1850 bowie county morality schedule (Deaths)

1850 Mortality Schedule

The Mortality Schedules information was transcribed from the microfilm rolls by Chris Woodrow of New Boston, Texas, and published in the New Boston Quarterly (The New Bostonian) in 1993-1994. Chris has given written permission for these schedules to be placed on this website. Our thanks go to Chris for her contribution.

BOOTH, Jesse U. 33 M May TN Consumption
BURKS, Mary S. 16 F Sept GA Congest Fever
BURKS, William G. 26 M March TX Fever
COLLUM, Georgia G. 26 M Oct TN Congested Chills
COLLUM, Aseriah I. 1 M Sept TX Croup
COMERO, Lorra Ann 14 mo F June TX Croup
CORNELIUS, Dr 1mo M May TX Unknown
DOYLE, James 24 M Nov KY Pneumonia
DUKE, Francis Elizabeth 32 F August TN Chills & Fever
ENLOW, David 84 M Feb NC Old Age
EPPERSON, Sabrina 3 F Feb TX Worms
GLOVER, Mary 68 F Sept TN Billius Fever
HILL, Margaret 76 F Oct VA Old Age
HOMES, Nancy H. 57 F Jan TN Consumption
IRVIN, Margaret 8 mo F June TX Unknown
JAMES, Davis J. 32 M May AR Congestive Cough
JAMES, Mathew 21 M August TN Pneumonia
JAMES, Mathia ?? F August TX Unknown
JOAB, 3 mo F Sept TX Fever
LOONEY, Susanna Isabel 6 mo F June TX Croup
MAYBERRY, Hanna 29 F Nov MO Swollen Glands
PILLORM, Wm. A. 35 M June AL Winter Fever
POOR (POER), Madaline 2 mo F Sept TX Unknown
RICHARDSON, Wm. 13 M Sept TX Scarlet Fever
SCOTT, Sarah 1 mo F Jan TX Unknown
SHELBY, John M.B. 8 M May AL Worms
SHIPP, Sarah 1 mo F Jan TX Unknown
THRIFT, Alvira G. 2 F Jan TX Unknown
TILLER, G.W. 34 M August KY Congestive Fever
YATES, Sarah Jane 3 mo F Nov TX Fever
YATES, Tabetha Ann 2 F July LA Congestive Fever

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