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Family Group Sheets Index

Below are links to the Family Group Sheets that are posted on this site.  When viewing a family group sheet, please be sure to scroll down all the way to the end of the page to be sure you see all of the forms as sometimes there are two or more forms for one head-of-household.

Send in your family group sheets that are connected to Kaufman County by using the submission form.  This form is going to be replace with a newer version and hopefully it will be easier to us. Until this problem is solved, you can email me a pdf of your FGS which I will include on our website.  All submissions are welcome as long as they contain information on someone who were born, married, died, are buried or otherwise lived in Kaufman County at one time.

Occasionally there may be a problem with the information getting posted to the pages below.  If you submitted a form and it is not listed here, the data has, unfortunately, been lost; please contact the coordinator with the information you want posted.  Thank you!

ALLEN, William V. Linda Hess
ALLEN, Micajah E. Linda Hess
ARNOLD, Levi V. Karylon A. Russell
ATHERTON, James M. Elsie Hinson
AYCOCK, Thomas Jackson William S. (Bill) Grubbs
AYRES, Thomas Eli Charmian Bradley Giles
BARNETT, George Gina Clingan
BEAUBIN, Oliver Pamela Zawacky
BEAVERS, Silas J. Dianne Nolen
BENSON, John Harvey "Willis" Julie Smith Oliver
BOYD, Tave Norma Moore
BOYKIN, William L. Charmian Bradley Giles
BRADLEY, James T. Charmian Bradley Giles
BULLOCK, Jasper J. ML Brunson
BULLOCK, Jones ML Brunson
BURROW, Washington King Stan Burrow
BURTON, John A. Janice Mauldin Castleman
CAIN, James E. Judy Penrod Purcell
CALHOUN, John Linda Hess
CALHOUN, Kirt Judy Calhoun Bresch
CARRICK, Grover Lloyd Robert Coots
CLARK, Leonidas Newton "Lon" Sharon Clark
CLEMMONS, Dewey William Donna Clemmons-Allen
COCKRELL, Burr Ilia Rosemary Crawford Miller
COUCH, William Marion Patricia Grimes
CROUCH, Charles William K K Hunt
DAHN, Augusta F. Jimmie Weatherford
DHANE, George W Jimmie Weatherford
DAVIS, Corydon G. Lou Anne Hanna
DAVIS, Orren Lou Anne Hanna
DAVIS, Thomas Orrin Lou Anne Hanna
DEES, Thomas J. N. William S. (Bill) Grubbs
DOW, Elias Lorenzo David A. KESEY
FENDER, Robert Newton Linda Moore
FLETCHER, Benjamin Patton Pattie Carter
FORTUNE, William Henry Dana Thomas
FOSTER, Joshua Sally Hill Bucherie
FREILEY, William Thomas Charles Lawson
GRUBBS, Thomas Anderson William S. (Bill) Grubbs
GRUBBS, Thomas W., Sr. William S. (Bill) Grubbs
GRUBBS, William Kilgore William S. (Bill) Grubbs
HALL, Benjamin F. Robert Coots
HALL, Robert LeRoy Robert Coots
HARR, David Diane S Christie
HENSON, Andrew Jackson Robert Coots
HILBURN, Marion Judy Penrod Purcell
HIZER (HOYSRADT), William Elizabeth Rugala
HOWELL, Remember Monroe "R.M." Margaret Butler
HOYLMAN, William H. Jan Ardis
HUTCHINS, John Coleman Deanne McKinney
JENNINGS, James Jack, Sr. Cheryle Rayson Edmonds
JOHNSON, Amelia Evaline Ayres Charmian Bradley Giles
JOHNSON, George A. Charmian Bradley Giles
JONES, Peter Beverly Sally Hill Bucherie
JONES, Richard R. Dianne
JONES, Walter Seaford Sally Hill Bucherie
KANOUSE, Horace Barnum Kent Kanouse
KILLETT, Calvin Kathy Hays Curtis
KYSER, Harrison William Rosemary Crawford Miller
LONG, Elvis Agy Sue Tucker
MACKEY, Robert David Pam Potter
MALONEY, Harvey L Corinne Getman
MAPP, John Frank Ted Pylant
McCORKLE, Robert Watkins Rosemary C. Miller
McCORKLE, Archibald  
McCREE, Alfred E. Vicki HIll
McFARLAND, James P. William S. (Bill) Grubbs
McMANNIS, Harrison William S. (Bill) Grubbs
McMANNIS, John William S. (Bill) Grubbs
MITCHELL, Littleton Holli Boone Kees
MOODY, James Susan Van Heusen
MOODY, William Susan Van Heusen
MOON, John H. Robert Coots
MULLINS, John Loftin Diane Christie
MULLINS, Samuel Jefferson Diane Christie
MURPHY, Willis Eric C. Paul
NEBHUT, Peter Gus Pat Helyer
NELSON, Joseph Joe Nelson
NORRIS, John M. Doris Pyle Haynes
PARKER, Arlington Keloe Debbie Evans
PAUL, Thomas Marion Eric C. Paul
PEEL, James E. Don Haggerty
PEEL, William Doris Pyle Haynes
PERDUE, William Richard Kindred White Diane Christie
PERDUE, William Richard Kindred White Charmian Bradley Giles
PETERS, James Brackston James Peters
PICKERING, Levi Wendy Pickering-Jacobs
PYLE, Benjamin Franklin Doris Pyle Haynes
PYLE, Charles Bradleyn Doris Pyle Haynes
PYLE, John William S. (Bill) Grubbs
PYLE, John Doris Pyle Haynes
PYLE, John Kilgore Sally Hill Bucherie
PYLE, Jonathon Jackson Doris Pyle Haynes
PYLE, Temple Shields Doris Pyle Haynes
PYLE, William Hamilton (Dr.) Doris Pyle Haynes
RAYMOND, Samuel T. Sue Sherwood
REINHARDT, Columbus Washington "Victor" Rosemary C. Miller
RICHARDSON, Henry C. Billy Richardson
SANDERS, John Pamela Zawacky
SCOTT, Buckner Harris Rosemary C. Miller
SELVIDGE, John Jarvis Elsie Hinson
SHARP, Robert Alexander 'Zan' Shirley Hardee
SIMMONS, James Franklin Julie Smith Oliver
SIMMONS, Jonathan D. Melanie Horne
SMITH, Elmer Marie Anderson
SMITH, Thomas H. Julie Smith Oliver
SMITH, Wesley Joseph Nelson
SNEED, Lawson Connie Sneed
SPILLMAN, Humphrey Bate Sharon Clark
STACY, James Carolyn Ender
STUBBS, William T. William S. (Bill) Grubbs
TERRELL, Boyd Cleta & Bill Terrell
THOMAS, William Bailey Kathy Hays Curtis
THOMPSON, Samuel Marie Anderson
TOMS, James Elmer Neta Elaine Toms
TRUETT, James Levi J. B. Fletcher
TURNER, Walter Lee Cheyrl Turner Velten
WEAVER, Addison N. Jean COTTON
WHITE, Samuel A. Kathy Brown
WHITMAN, Charles Otis Sheryl Whitman
WIGGINTON, Floyd Marilyn Dickson
WILLIAMS, Abraham (Abe) Colin Hicks
WILLIAMSON, James Monroe (Mun) Linda Baker
WINGO, Peter Moore Connie Wiersema

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