1860 bowie county morality schedule (Deaths)

1860 Mortality Schedule

The Mortality Schedules information was transcribed from the microfilm rolls by Chris Woodrow of New Boston, Texas, and published in the New Boston Quarterly (The New Bostonian) in 1993-1994. Chris has given written permission for these schedules to be placed on this website. Our thanks go to Chris for her contribution.

AKINS, John W. 14 M October TX Typhoid Fever
ALDRIDGE, Jane 1 F Sept AL Diseases
BALL, S.C. 20 M Dec GA Typhoid Fever
BALL, W.S. 4mo M May GA Congested Lungs
BIRKEY, L.J. 1 F May TX Measles
BIVINS, Wm. T. 2mo M Feb TX Congested Brain
BLOD, T.J. 44 M June NC Diobetus
BONNY, -------- 72 F May SC Influenza of the bowels
BOONE, Infant 5mo F May TX Pneumonia
BOYD, S.H. 26 F Sept VA Unknown
BREADY, Berry 50 F May ?? Pneumonia
BROOKS, Charlotte 26 F May GA Congested Lungs
BROOKS, Infant 1day ? May TX Unknown
BURKHALTER, N (A). E. 5days F July TX Congestion
COKER, J.W. 60 M Jan SC Wagon Accident
CROSSLAND, Corneli 1mo M May TX Scarlett Fever
DAY, Harriett 42 F Dec MO Bed Fever
DUTY, Edward H. 5 M Jan TX Influenza of the brain
ELLISON, Infant 1mo F May LA Whooping Cough
FORT, Jethro B. 54 M May NC Typhoid Fever
HALL, Thomas B. 16 M Sept AL Congestive Chill
HARRISON, A.C. 1mo F Dec TX Scarlett Fever
HAYS, Malvine 1mo F May TN Typhoid Fever
JAMES, H.S. 5 M July TX Congestive Chill
LAWRANCE, Mersby 33 F Jan GA Congested Brain
MANNY, ------ 30 M May NC Apoplexy
McADAMS, George 55 M Jan SC Bronchitus
McADAMS, W.W. 77 M Sept SC Typhoid Fever
NEW, Alt 62 M Dec NC Pneumonia
NUNNLY, John W. 28 M Sept TN Typhoid Fever
PHILLIPS, Adelia 10 F Dec TX Cholery
PUARLLS, David 35 M May NC Accidentaly Shot
READ, M.E. 3 F Dec TX Scarlett Fever
ROCHELLE, Jettice 1 M Feb TX Scarlett Fever
ROSSER, C.E. 20 F June TX Influenza of the bowels
ROSSER, C.E. Jr. 6mos F Jan TX Influenza of the bowels
ROSSER, John 45 M Dec AL Unknown
ROSSER, Sarah 42 F Nov AL Biles Fever
SANDERS, P.H. 43 M May TX Congested Heart
SHEFFIELD, Alemedia 50 F Dec GA Typhoid Fever
SKAGGS, W.T. 5mo M Feb TX Gravil
SMITH, John 60 M Oct GA Diarrhea
SMITHERS, Mary C. 28 F May KY Typhoid Fever
STEVENS, Haywood 25 M Sept NC Typhoid Fever
STEVENS, Mary A. 4 F Oct TX Typhoid Fever
TICKLE, Emely 26 F May KY Typhoid Fever
TIDWELL, Jos. 41 M June TN Quinnsey
TIDWELL, M.M. 13 M ?? MS Inflamed Stomach
WALKER, Tamah 41 F Feb NC Congestion
WARD, M.C. 8 F Dec TX Influenza of the brain
WARD, Rachel A. 1 F Sept LA Flux

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