Arkansas Schools Miller County 1922 Honor roll

March, 6 1922
Miller County Arkansas

Class Names Officers.  Graduates of North Heights School will Number 22.
Principal T. V. Reid in commenting on the North Heights school recently took advantage of the occasion to call attention to the graduating class for 1922, which has 22 members and is said to be one of the best classes ever had in the history of that school  While the graduating date is stil some time away the class has already named its officers as follows:  Class president, Thelma Bates; valedictorian; Edna McConnell; historian, Shepherd Rice; class poet Agnes McCowan; class prophet, Lawrence Herrol; sponsor, T. V. Reid.  The class has selected purple and gold as the class colors and the rose is the officially designated flower.  The class motto is "Not Finished, Just Begun"




DEC. 15, 1922


Following is the honor roll of the Texarkana (Ark) public schools for the third (November-December) month of school:  Taken from The Daily Texarkanian Dec. 15, 1922 typed up by Elizabeth Brown.


Fairview School

1-A: Helen Cabiness, Cleo Reed, Annie Jane  Stevens, Fannie Thompson

1-B: Pauline Bridewell, Clinton Hylen, Virginia  Wayne Lavender, Rodney Marshall, Maeoni   Allums Middleton, Ernest Oates, Ruth Scott,  Charles Yarbrough.

2-B: May Benze, Paulilne Childress, Elizabeth  Clark, Charline Cochran, Onelta Collins,  Westly Green, Doroth Jopling Norwood King, Carolyn Peterson, Bailey Phelps, Denise  Porcher, Bob Wadley, Art Warwick, William Wright.

2-A: Jorn Allen Bieloh, Ernest Klein, Horace Reed, Lillie Strange

3-B: Margaret Dean, Mae Albert Finley, Harold  Gray, Sarah Gray, Sarah Jane Hyden, Charles  Nancarrow, Kenneth Quillen

3-A: Stewart Beall, Joseph Lavender, Paul Quillen,  alie Sue Paup

4-B: Ben Pugh Walsh, Janie Myrtle Johnson

4-A: Edward Green, Richard Klein, Lay Moon

 College Hill School

1-A: Aubrey Gower, Woodrow Hitt

1-B: Thelma Hamilton, Clara King , Maxine Mustilan,  Lucile Swanzer

2-A: Garvin Hall, Leonard Hall, J T Mustian, Preston  McWilliams

2-B: J W cornelius, J R Moon, Mary Clements Oats,  Katherine Peek, Louise Thompson, Archie Yarberry               

3-A: O C Pierce        

4-A: Woodrow Oats   

4-B: Ben Grigson, Morris Roebuck       

5-A: Reta Haney, Johnnie Orr       

5-B: Camille Lavender, Theron Martin, David Neal        

Central School                       

1-B: Lois Bullard, Mary Buhler, Janet Buhler, Doris  Ramsey, Jeddie Levy

1-A: Kathryn Angell, Helen Isaacks, Marian O'Neal

2-B: Marshall Finley, Pearl Lurry, James Magee,  Claud Phipps

2-A: Julius Barrett, Evelyn Hayden, Fred Lurry,  Robert Martin, Alma Tutor, Hazel White

3-B: George Halsey, Joe Haye, Billie Mullin, Laura Vann

3-A: June Kennedy,Hal Pittman, Virginia Traylor

4-B: Ashley Crow

4-A: Joe Clark, Heloise Hardy, Harold Qullien,  Mary Constance Williams

5-B: Alford Dempsey

5A: Louise Acruman, Pauline Block, William Fuller, Constance Halsey, Dorothy Sanderson, Mollie Joe Stewart, Lucile Williamson

6-B: Jennie Cuckler, Rebecca Forbes, Alex Sanderson,  Robert Scott, Pearson Walsh

6-A: Louise Grossman, Paralee Neild, Thelma Pharr,  Helen Temple, Margaret Wainwright

Junior High

9-B: Violet Boyce, Clifford Ryan

8-A: Joe Hearn, paul Huckins, Virginia Johnson, Alice Thomas

8-B: Jas. Anderson, Rugh Burgadine, Lucile Hendricks,  Lockett Johnson, Lucile Lewis . Benj. Norcross,  Kathrine Sanderson

7-A: Edward Haris, Jim Harrington, Jim Hawthorne, Dorothy Mack, Mary Francis Schifflin, Ava Lee Willis, Linnie Low White, William Waters

7-B: Robt. Boyce, Donald Dawley, Guy Finley, Irene Gilbert, Dorothy Paulk, Maude Saunders, Juanita Shruptine, Pauline Wilson

Senior High

9-A: Louise Edwards, Lillian Hobson, Garth Martin,   Ada Clare Wade  

10-B: Merle Block, Mary Rowland, Hamilton Wilson     

11-B: Georgia Clark, Benie Lee Cross, Katrina Offenhauser, Martha Owen

11-A: Thomas Hinton, Grace Dodd, Hardin Branch   

12-B: Audrey Green, Geraldine Parsons, Mary D.  Philliips, Will Quinn, Gertrude Sanderson,    Alma Thompson, John Upchurch, Madge Wade,  Elizabeth White 

Post Graduates: Mary Maddox, Florence Hitt



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