1918 Texas High School Texarkana Bowie County

1919 Texarkana Texas High 
The Texas Tiger

Copied  by Phyllis Zachry from the School Annual that once belonged to Wilbur Smith, that belongs to a relative.
She also  copied Photo's!  A copy will be placed in the Texarkana Library.

Superintendent:  George H. Carpenter

C. C. Mitchell:  Chemistry & Physics

Nellie Yunk:  Mathematics & Latin

Geo. H. Wells:  Principal 

Lena Burford:  History

Rebel Moore:  Study Hall Supervisor

W. S. Burke:  Mathematic & Science

Lemuel Hall:  Mathematics

Opie Dalby:  Latin 

Howard D. Wimer:  Commercial

Gladys Hollabaugh:  English

Florence Potter:  Commercial

H. L. Lamb:  History & Civics

Constance Robbins:  English  

Marie D. Hemke:  English & History

M. Moss Richardson:  English (1st Term)

W. F. Brown:  Manual Training

Miss Edna Peterson: Domestic Science & Art

Olivia Smith:  Language


Senior Officers

President:  Lyle Cashion

Vice-President:  Mannie Stevens

Secretary-Treasurer:  Dollye Lovett

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Cora Ney Schwarz


The Texas Tiger Staff Officers

David Tilson:  Editor in Chief

Frank Akin:  Assistant Editor

Maggie Lou Benge:  Assistant Editor

Harris Gaines:  Business Manager

Mannie Stevens:  Business Manager

Mannie Stevans Asst. Business Manager

William Goode:  Asst. Business Manager

Clarence Lumpkin:  Asst. Business Manager

Marguerite Braumiller:  Asst. Business Manager

Emma Milazzo:  Asst. Business Manager 

Robert Nixon:  Joke Editor

J. W. Hughes:  Cartoon & Art Editor

Allie Huddleston:  Poet

Cora Ney Schwarz:  Society

Dollie Lovett:  Alumni

Nell Herring:  Class Editor

Clara Bert Stevens:  Low Senior Editor

Earl Godbold:  Low Junior Editor

Howard Williamson:  Sophomore Editor

Randi Gjuul:  Freshman Editor



Frank Adkin:  

Bruce Arnold

Marguerite Braumiller

Bernice Buron

Maggie Lou Benge

Lyle Cashion

Hazel DeLong

Edward Davies

Fay DeLong

James Elder 

Harris Gaines

Eugene Gatlin

Will Goode

Anne Garner

J. W. Hughes 

Nell Herring

John Haight

Allie Huddleston

Clara Heath

Allie Lumpkin 

Dollye Lovett

Florence Lunday

Martha Mayo

Clarence Lumpkin

Louise Middleton 

Clement Mays

Emma Milazzo

Ophelia Nunnally

Hilliard Nunnally

Robert Nixon 

Neva Nell Philps

Clifton Perryman

Ralph Pumphrey

Elizabeth Parish

Lucille Sanders 

Cora Ney Schwarz

Naomi Sweeney

Mannie Stevens

Wilbur Smith

David Tilson 

Eula B. Timberlake

Morris Wheeler

Zettie Walraven



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