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1900 - 1909


A Chronology Of Events

Submitted by Wayne Adcock

Other articles submitted  will be marked with person name.  The items not marked were submitted by Wayne. 



1900 Census Holman    Henry B. head   Nov. 1842 51   Ar Mo Ar  md 23 U.S. Dept. Marshall
                      Mary S.  wife  Apr. 1853 46   Ar Ar Ar  md.23 7 ch. 3 living
                      Marie L.    dau       Sept 1882 17    Ar Ar Ar
                      Henry B. Jr   son    Jan . 1886 13     Ar Ar Ar
                      John B.   son      Aug. 1891   8    Ar Ar Ar
321 Walnut St. listed also are several boarders of different professions, apparently a boarding house. 1900 Census of Texarkana Ar. 1900 census list Saul Gibson age 60 as Dept. US Marshall, boarding at 512 Elm St. in Dr. William C Sherman household

1900 population of Texarkana AR; White 2,832, Negro 2,078, Other 4
1900 population of Texarkana TX; White 3,292, Negro 1,964

Mon. 1 Jan 1900 J. Mook, well known dancing instructor will open his school over A. A. Adams store, 211 East Broad St. Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. and at night. Rates reasonable

Tues.  9 Jan. 1900  Ben Foreman has let the contract for stone coping etc. for the brick bldg. he will build this spring on St. Line,  Vine and Clinton Streets.


Tues. 15 Oct. 1901 (from a Drew Co. newspaper) Fire at Texarkana destroyed the Texarkana Handle Factory, a shingle mill and the  merchandise store of E. L. McMichel.


1902 George Fouke erected one of the first buildings in Texarkana with electric power. It was located in the 400 block of State Line on the Texas side. in 1934 Dr. E. L. Beck converted it into a medical building.


1903 J. T. Dillard once again assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.


1905 A. G. Sanderson assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1917

1905 W. E. Casey, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1907

Oct. 22, 1905

Messers. C. E. Haydon, Fred W. Offenhauser and John B. Shepherd yesterday celebrated the 25th anniversary of their arrival in Texarkana.  It was on the evening of October 21st 1880 that the three gentlemen, somewhat younger if not handsomer than they now are, rolled in over the Iron Mountain at the old Marquand hotel to cast their future lot, for weal or for woe, with the then village but future great city of Texarkana.  They inquired for an "up town hotel" on leaving the train and some one directed them to the Moore Hotel on the corner of Front and Vine streets then kept by D. Hindman, on the site now occupied by the Texas Produce Company, and it was there that our three heroes first refreshed the inner man after landing on this portion of footstool.  The gentlemen had all left the "old homestead" in Illinois, and had come here "seeking their fortune" and it is pleasant to reflect that their seeking has not been in vain, for three worthler men never blessed any city or community with their presence.  The Texarkanian hopes they may live to celebrate more similar anniversaries. Submitted by TU. Texarkana Paper

7 Dec 1905 CONSTABLES J. R. Foster and Andrew Hoskins, Lost Prarie, Gus Crabtree and Alex Alford, Cut Off Township, M. J. Shaw,  Beech Twp. T. C. Martin and W. T. Bryant, Sulpher Twp. Fleet F Magee, Garland Twp. Frank Walker, Homan Twp.

1/7/1906  Elks Reception most brilliant social function in History of Texarkana.  SUCCESS OF THE SEASON  Submitted by TU.  Texarkana Paper


Jan. 7, 1906 Texarkana Building & Loan Association Texarkana, Ark.  Jan 1 1905.  Thos. H. Simms Room 4, Foreman Building List of Stockholders to date  Submitted by Tu.  Texarkana Paper.

March 1906 The members of the Texarkana Ark. police force will soon be disporting themselves in handsome new blue uniforms,  decked with brass buttons. The Twin City Tailoring Co have the job of making the suits and they are going to turn out suits   that the wearers will be proud of

Thurs. 1 Nov. 1906
A special meeting of the East Side City Council was held last night for the purpose of considering a proposition to sell the city hall property on East Broad. The meeting was called to order by the Mayor (Brewer) who submitted the bid made by Mr. Garst of Worchester Ms. for the property. Mr. Garst's offer was seven thousand in cash and on motion the same was accepted by the council and the deal was closed.
Mayor Brewer informs us that it is the intention of the city to at once have erected a two story building on the city property at Walnut and Third St. for a for a firehouse on first floor and city council on second floor. As soon as practical a fine two story brick and stone city hall will be built on the property with all modern facilities.


1907 J. J. Towery, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1909

Wed. 9 Jan 1907 M. A. Locke, a Red River planter living some 12 to 15 miles north of here was arrested this morning by Constable Hargett for caring a pistol and taken before Judge Smelser at his office in the Hart Bilding. Mr. Locke plead guilty, fine 100 dollars and cost.

Thurs. 28 Feb. 1907  The new Collins 3 story building, corner of Broad and Hazel Street will open as the Baltimore Hotel by Mrs. Nelson  tomorrow March 1st.

Thurs 7 Mar 1907 The walls of the new three story Fouke-Shepherd Grain Co. building, corner of Front and Vine St. are going up rapidly.

March 24, 1907 Sunday Paper:  Arraigned before Justice of the Peace Williams yesterday, on a charge of whipping her husband.  Her name was given as Combs--Lucy Ann Combs.  And, singular to relate the name of the "husband" is docketed as Dan Coleman!  When called on for a plea by Justice Williams, Lucy Ann said:  "Yes, judge, I fess up shore did hit him and I hit him hard.  Fact is I knocked him down.  I did it cause he took and said he was a going to go and see another woman.  Yes sir, I guess I am guilty.  Coleman, the wronged husband in the case, was in court and his battered and banged up appearance was a mute but powerful witness against the defendant.  He said he did not have nothing against Lucy Ann, but thought she ought not to have beaten him up so badly.  He asked the court to be reasonable with her.  After remarking that it was a very unusual case, and figuring for a while the court said that, in as much as it was Lucy Ann's first offense he would let her off light.  He accordingly fined her in the sum of $317.20 including cost.  After court adjourned and the defendant had taken her departure, Dan the battered husband, approached Judge Williams and said:  Judge you make a mistake just now.  That wasn't Lucy Ann's first offense.  She has beat me up five time before since I been living with her the last two years.  This was the first time that she got arrested.  Submitted by TU Texarkana Paper.

March 24, 1907  Sunday Paper Dogs Deface State Line Cemetery.  Secretary Maxwell complains that citizens violate rules in taking dogs with them.  The authorities having in charge the State Line Cemetery complain that a great many persons in visiting that "City of the Dead," especially on Sundays make it an almost invariable rule to take their dogs with them.  And this too in spite of the rules of the cemetery management which provide that dogs must not be taken there.  The matter is the more remarkable by reason of the fact that a number of intelligent and prominent people are repeatedly guilty of the offense, beside the more vulgar half civilized "common heard."  The rules governing the cemetery have been frequently published and strictly prohibit dogs.  There are also signs placed on the gates and fences reciting the same rule.  Just why intelligent people will persist in dishonoring the dead and defying the rules of the cemetery is a problem that the secretary of the Board, Mr. Maxwell, has been trying very hard, but unsuccessfully, to solve.  Submitted by TU Texarkana Paper.

March 26, 1907  The Popular Hostelry was opened to the Public on March 26, 1887 at Present Stand.  Page from Register.  Submitted by TU Texarkana Paper.  Huckins House 20 Years Ago


1908 In paper 1/9/1919 11 Years Ago Today in Texarkana:  Henry D. Bowles, formerly a telegraph operator, recently turned switchman, was ground to death under the wheels of an engine in the Iron Mountain yards. 

Josephine Marie, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lon Parker, died of Measles and Pneumonia. 

Obie Morphew and Miss Madie Markham were married by County Judge Edwards at the courthouse. 

Harry Matthews was reported able to be on the streets after an illness of six months.  He was one of the post office force. 1/9/1919 11 years ago was submitted by TJU

Wed. 8 April 1908 Rev. T. H. Carter of Stamps, Rev. C. R. Powell of Little Rock, Rev. W. R. Story of Hope and Mr. W. R. Cross of Magnolia are spending the day here on business connected with the Baptist Orphans Home out at Fairview, of which institution they are trustees and directors. Rev. J. B. Sellman of Texarkana is manager of the home.

Tues. 28 July 1908 The following liquor permits were issued for Texarkana Texas: Dan Gallagher, Louie Mareto, Ben Olivari, L. C. Clark, Sam Milazzo, Palace Bar, Alex Scott (negro), L. C. Clark was denied a license for one of his saloons, Abe Abrams (Paris Liquor Co) and Sam Berger were denied license Front St. John W. Mayher, Ben Parish and Britt Allen Swampoodle Fagnant & Colombo, Dick Grant (negro), Colombo & Nevisano, Joe Caretoni, W. C. Dabney

Fri. 31 July 1908 - The Parochial School building for St. Edwards Parish, corner of 4th and Hickory St. (Texarkana Ar.) is being pushed to completion and will be ready in ample time for the opening of the school which will be about Sept. 15th. The school will be in charge of the Benedictine Sisters and will be open to all, Protestants and Catholics.

Monday  5 Oct. 1908  - The plans agreed upon for the construction of the new Congregational House of Worship, corner of 6th and St.   Line rendered necessary the cutting down of the fine white oak tree whose ancient solitary reign has attracted the attention of all passers-by for over 25 years. The giant stood in the s.w. corner of the Taylor property and near the yard gate. It was a beauty 25 years ago in what was
then the Episcopal Park. The tree was laid low by the Woodsman's ax this forenoon.

 Oct. 30, 1908 Below is an obit and I am including it on this page because it has some History on Texarkana. Mrs. Warde Allen Died Early Today
She was a Resident of Texarkana in the Early Days and was Prominent in
History of City.  
SPRING LAKE PARK  Submitted by TU.  Texarkana Papers


In the tragic death of Mr. Pat Hardin, a brief account of which appeared in yesterday afternoon's Texarkanian, this community loses another one of its pioneer citizens and original settlers.  One by one the old timers are passing.  It seems only yesterday since the city was owned and governed by a great army of people-early settlers- a very large majority of whom are now "numbered with the pale nations of the dead" Those of twenty five years ago now know the city no more, strangers now fill their places and are guiding the affairs of the municipality toward a greater and better Texarkana.  Pat Hardin lived long and saw much of the people and the events which go to make up the history of Texarkana.  He has seen nearly all his old time neighbors gathered to their fathers, and now too has "Crossed the Bar".  Mr. Hardin was born in Ireland 15 March 1853 and when a young man came to the United States, settling at Texarkana in 1874.  He has reared a family of nine children who are all grown and with their mother still survive.  He has always led a quite industrious life and commanded the respect and esteem of his neighbors.  In the early days Mr. Hardin took a promanant part in politics and wielded a wide influence.  In 1882 he was elected street commissioner of the Ark. side.  Two years later he was elected alderman defeating the late Dr. H, M. Beidler by a heavy majority much to the later's disapointment.In April 1886 he was elected city marshall defeating W. H. Sweeny and was re-elected two years later.  He has several times mentioned prominently in connection with the office of mayor, but never stood as a candidate for that position.  He was a big hearted, wholesome, man, loyal to hia friends and generous to all.  For the past 16 or 18 years he has been employed as section foreman for the Cotten Belt Railroad, and was. in the discharge of his duties when he met his death yesterday.  He was having some necessary work done in the local yards and had just stopped from one track to another, to avoid the switch engine that was bearing down upon him.  He failed to note the approach of a string of cars which were being switched on the track and which struck him . The bereaved family will have the sympathy of the entire community in their great loss.  Requiem mass will be conducted over the remains at St. Edwards Church Sunday morning and the body will be taken to the Catholic Cemetary for burial.  Following are the gentlemen selected to act as pallbearers, B. M. Foreman, Thomas Quinn, R. J. O'Dwyer, Paul Reverra, W. G. Cook,John P. McShane


1909 Henry W Trigg, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1911

1909 - A blaze started in the Fouke Grain Co, a five story structure, and spread to the Texas Produce Company building, the Texarkana Y.M.C.A building, the Iron Mountain freight depot and then to two railroad tank cars filled with oil.


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