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Sources:   Newspapers, Miller County Court records and misc. records.

What was a poor farm?  It is like our modern day nursing homes along with social security.  If someone was unable to take care of themselves, didn't have any money or nowhere to live or means the county would declare them paupers and then they would live at the poor farm.  They were given a place to live, medical care and food and what they required.  There is no shame in a poor house, just like there is no shame for a nursing home.  This was how the county took care of the elderly with no family involved.  The family could have only been able to take care of them selves.  As you will noticed most of the people that lived at the poor farm were elderly and had several children.  This was hard times, so it was hard to take care of the family.  Some of them were widows.  Some outlived their children.  Just like in the nursing homes today.  The county stepped in before it was declared that they had to by law.  Before the farm was established, neighbors, kind and caring people helped take care of the one's that needed help and asked the county to reimburse them, as you will see from the information below.  As you read below keep in mind not all that were declared paupers lived on the farm.  Some of them just received assistance from the county. Some just stayed until arrangements could be made with their family.  Like a train ticket to send them to their family.  


After searching, maps, census, land records & misc sources & help from Phillip Liverett the area has been found where it was.  The land has not been developed yet.  This may not be the actual building but it is the area the farm was located.

Other Scenes

Across the street is this 



Before the farm was established

Monday, March 4th??? 1875  Paupers 

H. S. Johnson Esq. Presents petition of Mrs. C. J. Smith praying the court to make an order allowing her bill of nineteen dollars for the support of woman and child and the court after full consideration of said petition doth order that the sum of thirty dollars in said county be issued to said Mrs. C. J. Smith for the maintenance of said pauper on condition that said pauper be further taken care of by petition.

Tuesday March 16th 1875  Paupers

George Frazier, D. R. Turner, Rachel Burk, Mrs. Waldrip

Wed.  April  ??  1875 

Wife of S. J. Patterson  30.00

Tuesday July 27, 1875

Nancy (Kee) (Hee)?, Charlotte Kelly, Dolly (H?)iney?


In the matter of Paupers

O_   _______ it is ordered by the court that persons shall not be supported as paupers by Miller County until they shall have been declared adjudged as paupers in court which shall only be done by proper information by the persons themselves who claim such support or when the or upon the sworn statements of creditable and respectable citizens who are personally acquainted with the circumstance and conditions of such applicants, and all orders heretofore made declaring person paupers are here by worked and submitted.  It is further ordered that a special secession of the court be held 1/31/1876 to consider this subject and pass upon the claims of such persons as ______ apply for County.

In the matter of the poor farm

It is ordered that James G. Johnson Esq., B. R. Attaway & B. B. Cradup  are here by appointed Commissioners of the court and charged with the duty of inquiring into and taking in consideration of practicable of poor housing a farm by the county to be made a home and to for mite for such person as they be declared paupers, and to report to the county their news & suggestions. And to report to the court of findings or suggestions for housing 1/21/1886


Declared Paupers

Judy Shelton            Dolly Henry            Delora Batt            Becky Moon 

Allowance for Paupers

It is ordered that George Lee receive 75.00 for support of pauper Judy Shelton during the year ending Dec. 31, 1875. 

It is ordered that Richard Smith receive 75.00 for the support of pauper Delorios Batt during the year 1875. 

It is ordered that James Richie receive 75.00 for the support of pauper Becky Moon, year ending 12/31/1875. 

It is ordered that Anderson Hunter receive 35.00 for keeping pauper Dolly Henry 

It is ordered that S. L. Higgs receive 75.00 for the support of Mrs. Drucilla Waldrip.   (Lucillia Waldrup)  Background info on this group:     (1870 Simon L. Higgs age is 73 wife is Francis age 42, son George age 15, daughter Amanda age 13, daughter Ella age 8, son Price age 7.  (In 1870 census Lafayette county Rondo Mrs. Drucilla Waldrip's is living in his household.  She is a widow age 27 White  in 1870 with Ida age 6 and Tammy age 4 yr old and she is listed as insane.  Also listed in this household is Sarah Ward age 15 White.  B???? Taylor age 7 Black.) (In 1880 Ida & Tammy show up in the household of Francis Higgs and relation ship is listed as granddaughters. Francis has one daughter Ella and a son Price. She was the wife of S. L. Higgs in 1870.  She is living next door to son George in Cut off Township, Miller county Arkansas.


Matter of Nancy Few 

Mrs.   Lightfoot will receive 10 dollars per month for the support of Nancy Fee?Matter of Nancy Fea.  Also Johnson Esq (Attorney appointed) will inquire into the matter of certain property said to belong to Nancy Fea 


In the matter of paupers

Declared Paupers

D. or O C.. Turner  and  R. Burke


In the matter of paupers

Declared paupers

Dolly Henry   


George Vanderbuilt  Declared Pauper


In the matter of paupers

Declared Pauper

Bertha Mathews 

Fri. 7/7/1876

Betty Moore allowed the amount of 15.00 for support.  Thos. Orr was allowed to draw the same and spend it for her best advantage. 

Sat. 7/8/1876

Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy was allowed 90.00 for the support of Rachel Burk, from Jan 31- Jan 31 1876. 

Tues. 7/11/1876

James A. Endsly was allowed 28.00 for the support of D. C or O Turner from May 1st –June 30th  

Declared a Pauper

Octavious Stephens

July 1877 – Oct 1877 supported by _____ ______.


John Allen was allowed 15.00 per month for the Support of Dolly Henry.

Charles Hill was allowed 15.00 per month for the support of Charlotte Henry. 1878


In the matter of grave yard for pauper purpose, Miller County Entered into contract with J. W. Markham for the purchase of two acres in section 18 township 15 South of Range 28 West.   $75.00.  (Land description looks like the same for Woodlawn.)


Proposal to except bids for burying paupers.  They must turn in by 11/8/1881 

Chas. Paupe Declared Pauper


The Contract for burying paupers of miller county Arkansas and W. C. Rechkoff .  For the period of 12 months. To Furnish coffins for the county of Miller ordered by Judge Thomas Orr or John A. Roberts as sheriff, for the one’s that die with in the city limits of Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas.  The coffins are to be made of dressed lumber and of neat shape and structure and the graves to be of usual depth.  County pays$11.00 for each internment.  Order from the Judge Thomas Orr or John A. Robert.


In the matter of Burying Paupers & persons on the land purchased by Miller County for a county graveyard.  Numerous persons had been reported as being buried in the Potters Field with out knowledge of the court.

Judged ordered that before any burial in the plot of ground known as the miller County burial ground or Potters Field, they have to have a written order from the judge or the sheriff stating that the person is a pauper.


Establishing the Poor Farm

Book C, Pg 120, Miller County Court Records

April 1884

County Poor House

_  _  Biedler a citizen of Texarkana Miller county Arkansas has property to donate and deed to Miller county 50 Acres Lying and ______ in Section 22, Twenty two in township 15 south of ridge 28 west in said county conditioned however that the county shall establish a poor house and farm with suitable buildings. 

It is therefore by the court ordered that C. C. Dorrian, ___  McLain, and C. E. Bramble, being the ones here by appointed to ______ and accept from H. W. Biedler


Henry Biedler & Amanda Biedler Photo's from the Wilbur Smith Research Library Files.

DEED:  Filed 8/6/1884

Henry W. Beidler & Wife To Deed Miller County

Henry & his wife had four children, Romance Markoe, Dawn, Ella and a son, Roy.  Mrs. Amanda J. Biedler died in Texarkana, Ark. Aug 7, 1888.  Mr. Beidler was also an inventor.  He was known as Dr. J. J. Beidler.  He is also known to have donated most of the land holdings in Texarkana to the city for public use.  Mr. Beidler was the first mayor of Texarkana Arkansas term from 1880-1881.  He was assainated in Texarkana, Ark., on Sat Dec. 8, 1888 at the Vine Street crossing of Broad Street.  He was shot from behind and killed.


Whereas H W McLane, C. C. Dorrian, and Chas E. Bramble have been herefore appointed by the Miller County Court to make selection of a site and land for a county poor house or farm for said Miller County and whereas they have selected as such site and land the Nw!/4 of the N E. of Section Twenty two (22) in Township (15) Fifteen South and range (28) Twenty Eight West and Whereas I am willing to donate said land to said Miller County for said purpose Now therefore known all ___ by these present that I henry W. Beidler of the town of Texarkana in Miller County Arkansas for and consideration fo the premises and of one dollar to me cash in hand paid at and before the delivery of these present by said Miller County, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have given granted bargained and sold and do hereby give grant bargains sell and convey unto said Miller County the said described track of parcil of land situated lying and being in said Miller County to wit:  The NW of the NE of Sec (22) Twenty Two in Township (15) fifteen South and Range (28) Twenty Eight West.  To have and to hold the ___ unto the said Miller County and its Sucessors forever, and I do convenant with said Miller County that i will warrant and forever and demand of all persons whatsoever.  And I Amanda J. Beidler wife to the said Henry W. Beidler for the consideration aforsaid do hereby relinquish and quitctain unto the said Miller County all my right title claim or possible of dower into or out of the above described lands.  Witnessed our hands the 25th day of June A. D. 1884 Henry W. Beidler, Amanda J. Beidler.

Notary info:

Then Witnessed my hand and seal as such notary Public this 30th day of June 1884 signed Thos Orr Notary Public Miller County Ark. Filed for Record Aug. 6th 1884 at ( Oclock and            R. Kelly Clerk

July 1884

Declared Paupers

Dick Richards            Patti Brook (Book)?

In the matter of awarding contracts for the erections of the building on Poor Farm.

C. C. Dorian, _____________, Charles E. Bramble appear.

2 building to be built.  Approved


Put before the court was that they would build two or three rough best substantial buildings, each to contain two rooms with shed room in the read of building, gallery in front.  Stack chimney and such openings, size of everything left up to how much the county could afford. The 2 building to be built was Approved  and bids were accepted in Nov 1884, 4 bids were submitted and they approved S. M. Santenos for the final sum of one thousand dollars.

Bids submitted: 

H. P. Hudgins     for erection of building    787.50

W. T. Bannon                                            730.00

J. S. Wilson                                                932.00

S. M. Satenie?                                           650.00

Aproved for S. M(U)? Satenos

Final Sum one thousand dollars.

Securities named:

Thos. Orr            J. D. Asenbroug            P. S. Raucun            J. C. Whiters            G. H. Sangsdale


In the matter of bids to keep poor house.

Care and maintence of Paupers

Keeper and MaIntence of said county on the Poor Farm belonging to the county and sitable on section 20 of Town ship 15 s. of Range 28 W. 

The contractor and keeper of said Poor Farm and Paupers will be required to ____  into bond with approved security to furnish said paupers with sufficient good and substantial food and clothing, and to treat said paupers kindly and humanly, and see that they received medical attention when necessary and to take good _____ care __  _____ ______  in their care and keeping belonging to the county and to turn the same over to the county as its _________   at the ___________ of this contract, the natural wear and tear considering.  All bids to be turned in by noon 1/5/1885.  Signed by _ M. Henry Judge of miller county Arkansas. 

In the matter of the Poor Farm Commissioner

Decree giving approval for Commissioner to purchase furniture an other articles for the comfort and care of the paupers of the county.   

Tues. Nov 18, 1884 Newspaper

Miller county is to have a poor house and a farm for the paupers.  

First Keeper:  1885 A. S. Jones

Jan 4, 1886 J. M. Childs was the keeper.

Also in 1886 the court determined that any one convicted of a petty or minor crime were to be used as labor for the poor farm.

In the matter of Letting  Out contract for Poor Farm of Miller County  Contract awarded to J. M. Childs

Sum of 5 dollars for each person lawfully committed.  500 per month to use to maintain and care for paupers.  More info

Contract will cease and desist 12/31/1886 

Special Dec 1888 First Days Proceeding

In the matter of giving notice to award contract for keeping for poor farm and pauper for ensuing year and other purposes. 

Publish notices, posters etc for the contract for keeping the poor farm and eminence of the paupers for the coming year.  Notice for Bids.


In the matter of the contract to keep the poor house

Sealed bids by:  Thomas Hodge, J. M Adcock, J. R. Pitts

J. R. Pitts awarded contract for the year of 1889

700 month to maintain and care for Paupers   

In the matter of contract for medical attention to paupers at Poor House

Awarded to J. O. Magee for the year of 1889 for 1.50 per visit. 


J. W. Heart, Mary M. Heart parents of Walter Heart motion to proclaim paupers 

In the matter of receipt J. R. Price to Thomas Hodge, Inventory of Poor House Approved

Jan 1890

In Motion of County for keeping poor house.

Bids J. P. Peters and Thomas Hodge. For 1890

Rejected and be given on the specified day of April 4, 1890 

Jan 20, 1890

In the matter of contract for medical attention to the paupers confining in the poor house of county.


J. O. Magee & S. A. Simmons

Awarded to J. O. Magee for 1.00 per visit, for the year 1890

April 8, 1890

In the matter of Caring for keeping of the paupers at the poor Farm

Awarded to J. R. Pitts for the year 1890   

Oct. 1890    There was a report turned into the court. And it was reporting information about the potters field, or paupers burial ground.  It stated:

1. Deplorable Conditions

2. Remains of several persons supposed to be paupers had been buried in the cemetery.

3. Large number of blacks had been buried in the cemetery

4. The graves are so irrigular that it is impossible to tell which is the County Paupers and which is the blacks

5.  It appears that the blacks had information that they were authorized to used said grounds as a public cemetery for the  burial of their families and friends.

6.  Due to the premises and hardships involved we leave it up to the court.

7.  Suggest selling the said grounds to the blacks for 100.00

8. In the future all paupers to be buried on the poor farm.

(This was acquired from materials that was in possesions of Dr. Geraldine Johnson. It is believed to have been compiled by the Arabella Heights Home Demonstration Club in the late 1960"s. 

9. That the Keeper of said Poor farm shall be required to keep said burial place in proper condition.

This was approved and deed was to be drawn up and money went to treasure to find another pauper burial ground.  Which I have not seen anything on purchase of another one at this time.

Looks like this is where the lines were drawn on the Woodlawn cemetery, and paupers were to buried at the poor farm, possible with the small section of Woodlawn that was left on the Woodlawn side.

Jan 1891

In the matter of Contract Poor farm Medical attention

Awarded S. A. Simmons 1.50 per visit for the year 1891

Jan 5, 1892

In the matter of contract poor farm

Awarded to Hines Eubanks 80.00 for sufficiency of good and wholesome foods and clothing for the year of 1892


In the matter of Medical attention Poor Farm

Awarded to Dr. S. A. Simmons for the year 1892 for the price and sum of 1.50 for both medicine and prescription.

Jan 1892

In the matter of Pauper Burying ground 

It appearing to the court that the county is without a convenient place for the burial of its paupers that owing to the distance and extra expense pertaining thereto the county poor farm is not a suitable place for the burial of indigent persons, and it further appearing to the court that the county has on demand a pauper burying ground fund at 75.00 and that the same should be enlisted in real state  ____   to the city of Texarkana suitable for a burying ground substancualy enclosed and that commissioner should be appointed to select and negotiate for the purchase of thereof. 

Court ordered J. M. Scott, J. V. Garrison, and C. M. Reeves appointed commissioners and to select and negotiate for the purpose of purchasing a suitable lot of ground for a pauper burying ground and report their proceedings in full at the next term of this court. 

Nov 1, 1892

In the matter of Poor house contract

Opening the advertisement for the keeping of the paupers at the poor farm for 1893

12/28/1892 contract will be awarded for the year of 1893 


In the matter of the contract Poor farm

Awarded to Thomas Hodge for the year of 1893 


In the matter of continuing the awarding of medical attention at the poor farm.

Ordered that it be continued till the 1st day of Jan. 1893


In the matter of attention Poor House

Awarded to Dr. W. C. Spearman for 1.45 per visit for the year 1893


In the matter of advertising for the poor house

Approved to advertise for bids for medical attention for the poor house. 


In the matter of for Poor house

Awarded Thomas Hodge 900 per month for the year of 1894

To maintain and care, and provided medical attention for the paupers at the poor house.

Jan 6, 1896

In the matter of Thomas Hodge and Inventory of the Poor House

Invoice of Miller County Poor House

4 Iron Bedsteads    

4 Jingle Mattress

5 Haorers stoves

1 cook stove complete

1 Wash Kettle

2 Water buckets

2 Wash Tubs

1 Grind stone

1 shovel

13 double blankets

10 bed sheets

1 one man saw

1 hand saw 

Signed Thomas Hodge Keeper


July 9, 1897

Aug. 1897

Charles Anderson declared a Pauper and sent to Miller county Poor farm

In the matter of burying paupers

Awarded to E. A. Schiaker & Co. for the year of 1898 the amount of 9.75 for the burying of Paupers. Signed J. A. Hamilton Judge


In the matter of the year 1898 for the poor farm

J. M. Long awarded for the year of 1898  for the care & medical attention of person at poor farm.

March 11, 1898

In the matter of Mrs. Lee Edwards and L. B. Fulsom, Declared Paupers

Aug. 10, 1898      Published in Paper

Annual financial report  Paupers & insane persons $841.30 paid by County.


In the matter of contract let Poor Farm and burial of paupers

Bids For the Care

Thomas Hodge, J. M. Long and A. F. Maxey

Bids for burial of paupers

J. M. Long, and E. A. Schicker & co. 

Awarded A. J. Maxey for care for the year 1899

For the care of each pauper for each month 700.00

For burying each dead pauper at farm 10.00

For medical attention for each sick Pauper at farm 1.00

Awarded E. A. Schicker & co. the sum of 9.70 for burying each pauper

 1/??/1899 Texarkana Papers

Walker’s Relief Bill

This morning we received a letter from Representative J. A. Walker, in regard to his relief bill for Miss Jones—we heartily endorse his action in the premises.  He says:  “Miss Jones is an old lady living out about Rondo, I think—am not acquainted with her.  The relief sought for her, and the circumstances leading to it, are these—in 1887 H. M. Beldler and wife deeded to Miller county a tract of land to be used as a poor farm; in 1888 the taxes on the land not being paid, it was returned as delinquent and sold for taxes, as the property of the St. L. I. M. & S. Ry. Co. By neglect of some one, it was allowed to remain on the tax books as the property of the said company.  After two years it was certified to the land commissioner as forfeited land, and Miss Jones bought it from the state and paid therefore $50.  When she located her land, it was the poor farm of Miller county.  Of course she could not get possession of the land, and the state has her money.  My bill is to appropriate the $50. to pay miss Jones her money back.  I think she should have her money paid back to her, and I shall do all in my power to have it done.”  We give the above explanation of the relief bill, which has been asked for by many of our readers, and, as stated above, we endorse our Representative’s action, if the facts set forth are true, and we believe it is.


In the matter of Mrs. Wilson and three children, Declared Paupers

July 18, 1899


Following applicants

J. M. Giles Recommended

Alfred Rounbunn            J. O. Hardy            Mrs. E. J. Childs            J. W. Crabtree

Exception to drop Charlotte Stone who has married and moved away   


Died     There died at the poor farm near this city, Mrs. Wilson, an inmate from Sulphur Township.  The lady was well thought of by those connected with the institution at which she died.  A nice coffin was bought for her remains today and sent out to the farm.  She will be buried at the Rondo Cemetery.

Wed. Aug. 2, 1899 Texarkana Papers

Found Dead In Bed

Yesterday a stranger arrived at the Bickham house in the early part of the evening, and sat out in front of the house for an hour or two before he made an effort to engage board or lodging.  He had one leg off just below the knee, and walked on what is known as a peg-leg.  He was cleanly dressed and looked as though he had not suffered from neglect.  He called the clerk to him before supper was announced and told him he was sick, that the evening before he had taken a bath and he thought the pores of his skin had been stopped up thereby, and that he thought if he had something to vomit him, he would get better, He asked for a bed and was shown to a room.  The help about the house did not disturb him and this morning when the room was visited to awaken him for breakfast, he was found dead.  The reporter, in company with Undertaker Reeves, viewed the body and found the subject spotted about the chest, which indicated, we were told, congestion.  The deceased effects had not been touched and Undertaker Reeves said they must not be gone into until the coroner could be gotten here from the country.  A boy was hired and sent out to summons this officer, and until he arrives, there is no way of finding out who the individual is or his residence, as he did not register before going to bed or tell his name to the proprietor.  A later investigation as to the identification of the dead man, is told us by assistant undertaker East.  It seems that the man came here with a lady, a grandaughter of Mrs. Bickham from Shreveport.  This lady, the name we did ot get, run a boarding house there, and sold out.  The deceased boarded with her, and was indebted to her to the amount of $40, and when she left, he told her he had friends here whom he could get money from and he would pay her off if she would pay his fare here, which she did.  The deceased was on the pension roll, and drew $30. a month, and was not engaged at anything as a means to make a livelihood.  His remains were carted out to the poor farm and buried on the order of Judge Hamilton.   

Relief for the poor did not just come from the county the churches also gave.

10/7/1899  Tennesee Baptist Church Miller County Arkansas  The Church agreed to pay to Pastor and other Church paupers as follows

John Winham  5.00

W. P. Bankston  5.00

L. Winham  5.00

John Winham Jr.  2.50

Dic Johnson   5.00

H. H. King    5.00

G R. Robinson   5.00

??  Buffington  5.00

?  Crow  5.00

S. L. Mills   5.00

J. Bolin    5.00

W. Bolin    5.00

A. J. Vanderbuilt    5.00

Sister Roberst   2.50

Sister Taylor    2.50

T. Hardy    2.50

G. Powel   2.50

I also have seen instances where Red Cross helped and the Salvations army.  But if the pauper received anything from them they were not allowed to collect from the county.  Also while searching I noticed a lot of the local business sold  their goods to the poor farm and were reimbursed by the County.  This included drugs, clothing, wood, groceries and many other items.

1899 A. J. Maxey was awarded the keeper and in the 1900 census they are found in the Garland Township with A. J. Maxey as the keeper and 4 Paupers listed as living there.


1900 Miller County Jail and north state line Garland Township

Next door to A. J. Maxey  (A. J. Maxey was awarded the keeper for 1899)

Jones, Richard  White listed as head age 40 born 1860 in Arkansas Father from Ala. And mother from Ark.  Hard to read looks like a Pauper?

Mann, Thomas White age 60 born 1840  in Kentucky Pauper of Miller county Poor farm 

Trigg, Susan Black Age 65 born 1835 in Ark. Shows she had 10 children with six still living. Shows she is a widow. Pauper of Miller County Poor Farm 

Junn, Linda Black She is a widow Age 41 born 1859 in Ark.  She had 11 Children can’t read if any are still living.  Pauper of Miller County Poor Farm.   

While looking at the paper there was an obit for Mrs. Rivers.  It was in 1/24/1906 newspaper.  She died on the 20th. It was titled Young Wife’s Cruel Fate.  The remains of Mrs. Rivers, the young woman who died. were buried at the county’s expense, at 2 o’clock this afternoon at Woodlawn cemetery by Undertaker East.  Her grandmother and grandfather reached here this morning from Hope in response to a telegram announcing their granddaughter’s death, but they are extremely poor, and unable to provide for her funeral expenses.  It is said they were compelled, even to borrow the small sum necessary to pay their railroad fare from Hope to Texarkana.  Mrs. Rivers was only 17 years old at the time of her death.  Three years ago, when only 14, she was married to a young man named Rivers.  About six weeks ago she was taken seriously ill, whereupon, it is said, her husband deserted her and left the community for parts unknown, leaving her absolutely in want and without any means whatever.  Her mother Mrs. Dobson, was with her, but she is also poor and could do little but neighbors were kind and afforded all the relief they were able, from the time of the husband’s desertion until the final end came.  A wife at fourteen; deserted, dead and in a pauper’s grave at seventeen, a cruel fate.  Yet sometimes it is much sweeter to die than to live and perhaps this was a case of that kind.  Her young innocent life went out under clouds of sorrow and despair; but there must be “compensation” somewhere.

Laws were passed in 1904 about all counties will have a poor farm.  Miller county has already been doing it.

Feb 2 1900 A line is added to the poor farm maintence contract for the keeper about burial of the paupers.  The keeper is in charge of burying the paupers that die on the farm.

Oct 1904    In the matter of Paupers

Mrs. J. W. Cook and three children decalred Paupers

B. C. Pharr care of pauper J. W. Cook, 10.45

Jan 1905  In the matter of Pauper of Poor Farms Mrs. Cook and children:  Discharge

They are now able to care for themselves.  Order keeper to discharge her Feb 15 1905

April 1905

Mrs  Cook declared a pauper.  No means to care for herself and small children.

1910 Miller County Census Garland township

Cully, Lewis J.  White Age 40 Born in Arkansas        Superintendent

Cully, Elmer    White age 10 born in Ark.  Son

Cully, Bennie   White Age 8 born in Ark.  Dau

Cully, Ella    White Age 4 Born in Ark. Dau

Hardeman, Elijah, White Age 48 Widow born  unknown inmate

Keon, Jack White age 60 Widow Born Unknown inmate

Cochran, James White age 70 Widow Born unknown inmate

Bonham, Amanda White age  85 Widown Born unknown inmate

Lemley, Sarah White age 100 Widow born Unknown inmate

Bigby, Tammy white age 51 Widow born unknown inmate

Mercer, Mark Black age 45 widow born unknown inmate

Henry, Luke Black age 75 Widow born unknown inmate

Johnson, Frank Black age 80 widow born unknown inmate

Jackson, Henry Black age 48 widow born unknown inmate   

In May of 1914 There was a contract between Miller county and Y. G. Rice for repairs on the poor farm which had 4 building to be worked on.

House #1 was to be re-covered with sap in shingles.  Side wall of two rooms to be celled with flooring.  Replace stud on these walls in the same rooms. Replace two screen doors and a wire fence in front of housel.

House #2 Brick Work.  Tear out flue and rebuild.  To remove old house blocks and replace.  To build two pair steps.  Replace two broken window panes.  Repair one door and renail flooring.  Also to recover entire house with sap pine shingles.  And to repair house generally such as re-nailing old boards that are loose, etc.

House #3  To remove ten old blocks and replace with new blocks.  To recover with sap pine shingles.  To build two pair steps.  To furnish foundation same as old and re-floor with new flooring.

House #4  Replace old sill in back room with new sill.  Re-nail floor in same room.  Recover roof same as House #3.  To place new sheathing in place of any rotten sheathing.  To build two pairs steps.  Rebuild front porch including joist and floor.  To furnish one bottom sash.  Replace 14 old blocks with new.  To rebuild flue same as house #2

Generally:  The contractor shall re-nail all loose boards where nails have rusted out at bottom on outside of any house mentioned in these specifications.  Also to repair one toilet.  These specifications are intended for a general repairing.  Contractor to grades of lumber on all houses the same as is now in place.

Texarkana Papers Friday Oct 20, 1916

Under Public Act ? report the following allowances made by the County Court of Miller County, Arkansas during the term beginning July 3rd 1916 and ending Oct 1st 1916.

East Undertaking Co., Burial of paupers, 25.00

Mrs. Etta Culley, Expense Poor Farm  131.25 (Etta M. Crowe  11/19/1894 married Lewis J. Culley)

Mrs. B. J. Bedell, Expense of Pauper, 10.00

Phelps-Hooks Drug Co., Drugs to Poor Farm, 14.60

J. W. Maxwell, Mdse to Paupers, 30.00

Mrs. Etta Cully, Expense Poor Farm, 115.25

East Undertaking Co. Burial Paupers, 15.00



There is a map located at the Miller County Court house with the Poor Farm noted on it also. 

Now the County Farm had inspections.  It wasn’t just assumed everything was fine.  This was done by Grand Jury Reports to the court.  Reports were not always favorable.  Sometimes there were two a year.

GRAND JURY REPORT June 1918:  We find at the Poor Farm that the nine inmates are well cared for and satisified and wish to commend the present keeper of the farm for his efficiency.  We find several buildings on County Farm in bad repair and would recommend that these repairs be done at once.

In the 1920 census the farm can be found in Garland Township with William Quillian as the Farm Manager with his wife living with him.  There are 9 Paupers listed living on the farm.

1920 Miller County Census Garland Township

Quillian, William A. Male White age 67 Born in Miss. Farm Manager

Quillian, Lucinda E. Wife Female White age 69 Born in Ark

Scoggins, John W. Pauper Male White 30 Born in Alabama

Hornduran, William Pauper Male white age 57  1889 na 1833? Born in Germany

Kehan, John Male white Pauper age 53 Born in Ohio

Deskin, Sam R. Male white age 74 born in Missouri

Printer, Samuel B. Male white Pauper age 5? Born in Missouri

Townson, Andrew R. Male White age 81 Pauper  1869 na 1875 Born in Scotland

Gerber, Edward A. Male White Age 61 Pauper Born in Wisconsin

Cibder, William A. male age 74 white pauper Born in Alabama

Murnhea, Mary Black Pauper Age 53 single born in U. S.


We have visited the County Poor Farm and find the houses and premises in Fairly good condition.  We do find, however, that they are very much in need of bedding and clothing; especially now that winter is here.  We would recommend that the necessary bedding and clothing be supplied at once and suggest that the county judge give this immediate attention.  We found ten inmates at the farm;  Nine white and one colored.   

Final report of the Grand Jury,  November Term 1922

We have visted the County Poor farm, and have found the inmates well cared for so far it is possible with the building and equipment provided by the county to care for same.  There were nine white men and one white woman and one black woman being cared for.  After careful investigation of the farm it is the opinion of this County Charge.  We suggest that the County Judge do not spend any more funds on this farm is absolutely necessary to give reasonable care to the inmates but to make arrangements toward the securing of a new and suitable farm as soon as it is practicable.  Apparently this report was not followed, as the county did not start looking for another place.

7/30/1923 Grand Jury’s final report 

We have visited the poor farm and found it in deplorable conditions.   All of the building are in need of repairs, especially screens, and bedding.  The flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, bats and other insects and pests are about to take the place on account of the condition of the screens or no screening.  The keeper claims that he had taken the matter up with the County Judge, but as far has been unable to get any relief.  Our investigation of former grand jury reports reveals the fact that these matters have been recommended but it seems that nothing has been done to relieve the inmates.  One inmate was sick and almost helpless, and should be in a hospital apparently he is receiving no attention whatever.  The poor farm is a disgrace to Miller County and we cannot recommend too strong that the matters be attended to promptly.

Phone arrives in 5/26/1925 Two States Tel. Co.  Was the company and the bill for the Poor Farm was   3.00 a month.


Final Report of the Grand Jury

We visited the County Farm and found the premises well kept, and in a neat and clean condition, and all the inmates of the institution are well cared for.  We found none of the land in cultivation save a garden plot.  Our observation of the lands in the farm leads us to believe that the land is too poor to be cultivated with any degree of success.  We found the building in good condition, but are of the opinion that they are entirely too close together, making the fire hazard to great.  We recommend that the large building occupied by the male inmates of the institution be moved one hundred feet south in order to reduce the fire hazard and also to take advantage of the shade afforded by a large tree on the premises.  We also recommend that certain repairs be made on the roof of the building occupied by the women.  We further recommend that all of the buildings be given at least two coats of paint, as none of the buildings have been painted.  We are of the opinion that a fruit orchard and berries be set out of sufficient size to provided fruits for the use of the inmates and for a surplus for a sale to the public.  We believe that if this recommendation is carried out the farm in a measure be made self-supporting.  We found that the well on the property does not supply a sufficient supply of water for use on the place, and recommend that an additional supply of water be provided.  Driving by it looks like there is still an orchard there but it is only a few trees.


Final report of the Grand Jury:

We have inspected the County Farm and find the building is good condition and find that all the inmates are well cared for and are satisfied with the treatment, which they receive.  The food is well prepared and furnished in sufficient quantities.

Pg 441 7/9/1926

Final Report of Grand Jury:

We have visited the County Farm.  There at present seven inmates of the County Farm, and they are well treated, well fed and contented.  To desire to commend Mrs. Chittim, the Keeper of the Farm, for her splendid management of the farm and her kind consideration of the inmates.  We recommend that the two old houses be torn down. 


Grand Jury Report:

The Grand Jury has inspected the County Poor Farm and found the conditions good.  The inmates are well cared for and are not crowded.  One building is poorly constructed but it is understood the County Corium Court intends to rebuild this one.  There is a lack of water, at dry seasons, which seems to be _________ at this particular location of the farm, unless a deep well is put down.  It is recommended that a deep well is put down to provide an ample supply of water at all times

Report of the Grand Jury for the November Term 1927

The inmates of the county poor farm are well cared for, well fed and satisfied.  And we find this property is in a good state of repair and being well looked after.

Pg  179-180     7/1928

Report of the Grand Jury for the June Term 1928 

We have also examined the County Poorhouse and Farm and find the same in a very excellent condition.  The inmates appear satisfied with the treatment they are receiving, which in our opinion is as good as should be provided.

Report of the grand jury July 1929

Inmates well cared for.  Fences are still up and everything in good shape.

Grand Jury Report for the term 1930 Good condition

In 1930 census in Garland Township The keeper is Earl Ware and he is living there with his wife and son.  There are 8 living there listed as boarders.

1930 Miller County Census Garland Township

Ware, Earl Head Male White  age 31 Married at 29 Born in Texas   

Ware,__   Wife Fem. Age 26 Married at age 23 born in Tenn

Ware, Curtis Son Male White age 2 born in Ark

Juttman, Santhy J. Boarder Female White age 79 widow married at 19 born in Tenn

Langley, Ada  Boarder, Female white age 55 widow married at age 28 born in ark

Scoggins, William, Boarder Male White age 61 born in Ala

Thompson, James W. Boarder Male White age 65 Widow married at age 29 born in Ark

Jones, William A. Boarder male white age 34 born in Ark

Morris, George W. Boarder male white age 71 widow married at 31 born in Georgia

Wilson Urich S.??? boarder male white age 78 born in Tenn   Background info:  (1920  Wilson , uriah S  Boarder age 68 born in Tenn.  He is shown as a boarder. Widow  Occupation is  none father born in Virg.  Mother NC. Days Creek Township  Living in John Giles household.   1910, Uriach  age 56 head .  Owned farm. Showing Single.  His place of birth and parents are the same as 1920.  Living in Days Creek Township  Not far from Giles.  1900  Wilson Uriah age 48 Single april.  1852  Farmer owned farm  Giles not far away 

Pierce, Frank Boarder male white age 64 widow married at age 24 born in Missouri

Jan. 27, 1931

In the matter of the poor and indigent of Miller County Arkansas.  See Book O Miller County Court Records

July 1931 Grand Jury Report

We have through our committee, inspected the Poor Farm.  We are pleased to report that all buildings and properties of the farm are in first class condition.  The inmates seem to be contented and say they are well fed.


Poor Farm Maintaince  Mrs. Hattie Smith 180.00

Poor Farm Service  S. W. Gas & Elec. Co  1.86

Poor Farm Supplies Fowler Drug    10.48


A. A. Staley Pauper Gro 5.00


Mrs. Hattie Smith Poor Farm Maint. 180.00


Buhrman Pharr Hdw. Gro. Poor Farm  18.50


S. W. & Gas & Elec Co. Service Poor Farm 2.64


Burial handled by East Funeral Home 


age 70


Miller County Poor Farm

1/1 thru 1/31/1942 & 2/1 thru 2/29/1944     Bills paid by County for Poor Farm

S. W. Gas & Elect 7.55

Fowler Drug Co.  15.91

Clark & Co. - Ins. C. H. & Poor Farm  296.52

Rufus Barkeen Pauper Exp 15.00

Hattie Smith 180.00

March 1944

Poor farm Maint.  Hattie Smith 180.00



In the matter of the disposal of the county property.  Appearing to the Court that Miller County, Arkansas is the owner and in possession of a parcel of land described to wit; NW  NE 22   15   28  Known as the County Poor Farm.  It appearing further that said property should be sold and disposed of and the proceeds applied to the purchase of more desirable property to be used for the care or the aged.  It is therefore by the Court considered, ordered and adjudged that said property be sold, and that a certified copy of this order be presented and delivered to the Assessor of Miller County, Arkansas and that he cause an appraisal of said property to be made, and file same with the Clerk of this court as provided by law.  Signed by Jewel Evers, County Judge.  County clerk Ell Westbrook.  Weaver Lewis Tax Assessor.  Stated fair cash market value of said property is sum of 3000.00 signed by Robert Boehmen, Morris M. Haak, and Naomi Watson.  

Newspaper reported on 10/14/1951 Texarkana Papers

Miller County to Sell Farm Property

The Miller County Poor farm near Rondo will be sold and the occupants relocated Judge Jewel Evers said Saturday.  He said the move was necessary because of the remoteness of the present farm and because most of the 40 acres lay idle.  Judge Evers said that the need for closer medical supervision was another factor in the decision to sell the farm.  A new Poor farm site was not disclosed, pending completion of purchase.  Bids will be accepted till Nov 1 1951 at the county Judges office.

10/21/1951 Texarkana Papers Legal Notice of sale of county property

Notice is hereby given that Miller County Arkansas will offer for sale the following described real estate located and situated in Miller County, Arkansas upon sealed bids from the highest bidder subject to the approval of the board of approval to wit:

The Northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 22, township 22, township 15, south of range 28 west known as the County Poor Farm.  Sealed bids shall be submitted to the office of the County Judge, Room 115 Arkansas, by the 1st day of Nov. 1951.  The appraised value of said property appraised as provided by law is 3000.00.  The county judge and the Board of Approval retains the right to reject any and all bids received pursuant to this notice as provided by law.  Jewel Evers County Judge of Miller County Ark.


Miller county poor farm sold for 4550.00.  Northwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter of Section 22, Township 15, South, range 28 West. Containing 40 acres and Improvements; known as Miller County Poor Farm.




County Home Lots 10 & 11 & 12 in Blk 2.  H. P Williams Southside Addition

I believe all this below refers to the County Home that was a nursing home.


Custodian Hattie smith 110.00


Custodian Hattie Smith 110.00


Name Hattie Smith drops off


Jamie F. Hall Jr shows up as custodian


Order to sell county property referred to as County Home.  



1885- A. S. Jones

1886- J. M. Childs

1887- W. W. McGee / He failed to comply so Thomas Hodge was assigned


1889- J. R. Pitts

1890- J. R. Pitts


1892- Hines Euganks

1893- Thomas Hodge

1894- Thomas Hodge

1895- Thomas Hodge

1896- Thomas Hodge



1899- A. J. Maxey

1900- A. J. Maxey

1901- Thomas Hodge

1902- H. V. Earnest

1903- H. V. Earnest

1904- W. H. Dean

1905- Thomas Hodge

1906- N. W. Randolf

1907- Mrs. Elda Randolf


1909- S. G. Cully

1910- Lewis J. Cully

1911- Mrs. Etta Cully

1912- Mrs. Etta Cully

1913- Mrs. Etta Cully

1914- Mrs. Etta Cully

1915- Mrs. Etta Cully

1916- Mrs. Etta Hyndman / Mrs. Cully married 11/16/1916 J. W. Hyndman

1917- Mr. W. A. Quillen

1918- Mr. W. A. Quillen

1919- Mr. W. A. Quillen

1920- Mr. W. A. Quillen

1921- J. C. Blanchett

1922- J. C. Blanchett

1923- J. C. Blanchett / Bert Roberts Oct 1923

1924- Mrs. Ella Chittem

1925- Mrs. Ella Chittem

1926- Mrs. Ella Chittem

1927- Mrs. Ella Chittem

1928- Mrs. Ella Chittem

1929- Earl Ware

1930- Earl Ware

1931- Earl Ware

1932- Earl Ware

1933- Earl Ware

1934- Earl Ware

1935- Earl Ware

1936- Mrs. C. B. (Kate) Vanderbuilt

1937- Kate Vanderbuilt

1938- Katie Vanderbuilt

1939- Katie Vanderbuilt


1941- Hattie Smith

1942- Hattie Smith

1943- Hattie Smith

1944- Hattie Smith