of the city.

Survivors include one brother, Nathan Haywood Jr. of Fort Worth, Texas; seven sisters, Dr. Bobbie Haywood and NaThelma Taylor of Wake Village, Texas, Mary A. Tisdale of Franklin, Mich., Rita Wiggins and Patricia Hall of Texarkana, Marye L. Wright of Charleston, W.Va., and Darlene Haywood of Dumfries, Va.; and a number of other relatives.

Sticking by his decision, Mr. Goree worked diligently at developing the community and the school.

Starting in a two-room house in the present 2300 block on Taylor Street, he was instrumental in having a one-room, one-teacher school built, at approximately the site of the New Town School building on Stevenson St. He was the only teacher. The next year it was developed into a two-room, two teachers school. The third year it was developed into a three-room, three-teachers school.

Under his principal ship, Mrs. Sally Goree, Mrs. L.D. Jones and Mrs. Taylor made up the faculty.

The first P.T.A. was organized during Mr. H.G. Goree’s administration.

Mr. Harrison G. Goree resigned his position as principal about 1916, to become Grand Master of the Odd fellow Lodge of Texas.

He was succeeded by his son, Virgil G. Goree as principal in 1916. The faculty included Mrs. Clotiel Goree, Mrs. Ester Cabell, Mrs. Georgia Brandon, Mrs. Gladys G. Brown, Mrs. Virgie Goree-Jones and Mrs. Dovie Ferance Stewart.

Mr. Virgil Goree resigned his position in January 1927. His wife completed the term as principal. Mr. Goree went into the Bonding business.

In September 1927, Mr. William H. Goree was elected Principal. During Mr. W. H. Goree’s administration, the three-room frame structure was replaced with a brick structure of six classrooms, an office and a cafeteria room.

Under the principal ship of Mr. W. H. Goree from 1927 to 1948, the faculty included Mrs. M. Goree, Mrs. Ester Cabell, Mrs. Gladys Goree-Brown, Mrs. Ernestine Lewis Carter, Mrs. Lula Long, Mrs. Mada Ethel Lawrence, Mrs. Fredonia Pollard, Mrs. Eddie G. Smith and Mrs. Hazel Caldwell.

In 1948 Mr. W. H. Goree took leave of absence due to illness, during this leave he passed away November 22, 1948.

Mr. Wilma K. Hicks, Sr., succeeded Mr. W. H. Goree in 1948, as principal of New Town School, and served as principal of New Town until his death, April 12, 1959.

During Mr. Hicks’ administration the enrollment increased to the extent that a double shift of primary classes was necessary, from 1951 to 1953. The School had for the first time a part time Secretary.

Under the principal ship of Mr. Hicks from 1948 to 1959, the faculty included Mrs. M. Goree, Mrs. Ernestine Carter, Mrs. Fredonia Pollard, Mrs. Eddie G. Smith and Mrs. Hazel Caldwell, Mrs. Cordelia Mackey, Mrs. Dorothy Peters, Mrs. Willie M. Smith, Mrs. Essie M. Dodd, Miss. Pansy Rucker, Mr. Osborn Strickland, Mr. Howell Green, Mr. Everett V. Goree, Mrs. Dorothy Wash-McFadden, Mrs. Dora M. Lester, Mrs. Hallie Leater, Miss. B. Ruth Holloway, Mrs. Mozelle Austin-Doles, Mrs. Idell Campbell, Secretary, Mrs. B. B. Savannah, Speech Teacher, Mr. L. D. Grundy, Supervisor, Mrs. Belle Collins, Visiting Teacher and Mrs. Helen McNeal, School Nurse.

Mr. Edward P. Pierre succeeded Mr. W. K. Hicks, Sr., in September 1959. Before this assignment at New Town, he was Coordinator of Distributive Education at Dunbar High School for seven years and served as principal of Sunset Elementary School for two years. He is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana.

During Mr. Pierre’s administration the new Harrison G. Goree School was built at 3201 Lincoln Street. The school contains twelve classrooms, an office, clinic, a workroom, cafeteria and maintenance room.

The new building was occupied January 2, 1962, with all grades moving from the New Town School.

Under the principal ship of Mr. E. P. Pierre, the staff includes Mrs. M. A. Goree, Mrs. Ernestine L. Carter, Mrs. Dorothy L. Peters, Miss B. Ruth Holloway, Mrs. Mozell A. Doles, Mrs. Iona R. Goree, Mrs. Ruth T. Black, Mr. L. D. Grundy, Supervisor, Mrs. Belle Collins, Visiting Teacher, Mrs. Pearline Mitchell, School Nurse and Mrs. Louise Smith, Secretary, Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Faye Price, Maintenance Staff, Mrs. Mildred Hardy, Mr. Loraches Mannings.


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