McGaffey Cemetery

This is a partial transcription of the cemetery.

Below are images furnished by Les and Linda McMahan of McGaffey Cemetery.  In September 2008, Hurricane Ike buried much of the cemetery with mud and debris.  This in addition to Hurricane Rita in 2005 and other damage has almost destroyed the markers.  It will require a massive cleanup effort to reinstate what is left of the cemetery.  Many thanks to Les and Linda for sharing this knowledge and information!

The mother of the McGaffey family, who dedicated the land for the cemetery, was to be buried at the center of the cemetery but since the topography is such that there is about half of the cemetery in a low area, she is probably buried in the center of the high ground but there is no substantiation for this.

The "lighthouse" or birdcage-shaped marker you see in pictures is a man named Kellogg - this may appear on the reading of the cemetery but is not noted on the marker.

Entrance gate and general/detail picture of first fenced area.  After Hurricane Ike, this area was filled with trees.

Generally along the north line of the cemetery before it was cleared and other grave markers discovered.

Grouping of graves along the north line of the cleaned cemetery.  Note the graves marked outside of the cemetery line (far back left) in the first picture

Closer view of the collection of graves near the large Johnson plot, and the recent stones that had been placed at the Johnson graves marker slab

Looking into the "appendix" area and the small collection of graves there, including several McGaffeys

Old McGaffey stone and new stone put up at one of the piles of bricks that marked burial sites