1952 schoollist Arkansas Senior High Miller county AR


Submitted By Estelle Lindsey Shipp

This annual was dedicated to Superintendent W.M. Locke, because he has impressed students, faculty members and outsiders alike with his tremendous appeal as a man and an educator; because everyone who has ever met him, has admired him: because he always kept the best interests of AHS foremost in his mind; and because he truly represents the "Arkansas way of Life" with all that it means to us, we are proud to dedicate the 1952 edition of The Porker to Superintendent W. M. Locke.


Corporal Henry Charles Hodde Jr
August 17, 1932-September 18, 1951


Mrs. A. J. Collins
Joe Lavender
Pearson Walsh
Trevor Caven
W. Q. Burns
W. M. Locke-Superintendent
K.B.Davis Principal
L.F. McAfee, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Evelyn Ammons, Journalism, English
Mrs. Doris Grosse, Asst Sect. To Supt

Mrs. Geraldine Atchison-Commercial
Eugene Barger-Auto-Mechanics
Charlie Mae Chapel-Sect. to Supt.
Helen Click-Librarian
Ruth Fomby- Mathematics, Spanish
Lucy Ellis- Mathematics
Robert C. Ellen- Head Coach- Physical Education
Hazel Conway- Health Education

M.A. Thompson- Biology
Imogene B.Vance- Mathematics, History
Wallace VanSickle- Director Of Music
Floy C. Walters- English, Librarian

Lucy Thatcher- Asst. Director Of Music
Ayline Strurdevant- Latin, English
Ruth Stewart- Health Education
James Stewart- Physical Education-Science-Asst. Coach
Mrs. G.A. Simmons-Sect.
Lois Spears, Sect to Principal
Ernestine Sewell, English
Delwin Ross, Government, Physical Education, Asst. Coach
Thelma Horner, History
W.E.McGuire, Distributive Education
Mirian Lavender, Sec To Agriculture  Dept.

William F. Williams, Guidance
Harold L.Wilson, History
Lilamae Waters,  Home Economics
Ned L. White, Science
John C. Johnson, Agriculture
George Fowler, Commercial
Vivian Garner, Sect to Principal
Bernice Henderson, English
Geraldine Hendren, Home Economics

~~Senior Class Of 1952~~

Joe Alexander
Irma Arterbury
Troy Arterbury
Jimmy Ashby
Anita Attaway
Neita JoAdvance
Doris Janet Baker
Glenn Baker
Dortothy Ruth Baskett
Jennette Beeman
Billy Beauford
Ginger Chris Benson
Chead Blue
Raymond Braswell
Mary Brazell
Leo Brian
Billy Jo Brooks
Jerry Lee Brown
Vivia Buhler
Ray Carter
Madge Cockran
George Corbett
LeRoy Cox
George Creamer
Charles Dagnel
Dolores Dennington
Mary Dodd
Luther Ray Douglas

Nona Edwards
Paul Edwards
Charles Elkins
Gewndolyn Evins
Virgil Faulkner
James Fraze
Doyle Frazier
Jimmy Gardner
Teddy Gladden
Edwin Goodson
Jo Francis Griffin
Darrell Griffith
Lawson Walraven
Clyde Haak

Moris Hale
Maxine Hannond
Kenneth Hannibal
Melba Harris
Roy Harris
Larry Henderson
Betty Hickey
Dorothy Hilton
Billy Hubbard
Helen Hughes
Jimmy Hulsey
Quida Ingram
Jack Jernigan
Betty Jean Johnson

Charlotte Jones
Thelma Jones
Luke Kemp
Wayne Kennedy
Frances Logan
Emma McDonald
Bennie McElroy
May  McGaha
Bill Mc Gill

Beverly McNair
Shirley Mays
Maxine Merchant
Buddy Metts
Nancy Military
Doris Miller
Eddie Miller

Thelma Miller
Alfred Missildine
Francine Moore
Margaret Morgan
Patsy Mote
Roy Nichols
Robert Layton Norsworthy
Barbara Norwood
Kenneth Ochensbein
Jean Odom
Ola Ann O'Neal
Alma Jo Orr
Lawerence Orr
Clint Otwell
Robert Edwin Parker
Mary Jane Parsons
Wanda Patterson
Ray Perkins
Sidney Peterson
Jerry Peyton
Carolyn Dean Pope
Steve Powell
Juanita Prestidge
Lee Roy Price
Nancy Gail Regan
Roger Rice
Virginia Robertson
Billy  Rutherford
Nancy Schmieder
Vernon Schmeider
David Scoggins

Sue Segrest
Jackie Sewell
Patsy Shaw
Fern Skinner
Mary Snead
Norma Wayne Stewart
Steve Stone
Alivan Sullivan
Hillary Joan Tagart
Shelby Tanner
Kathryn Taylor
Earl Wayne Terrell
Thelma Thomas
Wayne Tibbit
Kenneth Townsend
Edwin Tucker
Larry Vann
William Lewis Varner

Sue Carolyn Vest
Mary Olive Wallace
Myrtle Ward
Kenneth  Franklin Webb
Martha West
David White
Lula Mae Wilburn
Peggy Lynn Wilson
Roxie Wilson
Roxie Wise
Betty Wormington


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