providend graduates 1950
Providence Seniors Graduate

22 May 1950
Submitted by Bill Sweeney
Father Louis Janesko delivered the commencement address and presented 
diplomas to the seniors of Providence Academy Monday night at the St. 
Edward's auditorium. He presented certificates to the eighth grade 
graduates of the school. 
Those receiving diplomas are; Vera Thomas, Barbara McNeely, 
Willetta Woosley, Beatrice Lightbourne, Lou Ann Gowanlock, 
John Greenwood, Pat Murphy, Marcus Schoen, Leo Sweeney, John Wolf, 
and James Bush.


Those who received eighth grade certificates are;

Susan Cigainero, Catherine Ann Thomas, Joan Lightbourne,

Carolyn Slater, Bette Jude Burton, Gertrude Whelan,

Robert Hay, Charles Schmieder, Billy Lawlor, John Cowan,

Tom McKissick, David Cigainero, Paul Schoen, and Richard



L. McClure, representing the Rotary Club, presented the

Rotary citizenship award to James Bush.

C.R. Burgess of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, conferred

the American Government award on Pat Murphy.


Certificates for proficiency in typing were awarded to

Willetta Woosley, Lou Ann Gowanlock and James Bush.


A scholarship to Texarkana Junior College was awarded to

Pat Murphy, valedictorian of his class.


A scholarship to Our Lady of the Lake College, San Antonio,

was awarded to the salutatorian, Vera Thomas.