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This cemetery is located in Miller County, AR on Hwy 67N, 1.3 miles north  of the entrance to Texarkana Regional Airport. It is surrounded by a chainlink fence, with both pedestrian and vehicle gates. It is regularly mowed. There are many unmarked graves and some with temporary funeral home markersthat are unreadable. The headstones and markers listed constitute not more than 1/3 of the burials, which have been conducted in this cemetery.

Surveyed by
Tresa Underwood and Doris Lindblad,
August 23, 2002.

Following some names will be the notation (DB). This information was obtained at the Courthouse.  Names Marked with *, came from the obits the society has on file.

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Photo provided by Bill & Betty Sharp
July 2003

Abdullah, Nizam  6/11/1929-3/20/1998 Corp. US ARMY Korea
Charlie Meadows Jr.  Nizam Abdullah (OBIT)

Abdullah, Nizam Jr. 1/15/1954-6/11/1957
Adams, Minnie  4/6/1902-7/25/1926  Triggs Light Seeker Chamber #5400 Mandeville Ark.
Barnes, Fred W. 3/14/1935-1/31/2000 age 64
Bruce, Dalvin Leonard Mr.  5/26/1914-9/9/1997 age 83 Moores Funeral Home marker.
Cheatham, George (Syl)  8/31/1953-6/19/2002  age 48  Temp. marker John J. Jones

DANSBY, Eldrew J.   7/17/1921   12/30/2004
Dansby, Newman Daniel 11/11/1865-4/13/1930  New stone replacing an older one.
DANSBY, Velma Louise     4/6/1929   1/30/2003*
Dunkins, Lizzie 10/21/1891-10/21/1925 Triggs Light Seeker Chamber #5400 Texarkana Ark.
Dunn, Bernice  6/17/1913-1/3/1956
Elyok, Sarah DOD 5/13/1921 age 72 (DB) NO STONE FOUND informant was Napolean Glass
FINN, Legusta       2/12/1926       3/21/1999*

Foster, Winnie DOD 3/12/1921 age 51 (DB) NO STONE FOUND Dau/ Judge Murphy & Lizzie
Glass, Napoleon B. 8/16/1920-1/25/1994  US ARMY WWII

GOLSTON, Frankie Darnell   9/30/1961   4/17/2004
Golston Hardie Lee  9/15/1928-5/20/1949 Concrete slab about size of coffin.
Golston, Hardy or Handley  age 69  197??  Temp marker
GOLSTON, Lillie Mae       12/28/1938     1/4/1994*

Golston, Loraine 1938-/1994 age 55 Temp. Marker Lyles

GOLSTON, Sharon   2/13/1970   3/11/2004
Gray, Robert Lee 3/26/1910-6/1/1999 age 89 Temp. Marker John J. Jones
Hall, Josephine      1867-10/05/1914 Pride of Mandeville Chamber 2444
Hawkins, Jessie C. 2/15/1856-3/1/1914
Hawkins, Margarette 1864-2/1/1922 Pride of Mandeville Chamber 2444

Hawkins, Melvin T. Died 9/16/1918-Age 32 PVT CO. B. 834TH LABOR BNS or BNF
Died in France

Hawkins, Polly    3/22/1874-8/16/1927  Pride of Mandeville Chamber 2444
Henry, Meadow T.    7/12/1931-1/3/1969
Lollis, Yester 1935-2000 age 64 Temp Marker

MALONE, Salena       9/9/1957     6/23/1999*
Martin, Alvin L or I 1950-1998 age 47

Meadows, Charlie Jr. 8/1/1958-3yrs 6 mths 15days Tmp. Marker Jones. 
Marker loose and not on a grave.

Miller, Lizzie rest is below ground
Palmer, Tressia   1/28/1905-11/06/1997 age 92 Temp. Marker John J. Jones
Paxton, Christine 11/03/1928-7/31/1997

Paxton, Wille L. 12/15/1916-7/7/1993 PVT. US ARMY WWII
(Photo provided by

PRIMUS, Renea   11/28/1961   11/27/2004

Sanders, Viola  10/23/1909-4/1/1991

SCOTT, Ulysses     4/20/1920    1/14/1998*

Smith, Bob W. 9/1/1887-8/16/1927 Masonic Emblem?

STEWART, Carl Lee Sr.    7/6/1920   9/21/2004

Stewart, Pagerine 2/20/1922-10/2/1986
Tyler, Will  3/11/1876-2/04/1929 Lone Star Temple 1501 Mandeville
Unknown, Concrete slab about size of coffin beside Golston.

Unknown, Haw????  First name unreadable Ruby E. 
Born 1937? Dod unreadable Age 53 Temp. Marker

Unknown, Sve??? Ulysses Born 1920 Death date 1998?  Age 77?  Temp Marker

WALKER, Alfoncia    3/28/1930   11/4/2004

WALKER, Gus       9/6/1906     4/8/1997*

WALKER, Lynn Lee   3/13/1951   8/6/2005

Williams, A. J. 9/4/19??-9/07/1933 old stone broken

WILLIAMS, Donnell   8/10/1950     9/15/2004

Williams, Hattie H. 2/6/1876-6/15/1952
Williams, M. W. 12/24/1874-7/24/1953
Williams, Wiam?  1954-1958 Concrete with marbles on bottom

WISE, Lucy Mae      9/11/1928       8/1/1997*

WOODS, Billy Earl Sr       7/16/1953     1/14/1999*
Woods, Isaac L. 9/16/1944-3/9/1991
Woody, Ada 1885-1/22/1926 Masonic Emblem?


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