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Texarkana City Directory  



Extracted by Doris Lindblad.

Newspaper article 3/29/1899

1899-1900 City Directory:  Arkansas Democrat Co., of Little Rock the publishers.  The directory department of the Arkansas Democrat Co. is represented in this city by Messrs. H. E. Miller and L. L. Bianbard, who have charge of the canvass for the new city directory for 1899-1900.  They have been actively at work with the result that a first class volume is assured.  Texarkana is on the directory circuit of the Democrat Co. which embraces Little Rock, Hot Springs and other cities.  These works are highly complimented by business men.  In complimented by business  men.  In completeness and accuracy their directory excel all others.  It will contain four directories bound in one volume.  First, a directory of Miscellaneous information pertaining to state, county and organizations, public halls, buildings, etc., secret and benevolent societies, schools and churches, in fact a full and complete directory of useful information.  Second, the alphabetical directory, giving name, residence and occupation of all person over eighteen years of age residing in the city compiled in alphabetical order.  Third a classified business directory, containing a list of the business and professional people, arranged alphabetically under the proper business headings.  Fourth, the directory will contain an entirely new feature in the way of a street and avenue guide--giving first a description of the street that it may readily be found, following each description will be a list of all householders residing on the street arranged numerically.  This will be a very useful feature; it will enable a person to refer to any number and ascertain the name of householder.  This directory will be of vast benefit to both citizens and visitors, and being consulted by people in all walks of life will provide a valuable advertising medium.  This volume will be in use two years and advertisers.  It is to the interest of the city and business community to join the publishers in making this directory complete and by their patronage encourage a work which has the interest of the community at heart.  The standing of the Arkansas Democrat Co. is a guarantee as to the reliability of the work.  The last directory was published in 1897 and is now absolute as many changes have taken place since that time.  Taken from Texarkana papers.


Canaan Baptist Church, 816 Laurel, Rev. J.M. Harris, pastor

Christian Church, State Line Avenue, Rev. Weaver, pastor

Church of God, 924 Laurel, Rev. W.M. Christian, pastor

Church of the Sacred Heart, 225 Spruce, Rev. Alexis Barbin, pastor

Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Pine, nw cor w 7th, Rev. W.P. Preston, pastor

Fairview ME Church, South, Laurel, se cor 16th, Rev. G.C. Hardy, pastor

First Baptist Church, Pine, nw cor w 4th, Rev. W.A. Freeman, pastor

First ME Church, e 4th, nw cor Hazel, Rev. E.D. Strong, pastor

First Presbyterian Church, Maple nw cor 3rd, Rev. J.N. McFarland, pastor

Jewish Synagogue, Walnut, se cor e 4th

Miles CME Church, Walnut, ne cor w 10th, Rev. A.W. Walker, pastor

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 320 Elm, Rev. C.M. Moore, pastor

Oak St. Colored Baptist Church, 703 n Oak, Rev. H.M. Edwards, pastor

Olive St. Baptist Church, sw cor w 8th, Rev. W.E. Neill, pastor

Rose Hill M.E. Church South, 1109 Phenie Av, Rev. G.C. Hardy, pastor

St. James A.M.E. Church, 621 Laurel, Rev. W.M. Winston, pastor

St. James P.E. Church, sw cor w 5th, Rev. P.T. Finn, rector

St. Paul A.M.E. Church, 603 Olive, Rev. J.A. Frost, pastor

State Line M.E. Church South, w 4th, nw cor State Line Av, Rev. D.F.C. Timmons, pastor

Sunset Baptist Church, Rose Hill

Visitors M.E. Chapel, 318 East, CH, Rev. Haywood Bright, pastor

Wheeler C.M.E. Chapel, e 9th, ne cor Ash, Rev. J.E. Toombs, pastor





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