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Kaufman County Books, CDs and DVDs for Sale

Books by Linda Harwell

DEATH NOTICES OF KAUFMAN CO., TX. - $35.00 each includes postage & handling.

Abstracts of obituaries and community death notices from newspapers. Each book is fully indexed with first and last name.

VOLS II & III- [1851-1908] = $70.00 for set, cannot be broken up sold out
VOL IV- [1909-1913] 2 left
VOL V- [1914-1918] 7 left
VOL VI- [1920-1924] 8 left
VOL VII- [1925-1928] 5 left
VOL VIII- [1929-1931] 3 left
VOL IX- [1932-1934] 6 left
VOL XC sold out-
VOL XI- [1938-1940] 2 left

MARRIAGES OF KAUFMAN CO., TX- $35.00 each includes postage & handling
Fully indexed
BK 1848-1910 Bsold out
BK 1911-1920 B 2 left
BK 1921-1930 B 3 left
BK 1931-1940 B 3 left

TEXAS DEATH INDEX FROM MICROFILM-$35.00 includes postage & handling
[People from Kaufman County, Texas] 171 pages
1 left

KAUFMAN COUNTY TEXAS CEMETERY BOOKS -$35.00 each includes postage & handling
Fully indexed with additional informational added
BK 1- sold out
BK 2- sold out
BK 3- sold out
BK 4- sold out
BK 5- sold out
BK 6- sold out

OAKLAND MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY B $35.00 includes postage & handling
This cemetery book is one cemetery located in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas. 406 pages
Fully indexed with additional information added
Sold out

More Books for Sale

"Terrell State Hospital 1883-2008 Keeping The Flame of Hope Alive"

— book with CD by Benny Britton.

CDs and DVDs

Own a piece of history from the 1960s! Still images and video of Burnett (Terrell Tx) and Pyle (Kaufman Tx) High School's Marching Band; the Drill Teams; See Ms BHS and Ms Southwestern Christian College. DVD by Drew Williams. See https://www.createspace.com/307806 for more information.

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