1947 redwater high school bowie county texas

Redwater High School 1947 Dragon Annual

This 1947 annual is the oldest that has been located. It’s believed to have been the first one published at Redwater.  It is in a blue soft back folder, the pictures are reproduced, but the other pages are typed individuality. This Annual belonged to Archie Lacy & was loaned by his brother Robert Eitel.  Typed up for the web site by Glenn Thrapp.


The Board Of Education

Lloyd Grimes – President

Edgar McCloskey – Secretary

Guy Spencer, Joe Stotts, W.M. Smith, J.R. Stinson, Gerald Hunnicutt. 


Mr. W.E. Johns – Superintendent

Mr. H.R. Hamilton – Principal High School

Mr. W.C. Autrey – Principal Grade School

Mrs. Elsie Letcher – Fourth Grade

Mrs. W.G. Autrey – Fifth Grade

Mrs. Lydia Irvin – Sixth Grade

Mrs. R.L. Arnold – Seventh Grade

Mrs. Nell Smith – Eighth Grade

Mr. Glynn Speer  - Agriculture

Mrs. E.G. McMichael – English

Miss Holcomb – History

Miss Allie Cates – Third Grade

Mrs. Harris Musgrove – Business

Mrs. Earl Lewis – Home Economics

Mrs. Areland Stricklen – Music

Mrs. H.R. Hamilton – First Grade



Oneal McDougal, Lila Mae Akin, David Long, Kathleen Pickering, Betty Sowell, Lola Hamilton, Mell McCloskey, Walter Loden, Carl Walker, Martha Higginbotham, Edwin McGee, Laverne Robinson, Archie Lacy, Jean Johns, Bobbie Walker, Judy Fagan


Virginia Holt, Paul Loden, Pearl Jordan, Deloris Stotts, Laura Johnson, Joye Clark, Virginia McDermott, Ruthie Walker, Tommy Batson, Burnard Robinson, Earl Shelton, Pierce Boone, Maybell Jordan, Lelon Griffin, Joe Ray Nunn, Louise Bell, Evelyn Spencer, Charles Bell


Margaret Bettes, Mural Gibson, Ollie Drew Holt, Paula Creed, Leola Akin, Marjorie Rogers, Ramona Higginbotham, Billie Smith, Kenneth Reed, Charles Vann 


Billy Phares, Geraldine Hunnicutt, Gerald Gibson, Birdie Nettles, Margie Hamilton, Betty Phares, Peggy Fleming, Perry Robinson, Jenny Taylor, Harvey Alexander, Zonatta Wilson, Joe Culpepper, Buddy Gibson, Drusilla Butts, Mary Graham, Paul Boone,  Ross Lewis, Jud Jordan, Carol Burks, Imogene Anderson.