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West Side is Bowie County, TX

Oct. 28, 1884
The board of trustee for West Texarkana public school, met at Behan’s store, Oct. 27th inst. Present:  A. L. Ghio, F. M. Nenry, J. T. Rosborough, J. F. Smith, and W. Benan.  On motion, Prof. Thurm was allowed $100 per month salary as principal, and $40 per month rent for school building, and Mrs. Hogane and Miss Walker were elected assistants at salary of $75 per month each.  School to begin on first Monday in November, 1884, and last for a term of eight months.  The aforesaid salaries to be paid out of private subscriptions made by the people of Texarkana and the public free school fund as per contract to be signed jointly by said principal, assistants and trustees.  The following
resolution was introduced by F. M. Henry, and unanimously adopted.  Resolved, that all children within the scholastic age within the corporate limits, whether on the census rolls or not, shall be admitted to the public free school.                   
A. L. Ghio
O.P. Taylor                         

 Aug. 29, 1884

As will be seen by his card elsewhere, Dr. W. F. Thurm will on next Monday open his English-German school for both sexes.  We have known the Doctor for a long time, and as a pure scholar, he has no superior in the state.  He is a man of extensive information and experience, and as educator of the biggest order.

Sept. 1, 1884

Dr. W. F. Thrumís English-German School for both Sexes will open, September 8th, 1884.  The German language will be taught in addition to the English branches.  Instruction in French and Latin may be had if desired.  Pupils must enter at the beginning of the school year.  The object of the school is to prepare its pupils for practical life or for college.  Terms $4.00 per month in advance.  No deduction made in case of absence.  Four weeks constitute a school month.

West Side of Texarkana is Bowie County, TX

Nov. 3, 1884
The West side school Board met today, and perfected all the arrangements for the opening of the free school next Monday morning at the Pattillo school house.  Prof. W. F. Thurm is the excellent principal and will be assisted by those accomplished lady teachers.  Mrs Hogane, and Miss Walker.  We congratulate our friends on West side, and predict for them a most excellent school.  For the accomplishment of this purpose the free use of these columns are tendered to the directors, faculty or the people for anything they may desire to say for the benefit of the school interests.