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1910 - 1919


A Chronology Of Events

Submitted by Wayne Adcock

Other articles submitted  will be marked with person name.  The items not marked were submitted by Wayne. 



1910 Mr. Mayne is a police officer.

1910 population of Texarkana AR; White 3,550, Negro 2,101, Other 4
1910 population of Texarkana TX; White 6,572, Negro 3,218

1910 Michael Meager Hospital was founded. It is conducted by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnete Word, and has a capicity of 50 beds, not including bassinets.

Thurs. 3 Feb. 1910   B. Schram, bankrupt stock of dry goods on East Broad St. was sold this morning by the receiver, attorney Joseph's.

Wed. 29 June 1910  Total fines in Judge Smithers court on East Side this afternoon was $81.60 and none was paid.   Richard and Jennie Crouch arrested by Officer Mayne for the theft of 35 pounds copper wire from Western Union - fine 15.40 each.   Officer Kuhn and Poe brought in Mary Ellis and Sila Jones for vag.. Jewell Garland for prostitution with John Richardson as paramour.


1911 Clyde Eber Palmer purchased the controlling interest and changed its name to Four State Press.  Submitted by TU.  Info from Four States Living Aug. 2002

1911 Foster Rogers became Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1915   He was police chief of Texarkana, Ark., from April 9, 1911, to April 13, 1915.  At the time of his death (1/15/1932) he was in the bakery business here.


Wed. 24 July 1912 Through the acceptance of a deed by the East side council Tuesday night, steps were taken to open East Broad Street to the Mandivelle Road enabling farmers using this highway to come straight to the business section without the detour into Ninth Street

Tues. 8 Oct. 1912 A baby alligator 9 inches long was caught this morning by E. C. Seibert in the excavation made for the eight story Texarkana National Bank building and speculation as to how the diminutive eater happened to be there is rife. It is stated that the alligator was caught by Mr. Seibert but, in fact, Mr. Seibert was caught by the amphibian. While looking over the work Mr. Seibert  pointed to the gaiter and his gatorship snapped his jaws together with Mr. Seiberts finger as the object of the snap. Five years ago a large gator was found under the Boyd Drug Company.

Wed. 9 Oct 1912 The obliteration of an old Texarkana landmark is sought by Fire Chief Springer, who stated to Mayor Kline and the East Side council Tuesday night that the existence of the rookery creates extra fire hazard, penalizing all property owners in the same block. The building referred to is known to the present generation as the Allen Building to those of the past generation as the Sherman House and to those who located here when Texarkana was but the terminus of two steel rails it is remembered as the O'Daugherty Hotel. It is recalled that Mr. and Mrs. O'Daugherty died within 24 hours of each other. The estate was never settled, the property now belonging to the heirs who reside in Ireland

Thurs 24 Oct. 1912 Joe Ables who was formerly a resident of Texarkana but now makes his home in San Antonio, spent yesterday and today in this city, (Texarkana Ar) making his first visit in near 30 years. Mr. Ables left Texarkana in 1885 and for three or four years prier to his departure he was a member of the East Side Police Dept. (Texarkana AR) Mr. Ables recalled that in 1882 he joined the force and the calaboosa was on the site now occupied by the Huckens House. ( Huckens House was at Front and Pine facing Pine St in 100 block.)

26 Oct 1912 - FACTORY ADDITION ON ARK. SIDE - Mayor John P Kline, E. W. Frost, James F Black, president of Texarkana Trust Co. contracted with Mrs. Mary J. Preston for the purchase of 50 acres land lying just north east of the Cotton Belt Hospital and five acres on Dudley for 5,500 dollars. F. J. Bosier, president of the Hub Manufacturing Co. will establish on the five acres which will be donated to him. The plant will manufacture wagon hubs from Ash and Hickory on 16,000 acres of land Mr. Bosier recently purchased from Mann Land and Improvement Co. ( much more in this article, this is all I have of it )

Dec. 23, 1912  Ready For Big Game Christmas Day.  All arrangements have been completed for the football game to be played Christmas day.  The stars, old veterans at the game, are arriving every day from their respective colleges and the Tigers are casting anxious glances at the bunch of huskies against whom they must uphold their honor.  Football "dopesters" are very much interested in the outcome, since it is to be a battle between the individual ability of each player on the Stars and the Co-operative playing of the eleven Tigers.  It can be seen by the following line up at that the Stars have great men, but since they have never played together, the Tigers are depending on their better mastery of plays.  When the whistle blows the following men may be seen in their respective positions:  Tigers--Brantley Harris or Mahaffey, center; White or Powell, right guard; Stanton, left guard; Taylor, right tackle; Kuhn left tackle; Wade, left end; Wooten Harris, right end; Willian Harris, right halfback; Nick Braumiller, left halfback; Walter Braumiller, fullback; Ramage, quarterback.  Subs---Jones, Moore, Gaunt.  Stars--Clayton, center; Turner right guard; Mclouth, left guard; Tilson right tackle; Powell, left tackle; Stuart, left end; Henrie, right end; Williams, right halfback; Reeves or Clark, left halfback; Rosborough, full back; Carroll, Quarter-back.  Subs Clayton, Crump.  Submitted by TU.  Texarkana Papers

Taken from the Texarkana Papers.  Submitted by TU.  Picture used on the background was submitted by Wayne Adcock.  He also helped me get the background working.  

Letters to Santa from our ancestors 1912


1913  The Daily Texarkanian was sold to Col. J. l. Wadley Sr. & Sons, J. L. Jr. and A. F.   Submitted by TU.  Info from Four States Living Aug. 2002

Sat. 12 July 1913 Chief of Police, foster Rogers; policeman, Frank Kuhn and A. J. Lummus; Police Judge, W. B. Weeks


1915 John Strange, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1920


1917 J. D. Cook Sr becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to 1921

1917 A. J. Gurley assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1921

Andrew Avery, 18 year old negro who murderously assaulted W. J. Wood, in the bottoms near Garland last Sat. was lynched last night....NOTE: this is the beginning of a long detailed article on the lynching, my clipping is to faded to read.


1/8/1919 Submitted by TJU

J. W. Story Died at 1504 West 6th Survived by two sisters Mrs. N. E. Neighbors & Mrs. Tutt. 

Funeral Tomorrow Uriah Carpenter 

Two Weddings Tuesday Bernard Turner, 21 & Miss Hazel Smith 20, of DeQueen, Ark, and M. L. Kelly,21 of Arkansas, and Miss Eva Moore of Americs Ok.  Judge J. S. Brooks united both couples. 

Fined for Disturbance.  Gus Phillips, a Greek, was fined &10 and costs in Municipal court yesterday, charged with disturbance. 

School land sold.  The sixteenth section of school land sold Monday by the sheriff at public auction, brought $8,000, interact on which will be divided between the schools of Miller county.  The sale was approved yesterday by Judge J. B. Brooks. 

Fred Holcomb of the local Wells Fargo express Company, leaves today for Little Rock on a business visit. 

J. W. Morris returned last night from Little Rock, where he has been working on the government picric acid plant. 

Miss May Little is ill with influenza. 

Virgil Eason of Caddo Paris, La., is visiting his brother, County Clerk Fincher Eason. 

Lee Milazzo has returned to A & M. College at College Station, Texas for the spring term. 

Ray Henry arrived at Newport News, Va., from overseas today, according to a telegram received by members of his family here. 

Joe B. Johnson, steward at the Huckins House, is up today after a siege with the influenza. Mrs. Johnson is also able to be up, having been for two weeks confined. 

John A. Morris died yesterday. Survived by Wife Mrs. Morris. 

Clarence Flemming Died at Mineral Wells yesterday. 

1/9/1919 Submitted by TJU

Rev H. A. Munn Dead , former pastor of the College Hill Baptist Church. 

Winham Clan Gathered in a family reunion and feast together.  Mrs. Milton Winham entertains seven brothers and four sisters, with their mother as guest of honor.  One of the most remarkable family reunions of the recent times in this city was that of the “Winham Clan,” which was entertained by Mrs. Milton Winham in her beautiful home on County Ave., Tuesday, Jan 7th.  The occasion was in celebration of the 56th birthday of Mr. Milton Winham.  The seven brothers were entertained at dinner and the four sisters at supper, only immediate relatives being invited.  With the exception of the father, who died at the ripe age of about 70 years, this family remains unbroken.  The dear old mother, Mrs. E. J. Winham, still survives, at the age of 78, who was the honor guest, on the happy occasion.  The seven brothers are :  Lucullus, 59 years old:  Milton 56, Allen 51, William 49, John 4?, George 38, and Moses 34.  Their combined ages aggregate 333 years of splendid, useful and productive life.  The four sisters are:  Mrs. M. J. Allen of Canfield Ark. Mrs. Nora McLain of this city; Mrs. Ruth Paulk, also of this city, and Mrs. Safrona Ramsey of Marshall Texas.  The best part of it is that this remarkable family represent the very best type of citizenship, all in good circumstances, and some having attained distinction in public life and in financial and commercial lines. 

1/10/1919 Submitted by TJU

Death claims Mrs. Mary Gaines, 72 wife of J. D. Gaines. Died this afternoon at 1315 Walnut Street.

12 Feb. 1919 Little River News (Texarkana) A. B. Hervey, 66, proprietor of Garland Mercantile, and Fay D. Searcy, 33, a book keeper for the company, fought a duel to the death last night in the company office at Garland City. Both men fired five times, both were struck by five bullets and both fell dead with their bodies crossed. No witnesses but T. J. Wilson, Herveys partner, was in the store.  Hervey and Searcy quarreled about the account books, Wilson said, and Searcy was discharged. They met again in the office last night when the quarrel ended in the shooting. Searcy was a brother to Circuit Clerk John Searcy and attorney Bob Searcy of Texarkana.

Sat, 9 Aug 1919 –Contract for the drainage of Walker Lake on Red River was awarded by the Ogden Levee District Monday to James Adcock of this city. The lake will open about 80 acres in the bed for cultivation. Walker Lake is the first lake south of Ogden.

8/15/1919 Submitted by TJU

Signs on Roads.  Signs will be put up one mile apart on all roads in Bowie and Miller counties under the direction of the highway committee of the Chamber of Commerce, of which W. A. McCartney is chairman. 

Realty Transfer.  S. M. Ragland and Mrs. Ella Lou Ragland have sold all of block 36 in Kirby’s college addition of Texarkana Ark, to Pearl G. McClure.  The consideration is given at $500. 

Sleeper is Taken.  J. E. Huffner, white, was found sleeping against a tree by the Texas police last night and was arrested a vagrant.  Huffner proved that he was working when the case was called before Recorder E. Newt. Spivey this morning and showed that he had a family to support.  The case was consequently dismissed. 

Jury Trial Today.  Willie Adams, Black, arrested several days ago by the Texas police on a charge of assault on Jessie Dennison, will be tried before a jury this afternoon at 3 o’clock. 

Case Dismissed.  P. Finley, Miss Minnie Bryant and Johnnie Hate, charged with operating an automobile with out a light, were before Judge J. D. Cook in municipal court this morning.  The cases were dismissed by the judge. 

Rook Party.  Mrs. J. C. King was the hostess at a rook party at the King home at 1600 Pecan street last night in honor of Mr. King’s birthday.  Delicious ice cream and cake were served.  Mrs. H. C. Davis won the first prize and Mrs. Clyde Turquette the booby award.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ferguson, Mr. & Mrs. Horace King, Mr. and Mrs. James Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Turquette, Mrs. Lewis Houson, Mrs. H. O. Davis, Miss Winnie Knissen, James Mayo and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. King. 

Marriage Licenses.  Marriage licenses have been issued by County Clerk Fincher Eason as follows:  Robert R. Perry, 37, Ben Lmand & Mrs. Emma G. Mitchell, 30, Ben Lomand.  Mair Logo Lujan 25, Havanna, and Miss Maude Alice Key, 23, Arkadelphia.  Albert Rayburn, 21 Ashdown, and Miss Ethel Fisher 18, Ashdown. 

Miss Francis N. Brewer as returned from Little Rock, where she was the guest of relatives the pat two weeks. 

Dr. F. D. Bittle has returned from Chicago and New York City, where he spent several weeks in recuperating and in doing post graduate work.

Dr. and Mrs. T. F. Kittrell will leave today for Rochester, Minn., where they will spend their vacation period until Sept. 1. 

Miss Ida Cheatham will leave this afternoon for Baker Springs Ark, where she will spend two weeks on her vacation. 

R. L. Caruthers of Mr. Pleasant, Texas was a business visitor in Texarkana today. 

A. J. Herrington 75, died last night, at the residence of his son, Arthur S. Herrington,2302 Olive street, in this city.


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