J. W. Morrow, Groceries & Feed, Texarkana, bowie county Texas, Miller County Arkansas

J.W. Morrow

Groceries & Feed

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Place of business, Reading the information on the Wagon this is what it has on it: 

J. W. Morrow

Phone __

209-211? State St.

On the seat up front it also has J. W. Morrow on it.


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This is J. W. Morrow's residence.


1899-1900 Texarkana City Directory List John W. Morrow, meats, 318 w Broad and his residence at 1222 Walnut. 

1900 Census with Wife Katie, Children Joe W., Loulo?, Walter J.?. Born in Alabama and was a Grocer.  J. W. & Kate show married 16yrs.

1901 City Directory list John W. Morrow under Grocers-Retail  at 211 E. Broad.

1910 Census shows John W. Morrow living at 1222 Walnut street with wife and two children, Joe. W. 25, Walter J. 19.  Occupation listed as Grocer.