Index to obituaries Bowie County Texas & Miller County Arkansas


The members of the Special Projects Committee have attempted to avoid typing errors and duplications of listings, but being human as we are, that is impossible.

When you locate the name of a person whose obituary you would like to obtain a copy of, notate the information beside the name.  If there is more than one listed, please notate all that are shown. For instance, if you have located James W. Brown as an obituary you need, but he is listed more than once-

James W. Brown,  2,  306
James W. Brown,  4,  137

We will select the obit with the most genealogical information contained within the obit and send that one to you. Please only send $2.00 for the individual obit.
You may request as many obits as needed but be sure to include $2 for each person for which your request is made.


Special Project Chairman,
Texarkana USA Genealogical Society,

P.O. Box 6678, Texarkana TX 75505

Vol 1, anything prior to 1995
Vol 2, year of 1995
Vol 3, year of 1996
Vol 4, year of 1997
Vol 5, year of 1998
Vol 6, year of 1999
Vol 7, year of 2000
Vol 8, year of 2001
Vol 9, year of 2002
Vol 10, year of 2003
Vol 11, year of 2004
Vol 12. year of 2005
Vol 13, year of 2006
Vol 14, year of 2007 
2008 in progress and we are always adding Pre 1995
These have been broken down by last names starting with and last name on page.

Obituary Index,  (Last name starts with) 

As chairman of the Special Projects Committee, I thank each member of the Society who helped in the collection of obits and providing them to us for use. I also extend a special “thanks” to those who cut & pasted, copied and indexed. Without the help of all, this project would not have been a reality. We hope you, as the researcher, will benefit from this endeavor. 

Doris Lindblad
Special Projects June 2001- Aug. 2003
Compiled and Published by
Texarkana USA Genealogical Society

Not all of these are on file at the
Texarkana Public Library!  One index was placed there but many have been added since the first index was done.

If you do not find the name you need in the index,
a volunteer will do a look up in the microfilm at the College Library.
For this inquiry, we will need a death date narrowed to no more than 1 week.

We will not do a search when only a year, or a month and year of death are given.

We can no longer accept requests by e-mail. All must be mailed along with your donation to the Society. Those contained in the Index online require a $2 per obit copy and mailing fee. 

The search fee for those from the microfilm will be a $5 donation for the first obit and $2 for each additional obit requested. (This is a non-refundable search fee; so be sure your dates are found in the newspaper lists below) 

 Please do not request any from a newspaper that are not on the list.  The microfilmed newspapers listed are all that is accessible to us at this time!

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Microfilms of old newspapers that are at the Texarkana College
       List #1           List #2