1924 Texas High School Texarkana Bowie County

1924 Texarkana Texas High 
The Texas Tiger

Copied  by Phyllis Zachry from the School Annual that once belonged to Wilbur Smith, that belongs to a relative.
She also  copied Photo's!  A copy will be placed in the Texarkana Library.

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School Board

Bounds               Fewell

Bonner                               Garrett

Temple          Prator          Lincoln 


Mr. H. W. Stilwell, Superintendent

Mr. Lynn B. Davis, Principal

Miss Natalie McClannahan, Sec. To Superintendent

Emma Louise Martin, English

Lillian Hollowell, English

Ruth Karlene Shifflette, English

Cara L. Boswell, English   

F. Ben Pierce, History & Math

H. E. Millsap, Math

Pauline Weaver, Math

B. B. Lawson, Manual Training 

Minnie Coor, History

Minnie Wiles, Study Hall & Dean of Girls

Lee Jones, Athletic Coach, History

Irene Walters, English 

Celia Ann Renfro, French & Spanish

Opie D. Dalby, Latin

R. H. Sparkman, History & Science

W. P. Akin, Science 

Katharyn M. Dawsey, Shorthand & Typewriting

Floy Jones, Domestic Science

C. Clyde Mitchell, Commercial Subjects

Grace Robertson, Domestic Art


Senior Officers

Pres., Malcolm Hopkins

Vice Pres., Norman Smith

Sec. & Treas., Ross McKinney

Valedictorian, Gaston Dalby

Salutatorian, Buenos Sikes

First Honor Girl, Ophelia Farr 


Mr. Mitchell

Miss Weaver 

Motto:  Knowledge conquers all things.

Flower:  Sweet Peas

Colors:  Pink & Green 

Officers of the Mid Term Graduates, 1924

Pres., Leroy Davies

Vice Pres., Elizabeth Mathis

Sec. & Treas., Carl Mozingo

Reporter, Katharine Patching

Valedictorian, Josephine Colvin

Salutatorian, Carl Mozingo 


Mr. Lawson

Miss Robertson

Motto:  Not to Set the World Afire But to Be a Good Match

Flower:  White Rose

Colors:  Purple & Gold

The Texas Tiger Staff Officers

Magee, Asst. Athl. Editor

Hill, Athletic Editor

Hopkins, Adv. Mgr.

Ford, Asst. Bus. Mgr

Kevil, Bus. Mgr.

Dalby, Editor in chief

McKinney, Asst. Editor

Farr, Class Ed.

Lofton, Society

Prud’homme, Poet

Hicks, Prophet

Diehl, Historian

Stone, Jokes



Laura Armstrong (Mid Term)

Morris Bridges

Clara Brocherding

Jarman Buttram

Veasy Buttram

Harold Calhoun 

Neilye Cargill

Mattie Collinsworth (Mid-Term)

Nellie Collinsworth (Mid-Term)

Josephine Colvin

Floyd Cooley

Elizabeth Cooper 

Gaston Dalby

Leroy Davies (Mid-Term)

Aradell Davis (Mid-Term)

Helen Davis

Ruth Defee

Christine Diehl 

Evelyn Earp (Mid-Term)

Dorothy Elder

Ophellia Farr

Joe Farrar

Thelma Ford

Belle Friedman 

Mable Goodwin

Raph Greenwood (Mid-Term)

Mattie Kate Haldeman

Marie Hatch

William Henderson

Vivian Herrington 

Francis Hicks

Arthur Hill

Virginia Holmes (Mid Term)

Malcolm Hopkins

Opie Howdeshell

Burl Huckabee (Mid Term) 

Paul Jones (Mid Term)

Thomas Kevil

Dorothy Kipple (Mid Term)

Herbert Line

Edna Lofton

Elizabeth Mathis (Mid Term) 

Lucille Magee

Thurman Mathews

Ross McKinney

Doris Messner

Lillian Morris (Mid Term)

Carl Mozingo (Mid Term) 

Willa Nita Mulhern

Martha Parks

Jessie Lee Parish

Katherine Patching (Mid Term)

L. P. Perdue

Mattie Perry 

Robbie Peyton

Henry Warren Pirkey

Lynn Prudhomme

Zack Rising

Tom Roberts

Katherine Scherer 

Howard Schultz

Buenos Sikes

Lois Smith

Nita Smith

Norman Smith

Lucille Southerland 

John Stanfield

Yvonna Stone

Irene Tidwell

Warren Waterman

Harry Webb



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