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1920 - 1929


A Chronology Of Events

Submitted by Wayne Adcock

Other articles submitted  will be marked with person name.  The items not marked were submitted by Wayne. 



1920 A. J. Lummus, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1923

1920 population of Texarkana AR; White 5,846, Negro 2,406, Other 5
1920 population of Texarkana TX; White 8,272, Negro 3,208, Other 1

1920 - The Cotten Belt Hospital was remodeled and has a capacity of 150 beds. Dr. George W A. Hutchinson was the resident physician.


1921 H. M. Barney  becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to1925

1921 John Strange assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.


Fri. 19 May 1922 Dick Choate, Texarkana policeman, died shortly after 3 o'clock this afternoon from shooting at the hands of Hulen Owens, when Choate attempted to prevent the black's escape after being arrested on a charge of larceny. The negro was later captured near Index, eight miles north of there. Officer Choate and Chief Lummus were taking Owens in the latter's automobile to a spot where the Negro had told the officers where goods he was charged with stealing could be located, near the 1500 block of Pecan St. Owens jumped from the car and headed south. At the home of Andrew Howze he hastily entered a Chandler auto standing at the curb and was in the act of driving off when Choate approached him and told him to remain quite. As the policeman approached the car Owens drew a revolver and without warning emptied the contents into the officer who was a few feet distant. The wounded officer fired at the negro as he sank to the ground, wounding him in the head. The Negro drove away as Lummus came to Choate's aid........... in part....
May 1922 The Miller County Circuit court room was filled with a crowd of curious spectators in the expectation of a big sensation developing when the eight men arrested Sat. and Sun. on murder charges as a result of the recent storming of the county jail and lynching of the negro,  Hulen Owens, slayer of Police officer Dick Choate, were brought into court for formal arraignment........


Tues. 26 June 1923 - Dan Marshall, recently appointed by Mayor Conway as chief of police of Texarkana Ar. after his induction into office in april, has resigned that position to accept the contract with the city for hauling rubbish, garbage, and conbustable waste, as provided for in the 2 or 3 ordinances recently passed by the city council at the instance of the city health officer recommended by the state health authorities. According to Mayor Conway, Henry Adams, now motercycle officer and traffic cop since the resignation of Milton Nelson, will be named to succeed Mr. Marshall. Mr. Adams is a experanced officer and it is expected that his appointment as chief will be meet with favor.

1923 Lish Barber assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until he was killed in line of duty, his wife was appointed to complete his term.

1923 Dan Marshall appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. left in 1923

1923 Henry Adams appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1925


9/5/1924 Submitted by TJU

Sheriff and Trusty Make Big Raid on Vacant House After Neighbors Make Complaints.  Eighteen Persons, Two of them women, one with a baby charged with disturbance of peace.  BOOZE IN PARTY  PISTOLS REPORTED FIRED  Eighteen are charged with disturbing the peace.  The other B. Hooker is charged with possession of whiskey.  Sheriff Lish Barber and Charles Brown, a prison trusty, the only aid available, made the raid, in repose to the complaints of residents of the vicinity.  Arkansas police were called when Sheriff Barber found that he had more prisoners than he could handle.  The returning pary made several car loads.  Besdes B. Hooker, the others who were chanrged only with disturbing the peace are Leon Ivey, Rosa Lee Hays, Marcus Stepini, Marshall Peavy, W. W. Tittle, J. L. Roberson, H. E. Gerber, Leo Tiredford, Joe Camponova, Dan O’Brein, W. B. Culberson, B. F. King, Mrs. B. E. King, Richard Jones, H. L. Bryant, and Mrs. B. Hooker.  Two others whose first names officers did not secure but who were said to be men named Couch and Holt completed the party. 

9/6/1924 Submitted by TJU

Death Calls J. W. Stuart An Educator.  Founder of Morning Courier and Former Superintendent Passes Away at his home..  Died this morning at his home Maple and Broad streets.  Born in Balynuea Belfast, Ireland March 16, 1811. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hollums left this morning for their home in Idabel, Oklahoma.  They were here during the illness and death of Mr. Hollums sister,  “Aunt Reece” Hollums, who died Thursday afternoon. 

D. K. Caldwell, engineer for the Bowie county good roads system is in a local hospital having undergone throat operation. 

9/8/1924 Submitted by TJU

The Belvedere dining room, 42nd street and Boulevard, has been purchased by J. F. Choate of Little Rock who has taken charge and will continue operation.  W. O. Caldwell was the original owner. 

Otto Forehand and family returned yesterday from Bogg Springs where they have been spending the past few days visiting his mother, Mrs. E. C. Forehand. 

L. Q. Orr will leave Wednesday morning for Jacksonville, Florida, to attend the Sovereign Grand Lodge convention, I. O. O. F., which will be held there September 15 to 20.  Mr. Orr last October was elected Grand Representative for Arkansas.  He was elected Grand Master of Arkansas in 1922, and is the first man in the state to hold that office and that of Grand Patriot of the Grand Encampment simultaneously. 

Jeff and Dan Henderson, Texarkana boys who hiked it back from the summer camp at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, arrived Saturday night after a six day trip full of interesting experiences.  They caught 20 rides on the way.  Saturday they finished the home stretch of their journey from a point 10 miles north of Mena. 

Mr. Schmidt of Selma, Alabama, has come to Texarkana to be the window decorator and advertising manager of the O’Dwyer and Ahern store.  Mr. Schmidt is an experienced and versatile store man and before coming here was connected with a large department store at Selma.  He has a family here. 

L. D. Gilbert has returned from ST. Louis where he has been on a business visit. 

Mary’s party is thrown out of City Court:  Charges of disturbing the peace as filed against 19 people who were arrested south of town Thursday night were dismissed this morning in municipal court when the defendants were arraigned before Judge H. M. Barney.  A case of possession of liquor against B. Hooker, who was arrested in the raid was set for trial Thursday morning.  Non of the 19 defendants arrested by Sheriff Barber and the jail trusty, Charles Brown, seemed to know the occasion for the proceedings which resulted in their arrest, according to their stories to Judge Barney this morning.  One of the defendants had previously told officers that the main item of the fun was the “Coming to see Mary’ party which he said had been conducted with the great success in that locality.  “Mary” was supposed to be a woman whose husband was out of town and when some unsuspecting subject was inveigled out to the scene of the party to see her, the fun began when the supposed husband began shooting at and berating the object of the fun.  Several of the defendants testified this morning to seeing the gun flashes that resulted at the afrementioned strategic climax of the joke, but claimed they did not know what it all was about.  They had merely stopped by to see, they said. 

Held on Liquor Charge:  C. L. Chestnutt Arrested on Texas Side, Held for Grand Jury.  C. L. Chestnut charged with possession of whiskey, is under $400 bond to appear Wednesday afternoon before United States Commissioner T. N. Graham for preliminary hearing and Harry James, who was docketed on the same charge was released today, following their arrest yesterday on West Elm street by Texas side police.  Officers claim they found a gallon and a pint of whiskey in Chestnutts car.  James, it was found had been picked up by Chestnutt for a ride. 

9/10/1924 Submitted by TJU

A.  M. Stephens was held to the Bowie County grand jury under bond of $400 by Justice of the Peace G. W. Ragland yesterday afternoon following an examining trial on a charge of possession of whiskey. 

Hal Brown, vice president of the Texarkana National Bank, has returned from a trip to Kansas City. 

P. J. Ahern of the O’’Dwyer and Ahern store was stricken with paralysis that affected his whole left side early this morning.  He was reported to be resting easily this afternoon.  Mr. Ahern had shown no signs of illness up to the time of his stroke, having been actively engaged in business routine regularly. 

R. M. Giles has been appointed balliff for the present session of Arkansas federal court, and is now acting in that capacity.  

A. J. Russell, marshal of the western Arkansas federal court jurisdiction, will arrive tonight to be in attendance at the court session here. 

Restauranteur fined.  Porier charged with storing whiskey at place of business.


1925  Grim Hotel was opened.  Architects George Mann & Eugene Stern.  Named for local, William Rhodes Grim.  8 stories high. Submitted by TU.  Info from Four States Living Aug. 2002

1925 - Louis Josephs becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to1935

1925 John C King, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1926

1925   E. W. Birtcher, after serving many years as an officer without receiving much more than an occasional scratch in line of duty, was killed in an automobile accident, when the car he was driving overturned and he was crushed beneath it.

Sat 3 Oct 1925 E. A. Brennan, supertendant of Ark. side schools 1907-08, died Friday at Conway Ark. funeral in conway.


1926 Walter Crowell appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1927

Tues. 1 June 1926 The main dining rooms of the Grim and Huckins hotels were closed Monday, the first for the summer and the latter permanently according to announcements by George T Conway, pers. of the Grim and Paul Huckins, manager of the Huckins House. The Barber Shop in the Huckens House will be remodeled into a coffee shop.

Fri. 16 July 1926 Hence Giles, Arkansas policeman, was shot and instantly killed early this morning while attempting to arrest a bootlegger.  Giles was shot three times, his slayer suddenly swerving upon the officer, firing two shots in his body after he had fallen, wounded by a bullet in the head, jumped into an automobile and fled. Giles died within minutes after being shot without making a statement.

Tues. 26 July 1926 W. E. Crowell, 401 Ferguson, chief of city detectives has been appointed successor to John C. King, 1600 Pecan St. who has resigned as chief of police of Texarkana Ark..... Mr Crowell has been on the police force for about twenty years. He has served as policeman, constable, deputy sheriff and chief of detectives.

10/5/1926  Will Woodul, charged with having issued a large number of checks in Texarkana without funds in the bank, the technical charge being obtaining money under false pretense, faced municipal Judge Josephs Tuesday morning and drew  a fine of %50. and cost together with a term of 30 days in the county jail.  He was transferred immediately after the court adjourned.    Clyde McCauley, charged with leaving the motor of his car running while absent from the car, drew a fine of $1. and costs.  Submitted by TU.  Texarkana Evening News.

30 Oct. 1926 Sheriff Lish Barber and Dept. Sheriff Bob Smith of Miller County were killed in a gun duel with H. W. Adams, former chief of police. During the battle Adams was seriously wounded.

(This is incorrect. I know, as my grandfather, Will Carper and his brother, Sam were murdered August 17, 1926 on a farm in Miller county. You can check it out at the Texarkana Community College Library in the microfilm files. They were murdered by the outlaw, Kinnie Wagner, who surrendered to Sheriff Lillie Barber, Lish's widow.  Corrected info submitted by  ron.hansche@us.army.mil )

12/18/1926 Sat.  Texarkana Paper:  Bond for Charley Gregory, Black, held in connection with charges of altering a post office money order was made for the sum of $350 Friday before J. Warren Stevens. United States commissioner, to insure the appearance in federal court for the western district of Arkansas.  Hearing was held before the commissioner in the cases of R. H. Parker, Jim Mitchell and Arnett Dugan, charged with possession of equipment and manufacturing liquor contrary to the prohibition statues of the United States.  The three were taken into custody by Deputy Sheriff B. F. Slaton and other officers a short distance from Lodi in Pike county.  The still was raided about 8 o'clock, Thursday night.  Bond for $350 for each defendant was fixed for their appearance at the May term of the Court.  TJU

12/18/1926 Sat.  Texarkana Paper:  R. S. Reading and Dr. T. E. Fuller Friday consented to become candidates for the office of trustee of the Texarkana, Texas, independent school district at the request of a committee representing many citizens interested in the welfare of the public school system.  The terms of four members of the board are about to expire and nominations of candidates to fill the vacancies are to be made at the municipal election to be held January 6.  This ticket closes December 21.  Of the four members whose terms are expiring.  C. C. Rounds, president of the board, and Mrs. H. T. Fewell have announced that they will not be candidates for renomination.  The other two. Elmer L. Lincoln and G. W. Middleton have signified their willingness to "carry on".  TJU 

12/21/1926 Tues. Texarkana paper:  S. R. Baxter, former manager of the Piggly Wiggly stores in Texarkana, has opened a wholesale fruit and vegetable house at 307-309 West Broad, where he is featuring a full and complete line of both domestic and imported fresh fruits and vegetables, also nuts and candles.  Mr. Baxter, formerly conducted what was known as the "Apple House" specializing in north Arkansas winsap, Arkansas black, Delicious and other fancy apples, but has now added these.  TJU

12/21/1926 Tues. Texarkana paper: Efforts to find relatives of G. S. Purdue who died here on Monday December 18, were still unsuccessful on Tuesday.  The body is being held by the Paul Reverra Undertaking company.  Mr. Reverra has received a telegram from C. H. Purdue of West Frankfort, Ill. asking for more information as the description of the man sent out from here fits that of his brother.  TJU

12/21/1926 Tues. Texarkana paper:  Jim Jackson, black, was fined $25 and cost Tuesday morning in Recorders Court on a charge of assault in connection with an attack on a Black woman.  Henry Smith, Black, was fined $10 and costs on a charge of disturbing the peach and Robert Bragg, black, drew a penalty of $10 and costs on a charge of reckless driving in hearings Tuesday morning before Judge Louis Josephs in Municipal court.  TJU


1927  Texarkana College was founded.  Founder, Dr. Henry W. Stilwell.  Also was first president from 1927-1959.  Submitted by TU.  Info from Four States Living Aug. 2002

1927 L. Simmons appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1928

1927 Fleet MaGee assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.

1927 William Daniel Hays appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark.

1/3/1927  Time Extended for buying car seals.  Texas automobile licenses for 1927 may be obtained in Texarkana a few days longer, W. N. McDuffie, Bowie county tax collector announced to motorist Monday.  The office of the tax collector will be maintained here the early part of this week where they may be purchased at the same price as in New Boston.  After this week car owners will have to obtain their licenses from New Boston at an additional cost of .50 cents.  Arkansas city license tags may be purchased January 10.  Submitted by TU.  Texarkana papers.

1/3/1927  Wright Patman's son leaves Hospital.  Connor Wright Patman, 6-year old son of District  Attorney Wright Patman on whose chest several inches of skin were grafted as the results of burns received on Halloween, was dismissed from a Texarkana hospital Monday.  The boy received burns on the chest and left arm October 31 after his clothes caught fire from a lighted candle held in his hand.  Serious injuries were prevented by the boy's mother, who wrapped a blanket around his flaming clothes and extinguished the fire.  The skin was taken from the boy's leg Saturday.  Submitted by TU.  Texarkana Papers.

1/3/1927  Thomas Hendon, Black, was arrested Sunday night by Deputy Constable M. T. Goodwin and placed in the Bowie county held over here in connection with alleged threats made upon Fred Norton, white at the latter's home, four miles from Texarkana on the Richmond road.  Norton caught some of the black's stock in his fields, he said and locked them up.  The black used threatening means in obtaining the stock, Norton charged.  He will be given a hearing in the justice of the peace court.  Submitted by TU.  Texarkana Papers.



1928 W. D. Hays, appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1931

Wed 15 Feb. 1928 Texarkana will have a municipal airport. Three bridges will be built across Nix Creek. Front Street will raised and paved between between State Line and Pine Street as soon as Union Station construction work reaches a stage to make street work possible.

1920's-30's Some of the charges recorded by the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department. are:
Nuts, Doper, House Prowling, Clothes Line Larceny, Chicken Theft, Alley Prowling, B&E, NPA (National Prohibition Act), IRA (Internal Revenue Act, NMVTA, Hot Car, Late Hours, Drug Addict, Suspicious, Pistol Totin, Hobo, Pilfering Cars, Dope Head, Cotton Picker.


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