1908 miller county texarkana school information
May 31, 1908
Miller County Arkansas
The final details of the closing exercises of the Arkansas public school have been arranged, and will occur Thursday and Friday of this week.  The sermon to the graduating class, which was to have been preached to day by Rev. F. E. Maddox at the Arkansas Presbyterian Church, has been postponed on account of the death of Mr. Maddox mother and will be preached next Sunday instead.
Senior Class, 1908 Texarkana, Ark., High School:
Class Program:  June 4, 1908 *:30 p. m. High School Building
Song  “Our Alma Mater,” by class
Class Poem    Miss Sadie Bell
Class History   Miss Edna Brown
Statistics of the Class  Miss Elizabeth Webber
Class Prophecy  Miss Linnie Mullins
Class Will  Willie Johnson
_______  Mathematics   Mashall Barksdale
Song   By Class:
Frances E. Malcolm
Edna Brown
Elizabeth Boswell Webber
Felix Marshal Barksdale
Daniel Lawrence Hardin
William Merrit Johnson
Linnie Ruth Mullins
Elizabeth Wellborn
Sadie Pinson Bell
Esther Marie Thompson.

The Seventh Grade
Miss Winston, Teacher,
will have its class day exercises Friday Afternoon at the school building.
Recitiation The Overworked Elocutionist      Darwin Hart
Declamation, American Independence   Harold Haldeman
Class History    Beatrice Schram
Song, Waves  of the Sea  Class Girls
Class Poem     Julia Thompson
Class Prophecy    Ruth Arnold
Recitation, Jem’s Defense    Louine Lambeth
Violi Soso, Alberta   Cora Cook
Debate:  “Resolved, That the Progress of the United States is Due More to Inventors than to Statesmen and Warriors.”
Affirmative    Bessie Whitmarsh, Ruppel Johnson, Lawrence Turner.
Negative   Clarence Turner, Major Rex, Ralph Evans
Duet, Twinkling Star    Mary Turner, Edna Chatfield
Weldcome to High School  John C. O’Dwyer, ’09
Response to Welcome  Valerie Hudgins
Awarding of Certificates   Miss Winston
Song, “God be with you”   Class