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1890 - 1899


A Chronology Of Events

Submitted by Wayne Adcock

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1890 - 1892

1890 Texarkana Ar. formed a police force with D. E. Holliday as the first police chief. All patrolling of the city was done on foot. 1890-1905

1890 population of Texarkana AR; White 2,157, Negro 1,369, Other 2

1890 population of Texarkana TX; White 1,751, Negro 1,092, Other 9

1892  The Democrat papers were sold to J. W. Gardner.  Also The Daily Texarkanian that was started in 1891 & both became the Daily Texarkanian  early 1900's.   Submitted by TU.  Info from Four States Living Aug. 2002

Thurs 4 Aug 1892   Daily Texarkanian (A sample of the street dualing that often occured in Texarkana)
This morning about 6 o'clock, M.F. Anderson and Jack Edmunds (later known as one armed Jack) met out on State Line Avenue near Sand Flat, when Edmunds drew a pistol and shot Anderson, the ball entered near the nose, coming out on the opposite side of the head near the ear.  Anderson's wound is considered dangerous, but not necessarily fatal.  Edmunds gave himself up to officers, and is now in Miller County Jail.  It will  be remembered that about six weeks. ago the same parties had a difficulty over a family affair and Anderson then shot Edmunds with a shotgun loaded with birdshot, the load taking effect in the face, Edmunds said at that time" we learn, that he would "get even" and it seems that he has carried out the threat, he having recovered and first opportunity presenting itself this morning, as shown above.

 Bob and Grant Dalton, Tom Heddy and an unknown member of the Dalton Gang were killed at Coffeeville Kansas yesterday.
 Emmett Dalton is mortally wounded, City Marshall J. T. McConnell, George Cubine and Charles Brown,  Shoemaker, is dead.
 Cashier Thomas Gayers, of the 1st Natl. Bank and Lucius Baldwin, clerk of Read Bros. store, fatally wounded, T. A. Reynolds and Lewis Dertz slightly wounded. All resulting from an attempt of the Dalton Gang to rob the banks  of  C. M. Condor & Co. and  1st. Natl. Bank  of  that  city  at  9:45 am. One man escaped but is being pursued and is doubtless cough ere this time.


Thurs. 19 Jan 1893 - Joseph Huckins son, Joseph Huckins Jr., is an alderman of the East Side and proprietor of the well known Hotel of that name, founded by his father in this city years ago. The father, Joseph Huckins, is now principal owner and manager of the Hotel Vendome in Knoxville, Tn. The family has one dau.. Cora. Fri. 20 Jan 1893 - Mess. Cora Huckins, formerly of Texarkana and now of Knoxville Tn, is expected to arrive during the coming week to visit friends.

Thursday 22 June 1893 E. R. Gaither has been appointed by sheriff Blythe as special deputy and stationed in the courtroom.

Mon 23 Jan 1893 Texarkana Democrat
Seven prisoners confined in the Miller County Jail made good their escape last night.  They worked through the wall at the same place where other prisoners have heretofore broken out, beneath the wash basin.  Only one prisoner remained behind, Taggart, the crazy man, The escaping prisoners are: J.W. Fenton, from Sevier County. charged with murder; Ed Cook, from Little River County; Sam Willis negros fined for minor offenses, "One Arm Jack" Edmonds, white; London Jeffery, negro, charged with murder. Jailer Jim Williams was up at 1 O'Clock and noticed prisoners making up the fire to keep warm, between then and day they broke out, Sheriff Blythe had well shackled those charged with high crimes and allowed them to remain outside the cells to keep warm.  It seems to us that the jail can be made secure.  The several Jail breaks reflect discredit on the county.  We trust Judge Friedell will look after this at once.

22 June 1893  E. R. Gaither has been appointed by sheriff Blythe as special deputy and stationed in the courtroom.

Tues. 12 Sept. 1893 The home of Pat Hardin, ex city marshall, two miles south of the city was totally destroyed by fire.


Thurs. 8 Feb. 1894 Tom McCauley, an ex policeman and formerly well known citizen of east side (Texarkana Ar) has returned to the city after an extended absence in Indiana.

23 June 1894 Democratic primary election results; Rep. J. d. Blanton 958 County Judge E F. Friedell 467, W. T. Hamilton 363, J. W. Terry 126 Circuit Clerk, J. V. Scott 662, A. B. Little 307 Sheriff J. T. Dillard 411, C. E. Dixon 28, J. J. Towery 260, I. A. Bickham 270 Assessor J. H. Hooper 112, J. T. Roberts 68, W. D. Jones 428, Hugh C. Grafton 351 Treasurer A. A. Adams 942 Coroner Otto Perkins 205, G. R. Robinson 345, B.F. Ward 90, G. M. Orr 310

Mon. 3 Sept. 1894 - Louis Peck, bro-in-law to Hon. W. G. Cook has accepted a school at Rondo, four miles East of this city which he opens today.

Friday 12 October 1894 C. L. Smithee, bar man at Wright's Saloon, sold Capt. C. E. Dixon his last drink, less than five minutes before he was killed. He also sold Mayor Beidler and Zack Few their last drink just before they were killed.

Sunday 28 April 1895 Charles L. Smithee, who has been a resident of our city for the past seven years left  today for Reading, Pa. to make it his future home.


1895 J. T. Dillard assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. 1895-1898 and 1903-1904

Monday 14 Oct. 1895 Pat Doherty, once on East side police force but later a conductor on T & P RR, died Saturday night at the Sherman House of consumption.


Sun. 24 Jan 1897 - Ben Strum of Denison Texas will make his home here as proprietor of Tony DeGrazier's Barber Shop. Tony will pay all his attention to the Telephone Saloon

1 Jul. 1897  Ben M. Foreman took over as post master the position held by his father in law Col. W.R. Kelley.


Monday 11 April 1898 Dept. U. S. Marshall H. B. Holman brought five prisoners from Howard County this afternoon charged with illicit distilling.

 Sun. 13 Mar. 1898  B. M. Foreman, postmaster, let the contract for repairs  to Mr. G. J. Hollis for $883.00

 Tues.  31 May 1898  Ben Foreman closed with the Baker Springs Co. yesterday to put up a 12 room hotel at the noted springs. The house  is to be completed right away and is to be a dollar a day  one.


1899 J. A. Bickham assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar


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